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Thursday, 31 March 2011

the secret of arrive of thrive

Exactly 15 years ago, one of the most famous (and funny) Brazilian TV shows begun… Sai de Baixo!

This program until nowadays is remembered owing to the popular jargons introduced for the illustrious casting. For example, who doesn’t know the famous: “Cala a boca, Magda!”, usually said by Caco Antibes, her blond (so concerned in being noble) husband.

Marisa Orth, Miguel Falabella, Aracy Balabanian, Tom Cavalcanti, Cláudia Gimenez and Luis Gustavo were the bright stars that every Sunday night used to make everybody happier. At least, during their live presentation.

I miss this kind of (intelligent) programming on our screen.

I reckon the hilar and sincere Magda way of being is somewhat similar as Maria’s (BBB). Don’t you? She made me laugh a lot in the few times I watched it as much as I was used always to do, caused by Marisa.

Sensuality and dullness - a succeed hybrid. The wheel turns round. However, it comes back for the same place… an exactly 360°-circle. As never before, their donkey way of being is a present tendency, though.

Probably she will be another Sabrina Sato in some “Pânico”. Await, soon on your television (actually, not so fast as on the cover of a naked women magazine... if she has not done yet!).

Wednesday, 30 March 2011

narrow-minded time

Big Brother on TV - Where being stupid is a good stroke done.

It says that next year will be the last time we are going to see a group of people confined (together) into a house, being watched full time. Finally! Enough clowning…

Our BB(B), this year, have just presented a different end compared by the prior others: surprisingly, who won the tv show was a pretty bitch with a good heart and few active neurons - something unlikely before… when only smarter or poor individuals used to become rich.

In fact, Maria took the award as a consequence of being a good person and not because of her nice face or her curved body. Her both sincerely and innocent way, (besides funny) to deal with the emotionally strong situations in the game gave her R$ 1 million and a half - not bad!

The main audience is feminine (who votes online, calls or sends messages by mobile). For the first time, they frankly enjoy a girl-player. Maria is the proof that Globo was looking for something new, unpredicted. After all, a gay and others (more than) three handsome calm guys have stepped out there as champions, or at least as vice. Thus, this time was the women turn.

When George Orwell wrote 1984, in 1948, I guess he never could imagine that his words would be a kind of prophecy, chiefly: "Ignorance is Strength". Nevertheless, it came true while Big Brother is the powerful attraction on TV - mainly in Brazil. Here, the numbers - of votes etc are the highest.

Our population simply loves to participate. It is up to them decide who is the main ephemeral celebrity at the moment in the country. It is like a national passion. Easy to happen once most of us are not prepared to shelter ourselves of this abundance of frivolousness, thoughtlessness and futility.

Maybe they like to see themselves there as on a mirror, bringing about this results. Thinking better, perhaps Orwell had hit home as a result of his conclusion that indeed (this type of) Freedom is Slavery - of our knowledge, instruction, wisdom, erudition or cultural background. In this case, limited not only by being between four walls but due to the low intellectual capacity of the participants and also of the audience.

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

my blog life

I haven’t planted a tree, I don’t have children yet and I haven't started to write a book until now. However, my current contribution for the world is everything that the mula ruge (related with it). In other words: I have my blog, whereby I've been posting daily some texts about many subjects.

Furthermore, I don't lie, besides separating my whole garbage. I believe that adopting a child as well, teaching his to grow up a good person, is a good alternative to a better (possible) world. Small noble acts, big positive consequences...

While here is not a perfect place to live, I keep writing on… Today is the two-years anniversary of this website - 730 dedicated days and/or nights to it. Even (still) with a short existence, it has already its importance. I’ve been building my own (Hi)story, expressing myself through my ideas and thoughts.

Telling the world what I believe is becoming me someone more satisfied. I really hope I can cooperate, bearing a part of something useful… For me, the others and the planet too, by my way. I'm enjoying it! Each one does what thinks it can help, which is within his reaching. 

What do you do?

Sunday, 27 March 2011

home sweet home

Human behaviour is interesting… While for some people, it is so easy, it’s difficult for me change my home furniture of place, for example. However, I would like to have this habit more often.

I don’t know if the blame is of being Capricorn, but sometimes I feel myself extremely traditional. Although  I like some novelty, I simple can’t have good ideas about this kind of thing.

