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Sunday, 9 August 2015

the con prophet

Unfortunately, our main leader is a false prophet... Ego lies to us and makes us believe in many things that are not truth and (chiefly:) act like idiots.

How could us improve our sense of humility and realize we should use mostly the heart instead the head?!

Ego is selfish and doesn't want changes... it is all about itself. 

Saturday, 8 August 2015


Sometimes, we just want to disappear (or somebody else to...) not believing in what is happening.

Nobody dies due to a low self-esteem. What is more, time heals everything and tomorrow is another day! 

God works in mysterious ways. I'm pretty sure it was a blessing in disguise.

Let's live each moment as it comes, after all: what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger.

Deu o cano, agora vasa!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

raining coffee

One thing is true: when it is raining, people are more likely to drink coffee.

Maybe it is the weather temperature which asks for something warm, or it is only THE excuse to be somewhere dry.

Whatever... It's just a conclusion.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

va chier!

Et un jour, par hasard, tu découvres que le type qui se prend toujours pour le nombril du monde chie dans son froc (ou a chié, au moins une fois, récemment...).

Quelle ironie!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

sad things about Christmas time

There is something that always bothered me : Christmas trees. Yes... it is very sad their (short) story.

I've seen many on the garbage lately... It is not sustainable have one in this way!

Is it too difficult cultivate it in a pot?! Or on the garden... outdoor, free, harmonious with nature. Please, tell me.   

Friday, 9 January 2015

an uncut diamond

I'm am one! Just waiting for an opportunity to shine, and make others shine - my speciality! 

Unfortunately people have sub-estimated me... Although sometimes it is hard to remember who I am, I've tried not to believe in what others say, or better: use their words to became even stronger, improve my skills and go for it.

I'm just saving my talents. Lucky will be the one who put his eggs on my basket!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

80 degrees of separation

40°C X -40°C : extreme temperatures.

This is the contrast now between Brazil and Canada thermometer (top) marks. It is something as a person being next to the stove and another one getting out of the freezer at the same time. Actually, with an even bigger difference!

Well, if the kitchen is close to the beach, I would not mind to be there sweating, conscious that I can enjoy sea later... 

I'm likely to be frost, though :/

Thursday, 1 January 2015

get off to a good start

After some hard time, with so many changes (for good - fortunately!), I just want to restart my life in the best way... Healthy, surrounded by friends, with love and a job.

I was never someone very ambitious, wanting to be rich, famous or was always seeking what is not made for me, what I can't or should not have... My worries were other ones. I've always looked for well-being.

Now, my time has just arrived, and I think I have the right to, and I am not asking too much (!) : happiness, satisfaction, peace of mind, faith, goodness and a world of new and great possibilities, with less injustice, violence and illness. 

Each one writes his own history. I've just start a new chapter... a new life even. Maybe that one it is going to the best one. We never know... I hope write for that, funny and delight words. 

My 2015 resolution is being happy - totally possible! Thank God. Amen.

Thursday, 31 July 2014

the cure

Nothing better than children's affection to heal broken hearts and/or stressed souls. 

The joy of my day (maybe the whole week) was received so much endearment from little people who are just sincer while saying they love you. 

Priceless... It's magic work with kids. 

I'm very very lucky!

Saturday, 19 April 2014

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

deux poids et deux mesures

Mon astrologue m'a dit une fois, en analysant ma carte du ciel, que s'il y a quelque chose que m'écœure, c'est bien de l'injustice... Puis elle a frappé au but!
Voici un example d'une situation que me fait chi*r:
M est avec F. Cependant, ses amis l'incintent à tromper sa blonde avec C, car C est une (vieille) fille très tripante, alors que la belle F est pas mal timide et ne participe pas tellement des activités du gang de son chum.  
Un jour, la relation de M et F est finie à cause de leur problèmes conjugales. Au bout d'un moment, F trouve quelqu'un d'autre, puis M se fâche contre elle. 

Et encore pire: les mêmes camarades qui l'avaient appuyé à tromper sa copine dans le passé, la jugent maintenant. Après tout, "pauvre lui..."!
De l'hypocrisie, je ne supporte pas ça!

Au lieu de condamner son ex pour poursuivre sa vie, pour quoi Monsieur M (à la fin: célibataire) ne profite pas de ce moment où il est libre pour conclure ce qu'il a commencé pendant qu'il était encore en couple?

