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Saturday, 27 April 2013

Wednesday, 17 April 2013

decisive moment

By now, at the limbo part, 
between the worst which already passed and the best that will still come, 
I just keep going on.

Surmounting, step by step, arriving where I want.


Tuesday, 16 April 2013

juggler life

Time flies! Sometimes, I just can't remember when exactly some things happened... Selective memory working, probably. No problem.

Life goes on... So much the better! After all, I sincerely don't know how it would be being a stewardess, marrying a clown (or being his eternal girlfriend! 'Wait' - that's not what I was born for! N
ot at all!). Or, even, maybe living in Italy... Who knows?!

By the way, I always thought I would have a dog... a big one (not a little kitty! - Life is very ironic! It can really surprise us - quite right too!) Well, we can't have everything... And I love what I've obtained, including all things I lost.

Choices and circumstances: c'est la vie! La mienne.

I can't complain about it... I live on borrowed time.


Monday, 15 April 2013


Writing a summary of my experiences... 

What a mess: many things to list!

Good ones, indeed (so much the better!).

Despite the restart, I'm pro.

Sunday, 14 April 2013


Lovely ♥
In the way it has to be!

Cotton wedding... OUR first anniversary. 

A perfect celebration in family, between us - nobody else.

Wednesday, 10 April 2013

one, two, three...

Two is company, three is a crowd! - In some cases, it is really excessive... cause there is always a gatecrasher to disturb, a nosy!

At the same time, having three children is not a problem. On the contrary, I believe that is the solution, the ideal: nobody it will be aside so.

We have good examples in our families. I hope that it will perpetuate. As for me... yes!

*Of course we are starting by one pregnancy - 
at the right moment, for sure. This is not to say that it will come just one! Who knows...?!

Tuesday, 9 April 2013

¡atención, mamás!

DO NOT leave your children without guide to Facebook, among all others social networks. 

Besides harassments and pedophilia, itself, there are unacceptable and offensive behaviors which must be avoid - from kids, I mean. Parents must be both watchful and attentive about what their descendants post.

Guns, drugs, violence, promiscuous language, lies... There are many bad influences (from anywhere!); unfortunately, some, they simply don't catch. After all, there are still innocents - even if measuring more than us! However, I strongly believe that if they want to use it, they must distinguish good from bad by themselves - at least, a little (try to... Be wise!).

Love, dialogue, explanations, books, reading, newspapers, (good) movies, less videogame and internet - that's what they need to understand in a better way this world and for a responsible usage of medias and technology. Further: this inducement provided by their progenitors, then, with school's orientation - mainly nowadays, with all this bullying stuff.

Friday, 5 April 2013

amor, naquelas...

Fato: quando a gente está amando (do diabo), a gente some... Então, romance nelas!

Dizem também que o amor atrai... mas, num mês de tantas comemorações a dois, quanto mais distante a uruca, melhor!

Xô, inveja!

Todos felizes assim

Thursday, 4 April 2013

behavioral inconsistency

(not to say 'hypocrisy')

That is what everyone who intend to judge someone else must evaluate (in his life, in 'himself') before applying it and acting as a prude! Or better yet: a moralist holding his underpants saying "it is NOT what you are thinking". Thereabouts...
not practicing what you preach, briefly.
His mother married his uncle (her brother-in-law);
Father of four, he left his all children with their mothers (or whoever) to live freely;
He passed his whole life playing games of chance, drinking and smoking. Lost much money; finally , when he won, overspent everything. Guess how...?!;

During about 20 years, he used to have two relations at the same time;
On all his relationships, he always cheated, sleeping with cousins, friends and all relatives besides other strangers who charm him. Not being very selective... or even 'enough', sometimes;
In his seventies, he blame women not to be capable to make him horny (hard... you know!), disregarding his age or health conditions;
There are some complaints about conjugal violence against him;
As a lawyer, he should recpect the rules of society, and government - specialy the traffic ones. Anyhow, he is not supposed to accuse anybody whitout having duly proofs.

Thus, tell me (PLEASE!!!) if this guy deserves our attention while beefing about other's behavior - mainly women's (due to jealousy of his girlfriends/affairs). By the way, accordind to his referecences, WHO IS HIM to bemoan about 'morality'?
A model NOT TO BE FOLLOWED, of course... A bad example - only this. 

It seems: the worst the behavior, the largest the anger. Sorry, but 'disgusting' is being nosey like that... Sick! Unjust, unfair, WRONG.

Well, let he who is without sin cast the first stone...

Tuesday, 2 April 2013

cartas na mesa

O mundo seria tao melhor se as pessoas jogassem limpo umas com as outras...
Críticas construtivas, e a verdade - sempre! Sem trapaças.

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  • abrace seus amigos
  • acredite em si mesmo
  • ande mais com os pés descalços
  • antene-se
  • aplique o que você prega
  • assuma seus erros
  • beba mais água
  • beije na boca com vontade
  • conheça novas culturas
  • cuide-se com carinho
  • dance sem vergonha
  • diga mais 'sim' do que 'não'
  • durma bem
  • dê atenção às pessoas
  • entregue-se ao que ama
  • escreva cartas à mão
  • estude outras línguas
  • exerça a tolerância
  • exercite-se
  • fale e ouça mais 'obrigado'
  • faça muito amor
  • goze mais e melhor
  • leia mais livros
  • movimente-se
  • não limite seus sonhos
  • ouça musicas que te façam dançar
  • ouse
  • pense positivamente
  • permita-se
  • peça bis quando é bom
  • pratique o bem
  • prove diferentes sabores
  • renove-se
  • respeite a natureza e os mais velhos
  • reveja velhos conceitos
  • se beber, não ligue!
  • seja fiel, sincero e verdadeiro
  • siga a sua intuição
  • sinta o novo
  • sorria sempre que possível
  • subverta vez que outra
  • tenha calma
  • tire alguém para dançar
  • trabalhe com dedicação
  • use camisinha
  • vá mais ao cinema
  • viaje sempre
  • viva menos virtualmente

c'est fini!