My new house is different now, though. So do I, I guess. In addition to be emptier, with a clean style, it is a softer energy, almost uncompromised…

I lived only one year and a half (when I just moved to Rio) in a bedroom that takes after of me. After that, married, I used to live in a place where my things remained inside boxes - exactly as it had arrived 180 days sooner. That house simply didn‘t belong to me.

I had never felt at home on my own one! - as a result of an unhappy marriage. Now, it IS mine, only mine - more than ever - reconquered, in spite of missing some things.

In reason of these lacks, I could see everything in a new way, both perspectives and angles. Therefore, I know I don't belong to this place anymore. My home is everywhere... (far from here) in the whole world. After all, I have facility to move on.

A Nossa Casa* is where we want to be and stay, living there. [Watch the videoclip!]

*I simply love Arnaldo Antunes! He always writes exactly what I want and need to hear... about my moments - feelings, wishes, dwelling, Africa, changes. His present job is also marvellous (it always is!).

Saturday, 26 March 2011

ñemby ñemuha

Twenty after the foundation of Mercosul - the Southern Common Market, the adulthood of this economic and political agreement between Argentina, Brazil, Paraguay and Uruguay was celebrated in loco, where it all began.

Alongside this occasion, the second Meeting of Guarani Nation congregated more than a thousand leaders of this ethnic group, native of Latin America, in Asunción.

Created by the Treaty of Asunción, originally with four countries, this group of nations united for mutual support or joint action, counted on Bolivia and Chile support, later Peru, Colombia and Equador were associated. Finally, in 2006, the awaited join hands with Hugo Chavez, president of Venezuela, happened.

With the main goal of a free trade and the fluid movement of goods, people, and currency, its numbers among the members raised from US$ 4,5 at 1991 to US$ 45 billions at 2010. On the top of these economical numbers, is its important role as a continuing process to the South America integration.

The main aim right now is a single currency , such as it is the Euro in the European continent.

It is true that this moment is the best opportunity with our present and promising governments - owing to being more socialist (besides democratic, of course!). About that, my tip is watching “South of Border”, a wonderful documentary of Oliver Stone.

 In conclusion, I will finish by using the same words of Evo Morales in the end of this movie which said periphrastically a Bolivian native head of the past, Tupac katari, who had promissed that one day, he would come back through million of people: “Now it is this time!”.

All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come - Victor Hugo

Wednesday, 23 March 2011


Nor rock or Olympic Games in 2016, that was all EVERYBODY talks about here last week: Obama in Rio. (Indeed, with all his helicopters and the noises produced by, it's almost impossible to forgot his presence here!).  However, to my great surprise, people was awaiting his live presentation to the effect of showing him our pleasure to receive him dressed in full rig.

Mussuns, Bin Ladens, Bushs burned as Judas… many costumes were thought by Brazilians to (celebrating) this special occasion. Mine was one of  World Trade Centre Towers (Grazi accepted my invitation to being my partner, or rather: the other one). (Un)Fortunately his speech in Cinelândia was cancelled before all hubbub that would occur.

I swear that I would like to see his face in front of that which would be both unpredict and UNFORGETTABLE! On the other hand, as far as I’m concerned, most part of the probably audience isn’t aware about the real economic reasons of his visitation in Brazil. Or… Do you believe that he (and all his family) came here only due to our beautiful country?  

I hope [yes, I'm Brazilian and I'm also engaged...] people will be more cognizant about politics, besides merely wearing their funny masks, of course - the Brazilian way to face everything, US's aims included. After all, this is our warm and creative way, somewhat related with the weather and owing to seeming that we are still in a carnival period. If they have Disney, our would be in Rio's downtown!

P.S. - I really enjoyed the fact that Lula didn’t receive Obama. Thus, the Dilma’s flashes weren’t occulted. For good reason, for sure!  At last, “his man" (as Obama called our ex president once, when he was still in power) now is our iron lady.

Tuesday, 22 March 2011

my best friend's wedding

He would give me on my 30th year birthday a wedding ring, he would be my best partner for every event I could go, he would plan our abroad vacation travel with our children for the end of the year… he could be everything ‘best’ in the world… however, he is not my husband because I simply don’t love him (not as "MY" man). We can’t ordering our feelings to choose somebody to like him. It happens independently of our will.