Si C était aussi parfaite, pour quoi il n'est pas avec maintenant? En plus, il a toujours eu l'aveu de ses copains! Tous comptes faits, où sont justement ces compagnons pour le stimuler à faire la bonne chose là là, en définitive?
M n'a pas été correct avec F avant, en ayant l'appui de ses proches pour la trahir. Au moment où F finalement essaye d'être heureuse avec une autre personne (peut-être un homme plus loyale, qui la valorise, enfin), la critique tombe sur elle.
F*CK YOU! Qui a un toit de verre ne tire pas de pierres chez son voisin...
Je hais les gens comme ceux-ci. Je me demande ce qu'ils ne pensent/parlent pas de moi dans mon dos!   
Il y a une leçon qu'on apprendre en veillissant: qui dit des choses méchantes à propos des autres, va le faire contre toi aussi.  

Des faux amis... Mangez de la m*rde!

Monday, 25 November 2013

in the same spirit

There are people who think that helping you once, are able to steal you later and that's ok... After all, You scratch my back and I'll scratch yours.

Now, I dare: if you help people many times, can you have what belongs to you just once? By the way, through this perspective, it's not stealing, it's rights. 


Sunday, 3 November 2013


If it means 'to hope' (in latin), I just CAN NOT 'desperare'!

My right motto is 'sperare' then.

After all, this was our choice...

Saturday, 2 November 2013

pisando em ossos

Enquanto alguns festejam o Halloween, eu aproveito a data de Finados justamente para enterrar meus mortos, exorcizar fantasmas do passado a fim de poder, enfim, celebrar a vida - que segue, em frente!

Receio de estar fazendo a coisa certa? Sempre se tem... Mas, como dizem que, junto a mudanças, tem-se perdas (para que venham novidades, que haja recomeços), faz-se necessário arriscar. É o preço a ser pago por melhorias.

Ultrapassado o momento "limbo", triste e sofrido, uma nova partida.

Que seja dada logo essa largada! 

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

the truth, the best choice

Always, even if it hurts... 

It's better crying due to reality than pretend everything is fine. By the way: 

Yes, one wil be constantly supporting the other in a couple - more than anybody else! 

No, who really loves won't be the one making the partner laugh with lies (just to be cooool...) 

Consciously, no one has any doubt about that.

Friday, 30 August 2013


Even in my teen age, when didn't exist email yet, I think I'd never waited so anxiously for receiving correspondences.

New life, other requests... but, in fact, too much burocracy to restart officialy!

Waiting... My current wor(l)d in Canada.

Thursday, 29 August 2013


With no fear, restarting...

Creativity, animation, fresh ideas, expertise, (foreign) knowhow: hey ho, let's go!

I can fall down seven times, but I will stand up eight. 


Wednesday, 28 August 2013

once bitten, twice shy

Just in order to protect me and who I love, I will always smell a rat.

Even having a proper and healthy conversation, explaining about cordiality and good forms, trying to make a miracle indeed...  A carrion kite will never be a good hawk!

People don't change! Good-for-nothing... Sorry.

Tuesday, 27 August 2013


Cuban doctors, forgive some Brazilian comrades who were hostile in your arriving. After all, probably you didn't know, but we have some problems with Education too.

We should thanks besides excuse.

Watch this video out to understand our problem: native medics who don't want to work in distant and disfavored areas against govern measures to contract foreign labour force to cover this national gap.

A shame.

Sunday, 25 August 2013

Saturday, 24 August 2013

being a princess

Brides are real princesses: romantic women who believe in love.

The brave ones, trying (not to say "facing") the couple's life... probably with kids in the future.

Actually, they are strong heros. Yes, we are

Friday, 23 August 2013

modern life's contradictions

- a homophobic black person ;
- a gay homophobic;
- a vegan coke addicted;
- an allergic cat-person;
- unloved and scorned feminists;
- perv and pedophile priests;
- thieves police officers;
- a vegetarian gaucho;
- a deaf composer;
- a lewd's partner who doesn't like sex;
- snorting cocaine to workout;
- a known liar fancying herself absolutely right;
- a Thai's husband who doesn't like massage;
- a feminist who is beaten by her jealous husband;
- a lawyer full of fines and tickets;
- fucking less in couple than being single;
- fat athletes – inlcuding soccer players;
- lebian prostitutes and porno actresses of hetero movies;
- an evangelical bishop who muderdered her own parents;
- corrupt politicians (yes, it SHOULD be an antagonism!);
- 'for a better world' militants having sex with no condoms;
- 'for a better world' militants stealing cell phones;
- 'for a better world' militants smoking Marlboro cigarettes;
- MST militants eating at McDonald's restaurants;
- having anal sex to remain virgin;
- voting for green party and throwing out her garbage on the beach;
- aborting not to confess that have sex before marriage;
among other odd things.

