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Thursday, 30 June 2011

in destiny's hands

Some predictions have already been determined. Doesn't matter whatever we could do, our designment is already written in the stars, it was previously decided.

So, my destiny is not in my hands(?) - I’ve wondered about that for a long time, everyday - each one in a different way. However, my main doubt is: Should I stay or should I go?

This answer depends exclusively on me? Well, thus, I guess I know… with some kind of planets tips, for sure.

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

punching the mirror

They stole our patriotic feeling. It has occurred for 47 years. After too much time (and fear), it’s understandable that Brazilian people haven't been used to express correctly all them love for your country.

Nowadays, it’s possible feel that only in special occasion such as World Football Cup fellows wear the colors of our national flag - neither in the Olympic Games the pride has been showed so enthusiastic. However, rarely in political events has it been expressed.

Seeing the World Military Games advertisings on television I wonder my self about this issue. Furthermore, Amor e Revolução has proved that who really had taken care of Brazil were the revolutionaries - the same that got up and participated of guerrilla, against Army.

For me, everything has been wrong for a long time. Unfortunately, I reckon it will be hard to change the current situation… population behaviour, their feelings inclusively. By now, Brazlians simply love football while forget other important items.   

People here must to bear strongly and shut up (and with other possible negative adverbs - in, off, out) all these dictatorial decades.  It was not easy - and still it is not. Maybe some campain would help - not a political one, but another which is over against the reality of our politics. 

The slogan used for them to divulg their games (“Forças para garantir nossa alegria”) has surprised me in a bad way. After all, I don’t trust in force in order to make someone happy... even a nation. I swear I would like to believe that Army can guarantee peace(as they say, but, actually, I don't. Furthermore, I sincerely believe that most (and best) part of patriotism died with the end of our revolution.

Monday, 27 June 2011

throwing me up in the air

Although I’ve still feared novelty, I can’t stand anymore the current situation which seems some kind of dropped anchor. I’m feeling as a prisoner of the cruel destiny which I’m destined for.

Kicking the bucket and restarting - I honestly believe that it is my course from now - even with all difficulty I'll face so as to move on. Some losses are predictable…

Kicking the bucket and restarting - I honestly believe that it is my course from now - even with all difficulty I'll face so as to move on. Some losses are predictable...

The first step is always the hardest to be given. After that, everything tend to flows quite fine. Further, I have nothing (concrete) to lose… On the contrary,  betting my shirt on this possibility of change is an unique opportunity for me to really succeed. Here, my future have showed itself limited. There haven't worthy chances by now.

Unfortunately (even on the eve of those international events… which should be prosperous! Actually, is has been happening mainly owing to that!). 

Sunday, 26 June 2011

every breath I take

I’ve missed being somewhere where I’m not. I constantly think about that...

How can be Amsterdam so present in my life? - in many movies I've watched, news I've read, songs I've listened... everywhere - doesn't matter the circumstances.

In fact. I've never wonder why, once it makes me believe everything is possible - come what may.

Yesterday I watched Anne’s Frank Diary, the whole BBC’s series. I was deeply touched especially because I was there, in that secret annex, where they lived more than two years. Anne Frank House - my tip: a very nice visitation to do while in Holland.

Despite not showing so much of the city (I chose to love it) on the screen, I recognized quickly that beautiful place and I hope to be there as soon as possible. Of course my wishes are not to be under the same conditions of Anne’s family and the others who used to live there with them at those war days.

I’m homesick… Thoughts going upstairs or downstairs, in the summer or winter, past, present or future. Nevertheless, always free. By now, my specialty here, as her: writing - but online.

Friday, 24 June 2011

my great special way to be in love

Unexpectedly (? - or not…), you look at him and simply happens: you fell in love. The best part of this story is the fact that is reciprocal. At the same time, in the same way, he answers you while reacting courteously to you.

Simply perfect! - when both crush on each other concomitantly. I believe it is possible, even with all difficulties, all mistakes and bad experiences which I’ve already had. Nothing is better than the opportunity to feel that at least once in life... 

I‘m really blessed. It has occurred with me four times, and I lived them with all my heart. Now, I sincerely hope that happens one more time - the last one, maybe.  For a long time, I’ve been waiting for my prince, who will prove me that real fairy tail are possible, even being imperfect.