Randiness is something we don’t control. It is impossible to ask ourselves “please, want him (or her)!” - further: right now! It doesn’t work like that… It simply “plim” - as I’m used to say… Moreover, this ‘prince’ guy, who I’m going to want with me will appear complete for me soon, without “nevertheless(es)” - in the same way he’ll be more than my best friend… as he is for his wife - the fortunate woman that chose him (or he chose her… whatever! They are perfect for each other).

I’m full of satisfaction with myself since I’m not jealous, or have no envy about her. I’m not this kind of possessive friend that doesn’t want his happiness, as a result of my negative decision to became involved. On the contrary, I’ve supported his new relationships, his affairs and now, his marriage. I want all the best for them. After all, I like her too. I was there when he met her and I hoped further for them…

It is something I’m awaiting that he (and also she) wish for me as well… knowing someone special to pass the rest of our lives, constitute a family, live a beautiful love long-lasting story, besides keep them company at meetings, travels... any kind of couple's programming.

the movie

While I was putting the title of this post, I remembered the movie of the same name… Julia Roberts, a successful almost 30-years journalist, was invited for this 3-days happening wedding, occasion when her best friend is going to become a married man. At this moment she realized she loves him, only owing to the sensation of loss. Human being is a [fuc*!] selfish animal.

At the end, even with all tries, he decided for Cameron Diaz (NOT BAD…) and they lived happily ever after.

Monday, 21 March 2011

a hard day's night

Crisis... of seven years or the 'almost thirty' one?

Actually, doesn’t matter. Nothing was acquired until now, even working like a dog during this period.

All ghosts both of sadness and frustration, due to not being in a fair chance to succeed even in a long term... This horror movie has been our life documentary.

¡Viva la revolución posible!

take it or leave it

I can’t take it anymore! I’m going… I take full responsibility by my choices. I will take a crack at it.


Take a break. Further: take a breath and take a good look… How are you? Do you feel happy? Are you satisfied? Think about that.

What is more important for you at this moment? - keep some security living exactly as you are or try something new - which you always want to?

Take risks. After all, life is short. We don’t know how many opportunities will be given to go for our dreams… Take advantage of the offers.

Take my word for it: living is better than dreaming, so, turn them into a reality.
Take care. Don’t waste your time!

Take not only a walk, but a trip. Take your seat to fly away... Take all steps necessary for it! Don’t give up of your goals.

Take it easy. Don’t rush!. It might take quite a while, but with the first step taken, everything flows… take your time to move on.

Take my tip. Take over your life! Nobody can do it for you - not even saying what you can or not do.

Take your chance! It’s your time. Enjoy it right NOW!

Sunday, 20 March 2011

the real worth for each one

Mutual? - I used to say that the love and the others good feelings SHOULD be like that… After all, why not?

What kind of magic happens and makes us like somebody and not the person beside.  Further: Why not be interested by who likes us? - at least, it’ll be easier (for both). However, doesn’t works like that and, probably, we are going to fall in love for who doesn’t care about us…

Amsterdam (ALWAYS Amsterdam… after all, I love it!) - It was there where both friends David and Matt met Christina, a fake French prostitute. Where she could be there as a whore? Red Light District, of course. Unfortunately, I lost this part… I arrived late in theatre, owing to have been invited almost at time. I saw since the moment they already are at they room talking, smoking, knowing each other.

Inverno da Luz Vermelha, brought me this thought. With Marjorie Estiano, André Frateschi and Rafael Primot, this play presents a unfortunate love bizarre triangle. Despite of both actors being unknown (for me - I believe they are from São Paulo’s theatre), they are very good. Nevertheless, I’m not going to deny that I’ve preferred the ‘Matt’ one. She is also pretty well as this role, displaying a sculptural slim body while teasing with sensual acts.

Written by Adam Rapp, the production is easy-going due to attractive appeals such as the music and the sensuality (Marjorie sings and dance in a “private” pocket show for the guys - the masculine audience has got sweaty at this moment). Moreover, prostitution and AIDS - not only interesting (and also still existing), but popular issues gave more seriousness for the text.

Matt loves Ana (actually, this is her real name), Ana loves David, and this last simply doesn’t care. The importance of what occurred in the past for Matt is, in another tone, the same of Ana’s for his best friend. It is unexplainable the way we conduce our feelings - for one, everything; for the other, in the same time (even lived the same thing), means nothing.

Predicted (I’ve studied and written scripts, so… ), when she said she was HIV positive and the phone rung, it was not difficult to guess what would happen between Ana and David! Even though, the scene was heavy - an anal sex, never seen on TV,  with Marjorie (until now, a fragile actress, a quite paltry singer) as a protagonist.