Poor prude people!

Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Light and truth against lost souls!
Faith, positive energy and thoughts.

Tuesday, 20 August 2013

scratchy advice

If your cat panics because something (vacuum, mixer etc.) DO NOT try to take him while the thing is working.

Gleaned from my own experience: the noise may results in a scarface!

Fear causes irrational behavior.

Monday, 19 August 2013


To each one, a different word from me, about me. 

Describing yourself to others in a personalized way,  is not an easy role.

It is necessary creativity to be sincere, not redundant, to sounds nice without seems prepotent.

What a challenge!

My CV is the Charming Version of me... a butterfly on cover letters.

Saturday, 17 August 2013

cat therapy

 A sincere skintight purr calms and is good for the heart.
Fortunately, I take daily doses

Friday, 16 August 2013

pubic mkt

Maybe because we are famed on account of Brazilian wax, now and again the issue is back (actually is always the same there): women's shaving.

The flavor of the month is the actress Nanda Costa, who is on the current Brazilian Playboy's cover - and inside, posing in Cuba.

My comments about:

  • The photos are awesome;
  • She is very hotty, mainly because I've never seen before so many pictures with men next to the model – virile black ones, a propos...;
  • Her depilation fits with the location and atmosphere – because YES, she shaved (otherwise she would have beavers for over the place: on the surrounding area – and IT IS NOT the case!);
  • Their marketing was excellente. Besides, everybody is talking about it;
  • Her answer for the press: “I wouldn't present a Hitler's moustache in Fidel's land” is great - well thought-out, very smart, indeed;
  • It's clever chowcasing sporadically some different content;
  • I would like to know if all men who are complaining, criticizing or making fun of her pubic hairstyle, are well shaved (or, AT LEAST, wearing attractive underpants);
  • It seems that Brazilian men are nowadays more sissy than gays. As far as I know, men who likes women WON'T misfire or deny Nanda Costa in the nick of time... Will them??? (faggys...!!!)
  • By the bye, for those who forget it: idependently of fashion trends, cunts are naturally hairy.

I love it: bush is always into the mouth of the people.


hairy bunnies

The most famous one, in Brazil, is Claudia Ohana. The actress (and singer) posed in 85 and have been being pub(l)ic debate since then. At the age of 45, she came back to the cover in 2008. Althoug the beautiful pictures and her bush in confidence with the 2000s style, the damage is done! No way: she has been unanimity on the matter.

Other one who showed her controversial shaving was Vera Fisher, but without such impact - maybe due to the known odd behavior of the actress, her age (she was 49 when she fronted the magazine cover), or even the zeitgeist in 2000.

To conclude, I add in Simony, the Brazilian kid's star in the 80s. Her essay in 94 was also that much hirsute.


furry ass 

Maybe I'll be burn at the stake, but doesn't matter... I will touch raw nerves anyway:

Why men DO NOT grumble about Viviane Araújo's butt thick with hair?? It's incoherent, sorry...

(ok, her pussy is correct for our standarts, but not that bizarre "furry thing"...) 

It's all worng with men: bemoaning about a feminine twat while accepting with no restriction a manful bushy-tailed! (Stop the world I want to get off!!!)

Saturday, 10 August 2013


We just wonder ourselves...

If a person is soooo amazing, why is she here, niggling with poor ordinary people, instead of being at the level above, on the top - where she was supposed to be?

Despite saying she is fancying herself, I would say she is fucking it.

Poor... liar!

Wednesday, 7 August 2013

once upon a car

Another day, I was checking someone's trip pictures out... There were five altogether.

Two of the landscape, two with him (and others) on the scene and one just of the car in the foreground. Yes... the machine!

Notwithstanding, I realized that the jeep was there, somewhere, as supporting, on ALL photos. It seemed an ad of automobile's companies on magazines.

Short: for him, his car is the protagonist, something more important than anything else: place, people, travel... Ridiculously.

Excessive vanity so as to show your family has a 4X4? Splurge? Flamboyance? For God's sake... Why?! I don't care about the car! I just would like to see some images of the adventure.