So, today, on São João's Day, I just want to ask Him a chance to show all good feelings which exist inside me. 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

peace of me

Specially this year I started to think about  forgiveness. I reckon it has been making me happier once it is not comfortable when we keep some kind of resentment inside us, bothering our minds.

I admit I would like to be a better person, who never carry any sore nor sorrow ahead. So, why not to show that? I’m trying to reach all possible peace - in my heart and thoughts. Bless me to do that - which isn't so easy! At least, it is somewhat I still haven't conquered until now.

Let time take its course… It heals any wound, making us even better souls!

Wednesday, 22 June 2011

killing (my) joy

Even without any intention, sometimes friends can disturb us. For instance, if you are flirting, trying got to know somebody, while a friend (who has your same gender - or not, depending of your sexual orientation) is around you… Of course he is persona non grata there, while pooping your party.

Ok, a marplot friend could be such a non sense, but sometimes a little careful is necessary to help the other one to find a love. I believe the worse thing is how to say him that (without hurt anyone). However, as I could not avoid my instincts, the best choice is always the truth, not to repeat the same situation again.

A real friend is going to understand your reasons, without any jealousy or envy. I hope so...

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

the unknown

Something that is as unexplainable as exciting for me is not to know what is going to happen with us after any step we give. Certainly it occurs owing to the many possibilities which the future destines for us.

I wish to make good use of each opportunity from now, not wasting any one. Now it is possible to say that I recognize the real worth of every one. So, hey ho let’s go! - ahead.

Monday, 20 June 2011

suffer from want

Well, although I admit I'm the queen of platonic lovings, I hardly feel it is dangerous once I can hurt myself while believing in something unreal... maybe impossible!

Inevitable, I guess it happens due everything I’ve trusted. After all, I believe in love. Thus, I’m opened to leave it reaches me as I’ve ever wanted.

As far as I’m concerned, even with all disappointments, I’m in the right way… bearing, but conscious that the happiness is the next step to be given for my dreams.

Sunday, 19 June 2011

a fancy funny enterprising

I’m honestly as impressed as satisfied with my new capacity to play as a child. Wearing costumes, or playing some ludic roles haven’t been my main well-known skills until now.

As a Capricorn girl, I've maintained myself refrained once I'm shy. However, after this night, no one will doubt that I’m a creative person.

I've just started a new period in my life - in which I can be who I really want at the moment. Equally, I intend to leave free my children to embody their own carachters, besides support them to fantasize.

Special moments allow us to do what has been unthought... All in all, I'm the Queen of Hearts (today).

Saturday, 18 June 2011


Even not intentionally, everything we miss must be called to mind while celebrating... especially when it is somewhat healthy, likewise so much intended.

Thus, long live anything which deserves be repeated: ‘Cheers’(,mate)!

I hope to drink a toast again, soon -  in anyway.

Friday, 17 June 2011

a proper hug

One of the best things in the world is the possibility of giving (and/or receiving) one.

Real, tight - when it is possible feel all affection while the heart’s beatings are the same. As far as I’m concerned, sometimes it is not enough only being together. In fact it's necessary to be closer, transmiting lovingness along with good vibrations.

That is it! - a friendly turn. Although a simple gesture, it means exactly everything which is important between people.

Thursday, 16 June 2011

point of forking

One day, some really important decisions must be made. I know it is a hard process. However it is necessary so as to reach your goals as intended. There will be losses, of course. Many things to leave behind... Everyone has his own route to go through, though.

Right now, on the bifurcation, I’m just fearing about the choice to be made... If I will hit the jackpot. I hope so…

Wednesday, 15 June 2011

to be worth or not to be worth?

... that is the question!

Nowadays having a credit or debit card is above money in cash - at least is what Visa is saying in its advertisements. Seems as a joke that someone who pays for something in cash will be mocked, mainly because of change. They have given us the impression that the commerce is avoiding receive money payments.

This is not to say I’m complaining about these cards… They are so useful - I inclusively think that taxis should accept them more (mainly because street vendors have already got their!). I’m a constant user, indeed. Though, I can’t agree with this wrong idea they have showed on television.

