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Sunday, 31 July 2011

let it shine

Unfortunately, even living in a coast city as Rio, sometimes we tend to forget this mere “detail”… Maybe because the access is so easy that it is necessary little effort to have this facility.  The major loss is the sun energy which give us vigour and a (enviable!) tan colour on the skin.

Every time this happens, I regret to waste all this grace offered for free by nature. I don’t ignore the fact that we are blessed. So, I thank God for that while diving into the sea or when taking some sun shower. After all, both are divine!

It’s also healthy - undeniable. For me, only this is already capable to cure some evils, solve things once give  enough vitality to go on. My tip is to enjoy and take it as hope for better days. As Carrie Ten Boom used to say: “Let God’s promises shine on your problems“. 

Thank you, God! À bientôt, beach.

*I will miss that... so much!

Saturday, 30 July 2011

camping at home

All children enjoy playing that. At these days, I have a little less patience, I admit… mainly when in fact it is happening in my real life. As in its 'adult's' beginning, I’m living right now an atypical situation which requires me unfastening.

Although I’m not completely satisfied, I know that it is just a mere period which will pass very fast. Then, I will be able to laugh a lot due to that (soon!), while seeing stars in another context, exactly when my ‘little girl’ dreams come true.

*All in all, being grown ups sucks... It's too much responsability, many changes and problems to face that sometimes I wish to live an eternal childhood! (safe at my place, of course)

Friday, 29 July 2011

lucky me!

It's incredible how the universe conspires in our favor... (I trust blindly in that!)

So, it’s better strike while the iron is hot, not slipping a fair opportunity like that.

Thus, bon appetit!

Thursday, 28 July 2011

time to say goodbye

It’s a difficult simple act, mainly when is destined to who we love. On the other hand, it is necessary... This special moment is awaited by everybody, although no one wants to do that indeed.

Which is the best way to behave (while demosntrating you'll miss them)? I hope my family don’t think I’m insensible only because I don’t feel myself comfortable at that moment.

I try to contain my tears not to show them my emotion, all my weakness in not to be able to shed tears with no problem. In fact, it is a matter of not to know how to say ‘I love you’ easily.

Lastly, a simple ‘goodbye’ came timidly. After turned on the heel, though, I burst into them… working its pump. (No, I’m not so cold as I seem…)

From now, it's better for me to prepare myself to do it more often - crying or not.

bye bye

It's time to get in touch with things we always used to dream about (or we only used to care about - actually, doesn't matter... both verses of Tecnicolor mean I did everything wrong when I "accapted" abaseing myself for him.

Finally, it's enough! Even still interested, I can say 'no' and go out, leaving him in his reality (which I confess I haven't understood yet - and I won't, though...). I reckon it is easier when you have another measure to compair and verify how stupid you have been being giving credit to someone who simply doesn't deserve it/you!  

If I (still) love him? Of course not...! First of all, I love myself. It's quite good to say that "cured".

Thus, finally, it's time to say goodbye. Or rather: au revoir!

Wednesday, 27 July 2011

as a child

Happy - after all, who doesn’t like to gain gifts? As a little girl, I confess I was astonished when my father gave me his own poncho - something I know that it is special for him due to its gaucho's tradition, our culture.

Even surprised, I couldn’t deny… It will be more worth for me. Essential - it’s possible to say, owing to the severe cold weather. Now, I can’t stop thinking in other types which I might ask “mom” or “dad” later!

By the way, it is really in right now. Simply perfect!

Sunday, 24 July 2011

a lack

It’s written:

What I miss the most in my life is having a family, mine - formed by blood ties or the affectionate ones, from me and so on…

That's a terrific experience which although I tried, I haven't had yet.

Saturday, 23 July 2011

reviewing old concepts

Well, I USED to say I enjoyed raisins… just because I really did! However, people change - me included! Now, I start to feel myself different about that (I confess I’m worried about time).

Wrinkles: it’s not exactly the matter, but the vigour and all the process related. Without that, for me it’s impossible to keep crushing on anyone, attracted… involved.  

Looking for maturity in men could mean for women a shooting in their own foot. Furthermore: a overripe bitter (unwished) taste.

Friday, 22 July 2011

a honey moon period

My current moment is quite atypical!

