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Sunday, 9 August 2015

the con prophet

Unfortunately, our main leader is a false prophet... Ego lies to us and makes us believe in many things that are not truth and (chiefly:) act like idiots.

How could us improve our sense of humility and realize we should use mostly the heart instead the head?!

Ego is selfish and doesn't want changes... it is all about itself. 

Saturday, 8 August 2015


Sometimes, we just want to disappear (or somebody else to...) not believing in what is happening.

Nobody dies due to a low self-esteem. What is more, time heals everything and tomorrow is another day! 

God works in mysterious ways. I'm pretty sure it was a blessing in disguise.

Let's live each moment as it comes, after all: what doesn't kill me, makes me stronger.

Deu o cano, agora vasa!

Wednesday, 17 June 2015

raining coffee

One thing is true: when it is raining, people are more likely to drink coffee.

Maybe it is the weather temperature which asks for something warm, or it is only THE excuse to be somewhere dry.

Whatever... It's just a conclusion.

Thursday, 21 May 2015

va chier!

Et un jour, par hasard, tu découvres que le type qui se prend toujours pour le nombril du monde chie dans son froc (ou a chié, au moins une fois, récemment...).

Quelle ironie!

Saturday, 10 January 2015

sad things about Christmas time

There is something that always bothered me : Christmas trees. Yes... it is very sad their (short) story.

I've seen many on the garbage lately... It is not sustainable have one in this way!

Is it too difficult cultivate it in a pot?! Or on the garden... outdoor, free, harmonious with nature. Please, tell me.   

Friday, 9 January 2015

an uncut diamond

I'm am one! Just waiting for an opportunity to shine, and make others shine - my speciality! 

Unfortunately people have sub-estimated me... Although sometimes it is hard to remember who I am, I've tried not to believe in what others say, or better: use their words to became even stronger, improve my skills and go for it.

I'm just saving my talents. Lucky will be the one who put his eggs on my basket!

Thursday, 8 January 2015

80 degrees of separation

40°C X -40°C : extreme temperatures.

This is the contrast now between Brazil and Canada thermometer (top) marks. It is something as a person being next to the stove and another one getting out of the freezer at the same time. Actually, with an even bigger difference!

Well, if the kitchen is close to the beach, I would not mind to be there sweating, conscious that I can enjoy sea later... 

I'm likely to be frost, though :/

Thursday, 1 January 2015

get off to a good start

After some hard time, with so many changes (for good - fortunately!), I just want to restart my life in the best way... Healthy, surrounded by friends, with love and a job.

I was never someone very ambitious, wanting to be rich, famous or was always seeking what is not made for me, what I can't or should not have... My worries were other ones. I've always looked for well-being.

Now, my time has just arrived, and I think I have the right to, and I am not asking too much (!) : happiness, satisfaction, peace of mind, faith, goodness and a world of new and great possibilities, with less injustice, violence and illness. 

Each one writes his own history. I've just start a new chapter... a new life even. Maybe that one it is going to the best one. We never know... I hope write for that, funny and delight words. 

My 2015 resolution is being happy - totally possible! Thank God. Amen.
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  • abrace seus amigos
  • acredite em si mesmo
  • ande mais com os pés descalços
  • antene-se
  • aplique o que você prega
  • assuma seus erros
  • beba mais água
  • beije na boca com vontade
  • conheça novas culturas
  • cuide-se com carinho
  • dance sem vergonha
  • diga mais 'sim' do que 'não'
  • durma bem
  • dê atenção às pessoas
  • entregue-se ao que ama
  • escreva cartas à mão
  • estude outras línguas
  • exerça a tolerância
  • exercite-se
  • fale e ouça mais 'obrigado'
  • faça muito amor
  • goze mais e melhor
  • leia mais livros
  • movimente-se
  • não limite seus sonhos
  • ouça musicas que te façam dançar
  • ouse
  • pense positivamente
  • permita-se
  • peça bis quando é bom
  • pratique o bem
  • prove diferentes sabores
  • renove-se
  • respeite a natureza e os mais velhos
  • reveja velhos conceitos
  • se beber, não ligue!
  • seja fiel, sincero e verdadeiro
  • siga a sua intuição
  • sinta o novo
  • sorria sempre que possível
  • subverta vez que outra
  • tenha calma
  • tire alguém para dançar
  • trabalhe com dedicação
  • use camisinha
  • vá mais ao cinema
  • viaje sempre
  • viva menos virtualmente

c'est fini!