When it will be thought something like that?  If is not worth for them, give me some!

Monday, 13 June 2011


One is an unfortune, two is a mistake, three times is enough!

I’ve wondered myself about the relation between what is worth and things I’ve been doing without any advantage for me. Ok, I reckon that always is possible to gain some of any circumstances. However, I’m not interested in waste my time with what is not going to give me results in a short term.

I’m as impatient as unsatisfied - it is not necessary lie about that. At the same time I’ve been going the extra mile without a pleasant reward, others are earning what I’m not. 

I can't satnd injustice anymore. So, I'm regretted (besides avoiding) this situation. 

Sunday, 12 June 2011

altruistical love

In spite of the Valentine’s Day being on 14th February (when at 10 a.m. I fortunately received a message wishing me a good time), today, when it is ours in Brazil, I’m quite satisfied. Even not celebrating with someone special, I've been a cupid (or at least trying to be one!). 

If it works, I’ll be as happy as if it would be occurring with me. After all, once I’m helping who I love (this is not to say I’m in love, though), I’m playing my best role, which makes me happy since I’m making others as well.

Good girl! - somewhat similar to Amélie Poulain, or a mobile while connecting people”.

Saturday, 11 June 2011

the right place - the best one

Mum’s lap - It is exactly where we should rest when we feel some kind of weakness.

In this disillusion world, replete of malice, some protection is necessary… and this is a safe port - the best one indeed.

Unfortunate is who doesn’t have this affable treasure. Poor motherless people… I’m so lucky (even aloof...)!

Friday, 10 June 2011

hope wailing

No one would dispute: cry is healthy.

At least once a month we should sobbing... actually, burst into tears. Pour out the heart is the best medicine.

Weeping helps to wash the soul. Then, we are ready for anything, free of any dragged weight inside us, to keep on moving.

All in all, I wish that many tears of joy will be shed soon.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

an able woman

With no masks…

Since I’m a good-natured person, it’s difficult for me believe  in which people is up to do so as to gain some advantage over someone - inclusively me. Why not? Overall, I’m a little silly compared with those both traitorous and disloyal folks.

I’d prefer to feel goodness from who should cooperate (in stead of trying to turn things more difficult, disturbing me).  It's hard to believe that the enemy could be by my side. The way I see it, who is working together compound a team. Don't they?!

Unfortunately, it seems not... After all, it is impossible to trust as well as count on someone who pull a fast one on his partners. Being a good professional, or even the best, doesn’t means to pull the rug from under somebody in order to reach the top. The efficiency of someone shouldn't depend on others failure or misfortune, not at all!

There are opportunities for everybody! Seu Jorge wrote a song which says “pode encher a sua piscina, mas não esvazia a minha bacia” - and that is my philosophy. I’m romantic, an utopian… From my point of view, everybody should work together in favour of the group's improvement as a whole. 

The main victim of the malice is the own evil-doer. The villain not only (tries to) damage(s) and ruin(s) what has been built, but also poisons everything with his evil energy - himself, included... even more! Personally, I admit that human’s essence, especially when related with bad carachter, aggrieves me a lot.

In conclusion, down with sabotage! (which is prejudicial for anyone)

Wednesday, 8 June 2011

red bull effect

Involved with so many children. I've noticed that as soon as  I could imagine it would be broached the way to conduce them for freedom. Well, the liberty will happen independently  of parents and their will.

It's natural - mainly when dealing with kids from ten to twelve years old. Clearly, they are growing up... maturing. In my opinion, it is a special moment to be lived with responsibility.

"You became responsible, forever, for what you have tamed" - this Saint-Exupéry’s speech illustrates quite fine how huge is this step for infants. That is to say children acquired their own rights conscious of all duty it means.

Puberty (in this case, more than Red Bull) gives them wings. I’m pretty sure that when it is conquered day by day, with advices of mothers or fathers (or both), probably their future will be easier, with no unlooked for situations nor very unwelcome surprises which can bring some trouble along.

As far as I’m concerned everybody should give them, as homeopathy, periodical doses of independence until they become teenagers. On the contrary, problems of bad administration with freedom can show up.