I’ve never thought I will be able someday to eat things with mustard and enjoy their taste. I really don’t know what is happening with me… However, it’s a good moment of changes. And I like novelty, the unexpected.

I didn't found the three new Ruffle’s flavours in Rio so I tasted it in Porto Alegre and I’m “simply” amazed, specially with the Eduardo's invention: the honey + mustard one! - Exotic, it’s even better than both Strogonoff(les) and Yakisoba(aaaa), the others. It’s delicious, such as those special periods you pass along who you are in love with.

I vote for him! Oops… for that: honey moon… stard! Do him a favor too voting here.

By the way, I’m involved with mustard now, as never before. A sweet moment for me…

Thursday, 21 July 2011

two sides of the same coin

I watched a PSTU advertising extremely touching. Amanda Gurgel, the young complainer teacher who became famous online, with a explosive speech about her salary of mere R$ 910 and the worker’s situation in Brazil supporting the carioca’s firemen action. They recently went to “the jail” at their own place of work only because were arguing for better salaries for their category.

While they were asking to earn somewhat better than the current R$ 950 per month, Palocci said they were trying to gain some advantages… Well, it’s easy to criticize other’s attitudes while ours is ok Palocci and the other politicians earn a “little” amount of R$ 26.000. Furthermore, he has been investigated due to changes of robbery of R$ 20 million of public money only in the year of 2010.

No, it’s not a joke… It’s the (sur)real situation in Brazil.

By the way, congratulation for PSTU owing to its courage to disturb my dinner once rearing much truth at once.

On the other hand (always it is like that…) I’m surprised with the structure of Graal company of road restaurants. For instance, they have at their places three or four types of food to offer - lunch, snack, breakfast, dinner and fast(junkie)food - there is inclusively some kind of Mc‘Donalds there! (selling good sandwichs). All these things served in huge, clean and clear places, - where is possible being online, watch TV, use the restrooms etc.

Nowadays those convenience places are such as the shoppings in downtowns (they are pratically 'road malls' - indeed!). Nevertheless, I’ve always wondering myself about road lifestyle, how (strange) living around the roads could be… always seeing everybody passing there, while travelling, but few people staying… This kind of thoughts - mine, I have had since I was a child. Of course I used to think about security matters too. It seems dangerous for me, but actually I don’t know how it really works…

I just verified that it is a very good market! Definitively, they succeed.

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

simple as that!

No way… Definitely, it isn’t a matter of insistence. It simply doesn’t work without any chemical attraction!

I’m stimulated by that. Neither kisses or kind words, any touch nor intention until something shines inside me and makes my heart beat again, in  love.

And then: plim! - it happens when I least expect it. (I just don’t know from now when it will occur again… and with who!)


specially for today

My sincere THANKS to them, my dear friends, for being here by my side, besides their encouragement  and huge help - always. I love you all!

Tuesday, 19 July 2011

in tecnicolor

It’s terrible to say, but it’s true: Even some friends are more worried about where do you aim at, besides how far you are intending to go, than help you to arrive there, wherever it be…

Another verification: when it’s time to celebrate conquests, everybody wants to participate. However, when it‘s necessary co-operation to succeed, not always people who you expect will take part of it.

Thus, pratically alone, both tired and a little upset,  I admit
I care, while I'm trying not to express any sorrow. Later, of course I will overcome that!  - I hope that smiling, along with (a) good partner(s), supporting you by my side. 

Right now, I’m in a mutant phase, my “Tecnicolor” moment.  

Please don't you ever ask me things I wouldn't like to talk about
It's time to get in touch with things, we always used to dream about

I'll take a train in technicolor
Come along be nice to me my girl
Through the window, the nice thing on earth will pass by
Moving slowly
Though the wide screen I'm gonna see me kissing you babe
In tecnicolor

Oh ! What a nice film we would be, if only you could come with me
It's time to get in touch with things we only used to care about

I'll take a train in technicolor
Come along be nice to me my girl
Through the window, the nice thing on earth will pass by
Moving slowly
Though the wide screen I'm gonna see me kissing you babe
In tecnicolor

Monday, 18 July 2011

dropping the ball

Yesterday, Brazilian Football Team disappointed all of us, its supporters, once the players “simply” kicked the bucket while they must had thrashed Paraguay at American Cup’s semifinal.