I enjoyed it! Mainly as a consequence of abstracted loves (not reciprocal), the hybrid of intelligence and ingenuousness of Matt, his no prejudice too. Even Amsterdam being in a second plan, and the story have transferred to São Paulo’s reality - a stupid mean to became this plot closer of us. Not necessary, in my opinion.     
I give my regards about. It is until April, 11th Fridays and Saturdays (9 pm) and Sundays (6 pm) at Glaucio Gil Theatre - Cardeal Arco Verde, s/n - Copacabana. I don’t know prices…

respect is a good medicine for age!

(more about Amsterdam… I simply can’t avoid. It is stronger than me!)

I admit one thing that Brazil is better than Europe (at least in both countries I’ve been - Holland and France): third age people is more respect in our metro. Ok, here, many individuals simply don’t give in their place for olders to seat. However, there are laws about it - and also both special attending and places - which usually work. There, once, I offered my place for a lady and she was very surprise with my act, telling me that had never happened before [what????].  So, I was astonished because I thought that there these things happen through a different way.

Then, since I came back, I’ve wondering myself about the reasons which make them don’t give the attention necessary for this mature adults. Firstly, I believe that it is because they are a Old Continent - that means they population is constituted chiefly by old people. Thus, once they are majority, they don’t have priority. Finally, they (unfortunately) don’t  have this behaviour of offering they places to seniors.  I’m not sure, these are only speculations about it. Nevertheless, it isn’t a complete absurd according my good sense.

Saturday, 19 March 2011

the far side of the (full) moon

Everybody knows the power and influence of the moon in our lives - the tides, the women periods blah blah blah… Well, today the moon will be the biggest one of the year (or… I really don’t know about the terms and measures) - actually doesn’t matter!

What really will happen?

Once I was told that the full moon is a kind of excuse for people doing something wrong. 

It’s true. Sorry! (beforehand)

Friday, 18 March 2011


I’m speechless.

While I’m complaining about my silly life, thousands of people need more attention and support than me at this moment on the other side of the world… I know that. Sorry.

Thus, here it is: all my compassion about the catastrophe in the land of the rising sun through Liniers by this sincere hug of Enriqueta (and Madriarga).


What is important for you? What do you thing you are not going to live without? Now, try to think about the feeling you will experiment if someone take this of you.

When we lose our basis, everything we always thought that was real and for ever, we got really lost. We stay groundless… with no course.

It’s not a drama: after my tsunami, I don’t know where I’m going to.

However, I will survive… becoming stronger.

Thursday, 17 March 2011

pretty beach, but low profile

(in reason of nobody knows who she truthfully was - not even her real name!)

In fact, she used to be high profile (because has been famous). However, her face can’t be seen on TV anymore… If she is still on men’s mind, I think so! - after all, television is a (false and faked) fantasy that doesn’t show the dark side of reality - her nonsense and slovenliness.

After a painful surprise against me, I'm sure she is bearing the chances of her (ill) fortune - now, taking care of people's head (in the exact meaning of the expression). So, limited like that, she doesn't convince altogether as before(!).

*I don’t know (more) nor do I care…

da onça

(actually, they are birds of a feather!)

How much evil could affect somebody? Envy is, without doubt, one of the worst feelings that someone can experience - mainly when is from someone who SHOULD wish our happiness, and doesn't take us as an "adversary".

Unfortunate is who tastes its own medicine. Selfish, remaines grieved - and, as a result, stays (always) behind, worried about others’ happiness (or trying to hamper it).
With me, in vain… In fact, this act just strengthen me!

An indubitable reminder: the evil that men do lives after them.

wearing of the green
(the hope color)

Lá Fhéile Pádraig - finally a good news (and energy!) against the "descarrego" session above...

Today is Saint Patrick’s Day, an important holiday mainly in Ireland. So, I’m going to drink some beer to celebrate!

My faith is more powerful than all these stumbling blocks. I’m not going to became worn away, just go ahead and leave all these ill things behind (me).

What will be will be! - with or without backing.

Wednesday, 16 March 2011

heavyweight choose(s)

A música venceu” - It‘s true!

With this samba-enredo, João Carlos Martins’ life was sang by Vai Vai Samba School and they won the São Paulo’s parade carnival this year. One of the most noted contemporary musicians of erudite, he was honoured by a big fancy show at this carnival time.