So, it is up to you leave them do some activities alone in order to practicing for the real life, as a test drive of that. So, this is the best opportunity to attempt before make things wrong indeed.

In other words, this period is a blooming of those roses. Too much energy is necessary to reach and get along with them.

Tuesday, 7 June 2011

cobbler, stick to thy last

Sorry, but I find queer see a fat sportiest. Simply there is no harmony! By the way, which phenomenon has happened to Ronaldo, making him round? I wonder if the “Baiacu” effect (due to lots of quadrate beer)...

Of course he has been an excellent football player (and nobody can doubt or discuss about that!) but it was in the past, though. Not even can he goes after the ball anymore! I realized he has been having, inclusively, some difficulty to walk. Lamentable.

How has he still been playing under these circumstances? Seems that would be easier if he could roll in stead of running. At the moment, he is supposed to be at least as athletic as Junior, Dunga, Romário, Leonardo or Felipão - who are all quite older than him and ended their careers a long time ago.

Frankly, I reckon it is unacceptable once he has all structure not to be like that (financial - not psychological, indeed). Furthermore, he used to be some kind of inspiration for many children. However, something which kids don't need are weight patterns nowadays. Actually, nobody does…

From now, perhaps a good marketing action won't be a Ronaldo’s doll, but a (type of) ball. Why not? - after all, every Jack to his trade. Retired of Brazilian Football Team, maybe he could be futurely our coach… Since he hasn’t to run with the ball, it’s ok!

Monday, 6 June 2011


Sometimes, only who knows you intimately can imagine you playing your best role, maybe when acting accordingly to your most primitive instincts. Why not?

In my case, a comment made me realize what really turns me on. Then, I figured out when I’ll revive my golden days at bed, and out of that - actually, wherever!

Let me just catch my prey... and a tame woman will became a ravenous feline.

Sunday, 5 June 2011

truth or dare

After someone asked if she has played as a child, I realized that every adult should play to turn their lives not only softer but also easier. Actually, I’m trying to convince some friends for a special monthly meet in order to have fun.

I’m sure that it has been lacking a lot in our rotines. After all, it’s everything we need to became happier as we used to be during our childhood.

A holiday to celebrate - the best idea I've had recently.

Saturday, 4 June 2011

health of body and mind

Something wrong happens and a rash inside me outcrops.

I'd prefer that it would be differently. I admit I can't stand deal with that any longer. Legs, butt, arms and neck... please, leave my whole body free of itch.

On the contrary of the speech of Coca Cola advertisement said, it's been difficult to believe that good people are the majority. Unfortunately, the reality which has happened day by day shows its other face: unfair, cruel - hard to believe in hope.
I wonder if I am going to endure all those consequences... or rather: until when?

Friday, 3 June 2011

the most precious point of view

Something I’ve learned since I’m a producer:

When it is an important issue to be discussed, or a problem to be solved, it’s better to talk to who really matters! Thus, on the whole, prefer God’s support than the angels ones.

In conclusion: without a doubt, he will attend you more effectively. Rarely could one of them help you as the 'boss' will. So, use them, but for a adventitious causes.

Thursday, 2 June 2011


How much worth the work we do?

As far as I think about how much I would deserve for do what I do (well), I almost want to give up of everything I've built until now. So, I've been wondering myself if I'm doing the right choices.

It's a difficult conclusion to get to. Disrespect... a loss of credit. Over and over, who sweats more during the labour doesn't have time to earn money - much less reputation!

Unfortunately, we live in a both hard and unfair reality for workhorses. It's been a heavy journey each day to maintain rich as well as relaxed who, in contrast, leads a good life - a few roguish fellas getting the jump on "dogsbodies". 

I definitively can’t stand it anymore!

Wednesday, 1 June 2011

the cure

It’s said that all we need is love. I reckon it’s true.

Affection cures, especially when it’s with no ulterior motives. At least, it’s supposed to be free.

Looking at this point, it’s possible say that only the children are able to give that sincerely. After all, kids are all the best!

So, against any hate, all stress, hug them with your all heart. It's a shot in your arm of good vibrations... the best medicine.

Thus, your energy will be renovated. You will be as right as.
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