They failed (missed the mark in) four of four penaltys - something which hasn’t happened before! Being relative to Mano Menezes, our coach, people are complaining about him, paraphrasing a typical quote, saying that “To err is Mano” (human = huMANO in Portuguese).

It’s said that everything which comes from Paraguay is fake… Actually, until yesterday! From now, for sure, this old concept will be reviewed. After all, the best of the world on the fields is not so familiar with it anymore, besides hadn't delivered the goods as everybody expected.

From now, many doubts until the World Cup 2014... in Brazil.

Sunday, 17 July 2011


First of all, I hate when is used SMS while it’s possible date people.  Unfortunately, some guys prefer to communicate aloof, sending you some text in stead of call and invite you to take some drinks, talk… whatever! (everything which is possible to be done between two people)

Some cell company's here, in Brazil, support in their advertisings my concept. Inclusively, they present many advantages to have credit on your mobile just to be able to call anyone. So, follow it: be a caller, not a amateur! - please. (By the way... never call collect!)

Stupid, men sometimes miss good opportunities of pleasing… being closer, for a song. Calling permits to have a instantaneous answer, besides feel the intentions of the other who speaks while hearing his voice... For instance, it’s not essential put a ‘kiss’ in every end of the message. However, it’s cute. Furthermore (and mainly:) women both observe and care about that! - this is a case when cheap becomes expensive. SMS could be not profitable!

All in all, without any kiss, I’m going my way, following my intuition and choosing what is worth (or not) for me… what has satisfy me at the moment. Certainly, it’s not being unimpressed, apart, that will me turn me on, overwhelm me, make me crush on him.

Nice verses in lyrics and no one to impress me… Stuff it! 

I hope not to be one when trusting in people.  I sincerely believe that it is essential for a better world since every one does his bit, keep his promises.

My dying word: hope.

Saturday, 16 July 2011

a homelife process

I used to be happy when living in an overfull house. Each one of my furniture meant a bit of my effort to make my place a comfortable one to live in.

Of course I know that a empty ambient is better to energy flows… to acquire others. However, it is necessary to give space for that!

It’s time to get in touch with things I always used to dream about… Thus, I’m trying to get rid of things to put me in a way of doing it.

One by one, I’m selling my history, everything I’ve conquered by now… Today I gave the first step for my dreams.

I sincerely would like not to have to come back, to carry back many things with me. I want to have some different from now.

I wish fill my new life, my home, with happiness, replete of useful things which will achieve me, bring me the materialization of my plans. Not material ones, though.

Friday, 15 July 2011

fragile sex

Today, on the Man’s Day, I just want to say that they are not as strong as they try to convince us. Looking at health issue, for example, they (the majority of them, at least) simply turn DRE - digital rectal exam - in a seven headed beast, while women are used with some torture instruments since they went to gynecologist for the first time.

By the way, this date was created so as to men start to pay attention about this kind of thing: care or prejudice which they have or not had. It represents exactly the expression which says that bit where it hurts… or rather, touching a sore (men’s) point. Completely fragile! - physiologically, sociologically and sexually as well.

They mess everything… and avoid mere precautions that can safe their lives. Stupid guys... (or is possible say 'faggy', once they run away from that!)

Congratulation for those who face any fear, weakness and prejudice and keep their lives alive and kicking.

Thursday, 14 July 2011

when everything goes astray

A man has been robbed for a long time and, one day, decided to put some kind of artifice to catch the thief, as a rat-trap (or a man-trap?). Precisely: the baddie took the bait. He fell into the trap prepared there, waiting for the exact moment of the robbery.

The most astonishing thing of this story (surprisingly) is the fact that the 'official crime' was the robber's death, not his attempt to steal goods. The police put all the blame on the house's owner. For them, it was not a self-defence issue. Actually, it doesn’t matter anymore...

Unfortunately, nowadays, the law is not on the citizens' side indeed - even when protecting themselves… trying to have some security which government “simply” doesn’t give us. This is our (as stupid as nonsense) current Brazilian reality.

I can't stand too much unfairness. Living here seems a pitfall.

After that, I just want say: bye! (or rather: fuc* you, inequitable guys!).

More info here.