I hate this (men's) behavior.

Tuesday, 6 August 2013


I'm not taking current circumstances as a tax. No... Let's look on the bright side: each obstacle we pass through, make us even stronger.

Difficulties adduce the truth. Barbs, grief and bitterness come along. It's impossible hide to it for long time.

Before, I was alone... Now, two years on, I'm happy, settled, sharp, hearty and powerful. After all, who has good friends and a family who loves you, has everything

I'm married and blessed. And you?!

The giant has just awoken to finally make a living. 

Monday, 5 August 2013

fly high

After some changes, living permanently, in Canada.

Onward and upward!

Monday, 29 July 2013

à chacun son goût

En attendant...

Interrogé sur leur intentions de aller au Brésil en vacances, le québecois répondre:

- Mais oui, je cherche une belle litière.

(oui, exactement ce qui a été dit avec une incroyable supériorité sur le sud! - c'est-à-dire tout ce qui viens de l'Amérique Latine!)

Quel irrespect! 

J'aime vraiment le Québec, les gens d'ici, sa culture, puis je n'aurais jamais pensé en écouter un si fort insulte... Alors, excuse-moi, mais: pauvres chauvinistes ces (ostie de) losers égocentriques qui ne voient que leur souverainisme! S'il y a certains québecois qui croient même que leur "pays" est le meilleur endroit au monde, je voudrais qu'ils entendent (seulement un petit peu - au moins!) ce que tous les autres canadiens ont à dire par rapport à cette province francophone, et son peuple compris.

Une place pour chaque chose et chaque chose à sa place... Quelle ironie!

Vive le Canada et son acceptation des différences! 

J'ADORE ça: de la tolérance en plusieurs niveaux.

Wednesday, 24 July 2013

in Rio

No words to describe how beautiful is this DVD of Bebel Gilberto... I was simply agape while watching it.

Everything perfect: her voice and the melody at that unequaled landscape - during the day, sunset and night... Wow! So nice... I just regret not being there for its footage.

I miss Rio so much! - not only the postcard, but everything which comes along: friends, buzz, career, respect, recognition...Well, it must come at the right moment. 

After all, I remember who I am:

A gold gift! Thank you

Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Dominguinhos waited all St John's parties pass to finally rest in peace.


Still on the sky...

This year some little stars will bright there, on top.


Bye feline friends

Monday, 22 July 2013

le mantra du égoïsme

On le connaît déjà par coeur...
Par contre, on le suit pas (de tout!).

Pauvres ceux qui ne reconnaissent pas 
les attributs des autres, aveugles par soi même.

Ils vont mourir tout seules, 
gonflés par son ego. 

Finalement: "et Moi-S! et Moi-S! et Moi-S!"

Thursday, 18 July 2013

nothing is for nothing

I really believe that things happen in our lives with a major propose. Well, so, it is up to us to make a good use of each opportunity when they come, the best we can... They may pass, and most part of them probably won't be regive to us later - are 'one-time' occurrences for the cause of the good. Natural gifts.

Don't waste those graces!

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  • abrace seus amigos
  • acredite em si mesmo
  • ande mais com os pés descalços
  • antene-se
  • aplique o que você prega
  • assuma seus erros
  • beba mais água
  • beije na boca com vontade
  • conheça novas culturas
  • cuide-se com carinho
  • dance sem vergonha
  • diga mais 'sim' do que 'não'
  • durma bem
  • dê atenção às pessoas
  • entregue-se ao que ama
  • escreva cartas à mão
  • estude outras línguas
  • exerça a tolerância
  • exercite-se
  • fale e ouça mais 'obrigado'
  • faça muito amor
  • goze mais e melhor
  • leia mais livros
  • movimente-se
  • não limite seus sonhos
  • ouça musicas que te façam dançar
  • ouse
  • pense positivamente
  • permita-se
  • peça bis quando é bom
  • pratique o bem
  • prove diferentes sabores
  • renove-se
  • respeite a natureza e os mais velhos
  • reveja velhos conceitos
  • se beber, não ligue!
  • seja fiel, sincero e verdadeiro
  • siga a sua intuição
  • sinta o novo
  • sorria sempre que possível
  • subverta vez que outra
  • tenha calma
  • tire alguém para dançar
  • trabalhe com dedicação
  • use camisinha
  • vá mais ao cinema
  • viaje sempre
  • viva menos virtualmente

c'est fini!