This pianoman and maestro, well-known by his acclaimed (Johann Sebastian) Bach performances, had his life presented on the avenue cadenced by Bateria’s beats played by hundreds of rhythmers on Friday, 04th. For those who don’t know, This man is a live example of overcoming.

He have had great difficulties during his career. Firstly, since he had lost his right-hand movements due to an accident during a soccer match, he became a maestro. Just as he had rehabilitated his capacity to play again, he developed a illness that made him give up of music.

However, his passion was stronger and he passed to play only with the left hand, creating an unique style. After a concert in Sofia, Bulgaria, he was robbed and took a licking, losing the movements again. So, after a dream, he decided to learn to conduct and, finally, became a maestro. Nowadays, he is world-widely recognized.

Interesting, because life’s journey can be as a symphony with its acts: allegro, andante, adagio and largo. Life has its ups and downs. It is important keep going on, though.

once a king, always a king

Another triumph of music was the Beija-Flor's parade, in Rio de Janeiro, on Monday 7th (better: on the early morning of Tuesday).  Presenting Roberto Carlos's life, they won this year the dispute.

As João Carlos, Roberto is another example of overcoming. Many people don't know, but he lost one of his legs when he was a child. It was an accident, a locomotive runned over him. Nevertheless, he continued his life quite fine and reached the peak of acclaim and has been decorated as a ’king’ (of MPB, and also youth in 60’s, and since 2010, of Latin Music).

His groupies (at any age - from childhood through the old age - nevertheless, the majority aren't little girls anymore...) are always shouting, frenetic. His fan legion was awaiting anxiously for that moment of glory. Now, they are satisfied - many have held fast with them the red rose given (a tacky cliché that still works with this audience).

This year, Vai Vai and Beija Flor were succeded while choosing two men of renown (and also blessed) -as the noble motif (or theme) for their carnival parade. Both São Paulo e Rio have homaged our music, which won anyway, indeed!


Tuesday, 15 March 2011

not good as his bad words

ONCE UPON A TIME in our History a period when signatures were not necessary, only a simple word was enough to believe in somebody. Well… It happened, a long time ago(!), though.

Nowadays, NOBODY should do agreements without be full sure of who is the other person with who is doing it. In detail: the signature is fundamental. That is to say that our WORD doesn’t worth so much anymore (almost nothing, indeed). 

Surreal this… We simply CAN’T trust in which people say, only in their acts: what they sign on (or proof in another way that is true). Not even in which some individuals write they will do it is secured anymore...

Not so far, in my time, a word given was a fulfilled word (even by mouth). Unfortunately, it doesn’t work like this anymore… Even so, in my opinion, someone who does not keep its words doesn’t deserve any respect.

So, finally, when and in whom we can trust? I REALLY don’t know.

Lately, people are not what they say, but what they do. However, they are unpredictable. Honour is something that many of them don't care about. It "simply" doesn't matter anymore... UNBELIEVABLE!

[Oh, God!]


 Maybe it was merely coincidence, nevertheless was so intense that I’ve wondered myself about which reason made it happens to me.

Firstly, was a frustrating disregard with my professional dedication, then, a incredible irresponsibility even working (or pretending to) for a both interesting and important job. Not enough, was an injudiciousness and a stab on my back from who I provided some status, besides put inside my circle of friends. Finally, a default due to a lack of character, not at work at this time but worst: chez moi.

Many 'miss'es along the way… Now, as a result I have another one: I miss good people around me, my real friends. They are the best medicine to heal (and forget) these bad things that haunt me.

Monday, 14 March 2011

for good reasons

I really believe that nothing is by chance. EVERYTHING happens due to something bigger.

Today I Know why I’m giving one step behind, coming back to my origins - something doubtfull couples day before - Crazy! (a difficult decision, but necessary….) I should be there, helping someone, giving it force - and I will.

I’m not going to complain about. It’s noble my purpose. I have a mission, tidying the house, come back a little to go ahead far far away…(!)

Sunday, 13 March 2011

all kisses I haven’t given, all hugs I haven’t received

If I've regretted something, it is a kind of caress that I haven’t demonstrated and, at heart, I indeed would like to. Being more affectionate, apart from evince my feelings and real desires is an exercise that I need to practice further. In fact, it is essential to play fair in this life not to lament later.