Wednesday, 13 July 2011

desperately seeking susan

Actually someone else… a lucky guy! (once I have a crush on him)

He is not tall, is quite thin, has green eyes and chestnut hair - almost grey, actually… He works with theatre, illuminating plays. As me, he isn’t from Rio. I don’t remember the name of his  birth town, I just know that it is a small village in ‘south’ (as cariocas usually say here…). Stupid, I haven't asked his complete name. Furthermore, I haven't  even given him my cell to keep in touch!

I’m saying that just in order to express how much I want to meet him again, and say that I’ve been waiting for this moment for a long time - exactly five years, since I’d parted with my ex. I swear I’ve tried to get closer, but unfortunately his friend made a mess of any chance at that day…

I admit I’ve been looking for him  around here, at neighbourhood. I look at any boy who resembles that face so as to trying find that guy who turned me on... in vain by now. However, it is not impossible. I inclusively hope it will occur soon (while I wonder myself if he even remembers my name!).

If ‘selfishness rules the world’ (as Schopenhauer said - and I constantly trust), it will… Not only ‘plim’, but finally do ‘plift’! Hummmm!  

Monday, 11 July 2011

malandragem dá um tempo

I’m using a clear Portuguese due to the subject, which is typically known hereabout. By the way, I'm writing just because I avoid this kind of Brazilian behaviour.

I hate so much when people complain about money (while they have it!) just in order to gain an advantage over others. Although trying to convince me, nobody cuts no ice with me anymore! After all, it's not fair - maily when who needs some help is you...

Bezerra da Silva, a roguish Brazilian samba singer used to say in his lyrics that “Malandro é malandro, mané é mané” (or something in English as “a player is a player, and a jerk is a jerk”, or “once a rascal always a rascal; once a loser, always a loser”. Well, I’m not a dumb!

Seems that I finally learned to be more selfish - further: not to say everything for who simply doesn‘t deserve to know the truth, my opinion... Actually, anything about me.

Friday, 8 July 2011

stronger than me

I have already written here something about my preference for men with big hands. Nowadays, more then ever, it make me think about who come on (too) strong... as the goalkeepers' act of catching balls. However, in this case, holding me!

I wonder why?

Thursday, 7 July 2011

baby phase

Well, ten years ago were the graduation ceremonies and memorable parties the major reason to celebrate; nowadays, alternatively, has occurred a baby boom in my friends circle - fact which deserves sublime happiness. On the other hand, it worries me.

Of course in our (early) twenties, many of us (began to have or) had children. However, nowadays, in (almost) thirties (or a little more yet), that situation makes me wonder myself if I’m delayed  about that, or, rather: if it will happen to me - and when.

Time runs… Some ‘nephews’ (sons of my generation people) are turning 10 this year! Many closer friends already have two kids inclusively! Other have been pregnant or have given birth recently... I reckon it hasn’t been the best time to live that - and I would regret if I had already had one, I admit.

Looking through the biological point of view, within the next years I must decide if I want to form a family, or not. Then, it will be my turn to become mother… and I hope that with a good husband by my side to take care of me and my offspring (after all, storks only bring us the babies, don't make them!).

Wednesday, 6 July 2011

in the endgame

At tension days, US are not permitting themselves the luxury of keeping at full pelt, a sort of technosphere which they have been maintaining since the beginning of the Space Age in the 60’s.

Actually, I believe it is more a matter of ‘at any price’ than anything else. Once they are passing through a troubled economic period, they are not able anymore to continue the old dream of total domination.

Being abroad, fluctuating through the vacuum (with high tech stuff, of course) means being powerful - politically, socially, economically… no matter where. However, nowadays, it is not the North-American reality indeed.

Lately, they have had in much more to invest here, in Earth. It's another moment! So, extraterrestrial beings from Mars or any other planets must wait - maybe for a agreement between US and Russia, or even China. Why not? While out of Cold War, everything is possible...

Ok, by the last 40 years, who could believe that one day it would be possible… Well, the old vain and puffed up lion became a little kit which walks by smaller steps… not as the leaps from the past. After all, the patterns and needs of mankind have changed a lot. Or rather, their priorities!

More info? Read the article The end of the Space Age” published by The Economist.