Saying “I love you” (not only in couple's relationships, but) at home more often, thanking my mother all kindness and attention she have had with us (my sister and me), holding my friends and saying how much they are important for me… It is the best proof of my endearment. Nevertheless, sometimes, it is not necessary say anything, because our acts speak for itself.

Then, I really believe in the power of touch. I think that, sometimes, we simply forget to be closer, hugging, for example (at least for a few minutes) who is important for us. This is vital, though. Once, I advised a cousin to do this with my uncle when he was very sick. I’m sure that, before dieing, he could enjoy the fraternal fondling of his son.

This is my main worry about living in another country where people’s behaviour is not as ours. I fear miss the human warmth proper of Latins (chiefly of partners - lover men). However, I should be honest that I’m not easy and I usually pretend to hold out. My self-sufficiency is like I shoot myself in my own foot. It have made me being seen as a little selfish, indifferent or far worse: sexually cold! [Dammit!] Similarly, being needy and dedicate myself to someone who doesn’t deserve it - but it is another story, outro (con)texto…(!)

Both cases are mistakes that I’m not interested to repeat anymore. I want (an)other(s) chance(s). I promise that the cold weather is not going to changed me into an iced-cube heart person - here (nor there). It can be different...

Saturday, 12 March 2011


In a country on the top of most part of research about worldwide spent of time online, where, likewise, each one person has one mobile, its people prefer to have a television than a bathroom at home! No, I‘m NOT joking, it IS true! This place (not to say 'planet') exists and it is not distant…

Believe it or not, these data are ascribed to Brazil! In my unusual moment right now, even being a Brazilian citizen, I’m thwarting these statistics. Being (almost) incommunicable, I’m a complete E.T. nowadays!

Without both TV and cell phone, if I have not my neighbour’s (free) internet either (God, thanks I can take and use it!), I would be lost… or, “better”, I would be a LOOSER for the present youth patterns. 

Because of this behaviour, we are suffering of connectivity's stress - the need to be online fulltime (among other things). Not only this, but it takes money… and who is paying this bill? (here, in addition, unfortunately, everything related of communication is still very expensive!)

Well, I'm paying through my nose for the changes I'm living now.

Friday, 11 March 2011

something unless?

Well, It has been so strange live without television’s "presence" at home…

It is only a matter of time until I take mine back. Before, on the contrary, it was not my decision (inclusively and MAINLY the channel to watch it!). Equally House (of course!), I miss in particular the possibility to watch my movies on DVD.  

It seems like I am wasting my time doing nothing, alone. Nevertheless, I’m using this “free time” to bring up to date blog’s texts that I had written but I couldn't post until now due to technical problems.

I've never been away so long, or a mula nunca ficou tanto tempo sem rugir…(I always play upon words with the blog‘s name, in Portuguese indeed, because doesn’t make any sense in English) However, at this right moment, I’m at the peak of my glory - of writing my posts in English!

My ‘comps’ is my best present company in addition to the internet being something more powerful than the television was someday. Owing to this, I shouldn't miss it and enjoy this season with something unless (? - No, I don't think so...). 

nothing to lose

As soon as possible, when I will have just finished to up date this blog, I am going to be some kind of monster to these (online) days: I‘ll set aside the internet in my daily life as much as I can to giving a deep dive into some books I want to read. Another hobby I’m going to dedicate myself acutely is going to the cinema more often.

Accessing it everyday, a long period during all the day long, is practically impossible to enjoy these other arts as I’m decided to do. I want to take a cultural shower from these sources. Therefore, it’s necessary give a limit to this new media as mothers did in the past with children who used to stay many hours in front of television…

Books - all the best! (in any time, for everybody…) No restrictions, no waste of time.

Thursday, 10 March 2011


It says that at 6pm is the angels' time. So, I’m always trying to pay attention in everything which happens exactly at this rush hour.

Often (unfortunately) some problems suddenly emerge in the end of the working hours not only to keep us until later at office, but to proof our capacity to solve it, mastering the difficulties and, finally, have this corner turned.

On the other hand, it is the perfect occasion to receive some call and invitation. It is almost night and the deadline to do something special is not over yet.

A resolution opportunity... Give your good luck a chance!


Started yesterday the time of changing. It is a 40 days period for everybody lead their lives to the best way. However, it doesn’t means merely do the right choices into a purification. It’s necessary to dedicate their lives entirely and understand its full reason - their vocation, incumbence and also their missionary’s field of action.

I recognize both my responsabilities and the essential effort to achieve my goals. Thus, my future is being defined right now. Although everything has happened to frustrate my plans, all my losses, I wish nobody ill… only justice(!), and health - for me, to take all I owned back (actually, even more… new captures!).

Nothing is by chance. Let’s go ahead and wait for…

Wednesday, 9 March 2011

enough is enough

I’m tired… Being a good person is not a good choice, after all, we always got our fingers burnt!

Owing to people respect more who doesn’t worth nor what is eaten - It happens professionally and in relationships, it is NOT a good market INDEED. Furthermore, men don’t prefer princesses, but bitches! 

So, why am I butting my head against a wall, insisting to be a looser?  Not anymore [please!].

I'm inclusively reading a Sherry Argov's book/manual to help myself to be worse… ops(!) “better”! It is necessary to be attended nowadays when the values have changed.

Further: good girls go to haven, the bad ones go to Amsterdam!

Thus... 'doei'!

Tuesday, 8 March 2011

me and myself

It’s sad to know that some people have the wrong idea of who we really are. Nevertheless, It’s happen… Further, all the worse is the sure that they are announcing to the four winds that you are in a role which IS NOT your (at least not in this life!).

Professional is about work, while personal is everything done at home. What is the difference between both? “None” (for them). This lack is an excuse to justify their bad character. It is something as a shooting in their own foot.

Although I don’t like to be on the others mouth, I don’t care a straw indeed. In fact, I’m not worried about that. The importance we have is measured by the worth which other people give us. So, I can say pround I’m powerfull because I’m at peak - almost being a celebrity - unless the tone of the comments.

I know who I am (and I am not), and who matters knows aswell (and put me on the top - the same way I do, because we love and support each other). We are truthful friends and of these relationships became our real importance.

So, I’m a wonderful person, while my ‘enemies’ are not. After all, I haven't given them this power indeed! Poor people who need to turning to an inadequate behaviour to get some merit [?] - bad choice...!

Monday, 7 March 2011

dreary season

No men as angels, super heros, Roman imperators, Grecian gods, policemen, fake Jesus, rock stars, crossdressers (as White Snow, - my favorite one!), European princes or soccer players, nor the foreign tourists (even the dutch ones) can cheer up me.

All my plans were transferred, procrastinated… I runned a lot to do everything in a correct way and, now, I simply don't know what should I do. My mind, my thoughts, my will are not here yet. I’m just waiting my soul reach me back.
I can't do anything against it, apart from try to keep going ahead... in spite of being difficult, almost impossible react at this moment, right now! I've suffered quietly not to be boring for the others who don‘t deserve this sorrowful energy.

Astonished (in the worst term), I simply can’t pretend to be happy celebrating a festivity that I wouldn’t like to witness it! I'm sad, still aghast at so much bad luck, crookedness… I deplore this situation and just wish leave it behind.

My life wasn’t to be like this right now, but it is, though… terrified by pirates, robbers, rogues, swindlers, scoundrels, vagrants… ops! Are there costumes for these last? Well, firstly something derived from ‘rock’, then a jew next to a martial arts pretender boy, and finally an ogre. This is a freak show! - not a reason to be joyful, glad and light-hearted, unfortunately.

March waters

It rains more than enough and everything I want is staying at home, resting quite tranquil, recharging my batteries… That this have a good cry  (in Portuguese: lavem minha alma! - necessary). 

Thus, São as águas de março fechando o verão, é promessa de vida no meu coração”.
(a classic verses of Tom Jobim through Elis' voice that represent this moment)

When will begin the next season, PLEASE? (I'm awaiting anxious!)  

Sunday, 6 March 2011

vai, vai

I’m trying(!), but all the parades seems so crowded, so confused… This event's structure in Rio is not still enough - at least for me: a boring adult who takes a dim view of having to pee on the streets, or look desperate for some (dirty) toilet… (*I avoid the port-a-potty ones - I simply CAN'T - sorry!).

Furthermore, my mind is not still here. I admit that I left my heart and my thoughts there, in the other side of Atlantic Ocean… I’m here just by (bad) chance… Unfortunately. Even the festivities are not going to make me feel like carnival. Although is good some kind of fun to take me off this frustration, I guess I wont enjoy so much at this time.

It’s my (unhappy) period… Everybody has yours(!). 

"la ra rara, la ra rara... la ra rara, rara"

eco pee

Using to advantage that peeing "is in fashion" here right now...