Tuesday, 5 July 2011

not a mere hole

Sometimes, when I claim that men just want to put their dicks in any hole, people reply saying I'm radical. In fact, for sex they are not selective; just for being engaged.

When alone, men are more pervert than women at the same situation. Thus, they are capable to do odd things in order to satisfy their sexual needs, their impulses.

I could verify that, while working for a Erotic Brazilian TV Channel. I’ve seen many bizarre objects since I started to visit sexshops in Brazil and outside.

Several masturbation stuff, gels and sexual machines… with different sizes, shapes, forms, colours, flavours and conveniences - everything to help people to come.

The creativity used to do that amazes me! Now, the newer invention of this target is a masturbatory ball to used as a vagina. It is the perfect way to mix exactly what excites them: football and women - their two passions.

With it, Wednesdays nights and Sundays afternoons will be finally complete - even with no company (since with beer in the fridge).

Monday, 4 July 2011

at the top

It is not novelty that Rio de Janeiro is high-priced lately. Everything here are more costly than two years ago. In this period, all prices simply doubled. Rentals, food, transport… all basic items have inflated by now.

The 2014 World Cup and the 2016 Olympic Games are to blame. Rio is top notch right now. It has been most expensive live here, in Rio, than in Paris, for example - something unacceptable once people here don’t earn in Euro as happens abroad.

Rio has been a comfortable city only for foreigns, who can pay for it. About ’gringos’, another issue which has occurred is the fact that many are coming in order to work here - much better prepared (speaking English, Spanish, French etc, using computer suitably and with a cultural background much more rich than ours).

It is a unfair competition, as well as a cruel reality for us, who live here. It has been a desperate situation that was recently sprung for common salaried carioca citizens.

Read more about that!

problems springing forth

While I’m saying that, our main worry at these days is the current explosions of light manholes in Rio.

During the last two weeks, five subterranean gallery blew up. Besides the explosion itself, the manhole cover is a real danger. It can hurt seriously who is around when hurled away.

The first accident occurred last year and affected two American tourists in Copacabana. Their bodies were grievously burned. More than a year passed and considerable arrangements or preventive measures haven't been taken by Light, the electric company (ir)responsible.

See here the map showing where they have occurred.

Without a doubt, everything here is being blown up! - both prices and manhole covers.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

independent means

In fact, I’d rather refer myself with it than using the word ‘possessions’ for what I‘m writing about... I’ve already written something similar before, at a resembling period of my life. However, now it is for real.

Or the first time, I’m finally inclined to set me free easily of many things which have left me connected to this place. Thus, more than be strongly attached to things which I have acquired during these last years, I’m now ready to move on, without anything that haven’t allowed  me to do that before…

As far as I’m concerned, everything I have don’t represent exactly who I am, but who I was when I bought that. My life have changed. Although I still like my furniture and all my stuff, I can't keep it with me. Now, I feel myself wanting things which are uncertain, while gives me some hope of future opportunities.

Finally I believe I’m becoming prepared! Bye, I’m selecting what is really useful to belong me, and what is worth to be sold or left behind. Overall, I’m sure it is the best way to reach what I want, to go softer for my dreams.

Saturday, 2 July 2011

hands tied(?)

It’s wonderful when something you have expected for a long time finally happens, even more if you go all out! At this moment, you simply don’t know what exactly it means, though. Why?

Something changed at this meantime: new plans are in your mind; other feelings in your heart. Perhaps it was not the exact time to occurs…

However, if it didn’t happen before, it has a reason, although we don’t know that - or it is hard to believe. Actually, it was meant to be.

Probably, something better is coming… or, you are NOW, ready for it - able to enjoy it entirely as you couldn’t when you tried earlier.

Use your time well so as to give you enough experience to learn how to deal with any situation. Furthermore, nothing is better to be prepared to face challenges with no fear.

If destiny is in our hands…? I can’t answer that. I just know that life give us some skills to drive it in a greater way after take some advices before - even being patience to wait for the right time arrive.

Friday, 1 July 2011


How could they haven’t had invent it before? An aluminium bottle beer - simply terrific!

It doesn’t break as a glass common one, it’s better to catch and keep it cold, besides being 100% recyclable. A green dutch idea: I’m loving it!

Glass - a glacial past after that!
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