I saw this idea/project/proposal to peeing while taking shower and I have decided to support the campaign. Actually, I've been done that a long time... It wont be a new action for me.

Sorry to the men who, although they always do it standed in front of the toilet, don't understand us about relaxing completly under the water (since you heard the sound of
water falling). Therefore, I really disagree that it is quite nasty.

Besides its eco purposes (known from now), I'm sure that drunk people also do that, but as a consequence of another need... After all, it's necessary.

Saturday, 5 March 2011

no rose without thorns

It says that women prefer thug guys…

I’m not going to say that it is a lie, because we simply don’t like so much honey in men’s behaviour. In fact, ladies deserve attention,.. We like and appreciate to be  pampered, but our partners can’t be TOO sweet - It drives us annoyed and bored, besides leaves us tired of them.

Although it happens often, we know that we should deal with it differently. However, it is stronger than us and, sometimes, we look for some trouble (with the wrong rude men). Only when we wake up for the reality and realize which one is the best choice, we are going to figure out an easier and satisfying relationship and, finally, face it.

Perfection simply doesn’t exist, but a mix of kindness and robustness as some kind of protection works quite finely. Experimenting the gall of being alone or in bad companies makes us miss a lot the best men’s properties. Then, we regretted not being (in love) with the gentle ones, giving them their real worth. This is a crucial instant.

Thus...   (I’ll use the poet’s words to describe what succeeded as a consequence:)

“Veio o amor, como um abraço curto, pra não sufocar…” - Cazuza.

Friday, 4 March 2011

Deus mais tem pra dar que o diabo pra tirar

God forbid! I know that He is not one to be mocked, but it is true!

I believe. He had planned it so… He always proves us His grace even working in His mysterious ways.

God helps those who help themselves, besides had rained manna. His mills grind slowly...

Thank God! You’re my trust.

Thursday, 3 March 2011

(un)known by the companies who keeps

People - difficult to know who they REALLY are… It happens: you can sleep, work and play with the enemy and simply don't know about that!

It is a dream when a "buddy" surprises us showing his good qualities, how much trustworthy and friendly he is. However, sometimes, we live a type of nightmare because we trust in who isn’t exactly who pretend to (and SHOULD) be.

Usually, they show some tips of their real personality through the expression of their eyes… When you don’t feel good energy from it, you can question yourself about this citizen. Try to believe in your intuition. In most cases it tell us the truth.

Actually, doesn’t work asking for references... (mainly if you chose not the best alternative to do that - who is just a blummer aswell!). Other people just don’t say the same truth that the look and your feelings will warning you about.
To make matters worse, people lie, cheat and mislead, while another (like me) are the dupe of someone! Oh, I wish I knew... Now, It is better to laugh, so I don't cry...!

Hence, we grown up and are not so green as we were before. Live and learn… (and from our mistakes is a consequence). Nevertheless, I don’t believe that is better being a roguish than a good person. I prefer being a sensible one.     

As a rule, what goes around, comes around... Everything we do here, come back in equally force or still more intensive for us later! The evil that men do lives after them. Simple like that: You reap what you sow. Thus, safely, I feel hope for my future... Fortunately, I'm not a scoundrel, nor a stumbling rock on the no one's way (or inside their shoes)!

Wednesday, 2 March 2011

quem nasceu pra tico tico nunca chega a sabiá

On trust.

Then, I breathed a sigh of relief... Fortunately, I have several friends who I could borrow money if it was necessary.

Seems silly, but I believe being a trustworthy person extremely important. Thus, I'm so pround and satisfied by myself because I realized that I got this credit.

It is so rewarding when people trust in us! This proofs that we are esteemed, not only loved by many but chiefly respected. 

This is a wonderful inference (mine - of course…). It is a personal merit, conquered on long term. Unfortunate is who doesn’t have this good luck (just not to say ‘capacity‘), besides not deserving it. 

Tuesday, 1 March 2011

coming back

Fallen out of the course, without an exact route to go ahead... 

Sometimes, we will understand the real need to be like that only after has past some time, in its season... in due course. Whether this is good or not, I don't know right now. However, I am conscious of it is really necessary.
I am so sorry to had left this my personal project… Despite to had set aside my skill to write and show my point of view about many things that are happening around me for a long period, now is time to restart - again and over! This excites me to go on, hard-set.

For sure: a small step back now leading me to two steps forward later!
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