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Monday, 29 August 2011

il est passé par ici

Le premier ouragan, on n'oublie jamais!

J'ai eu peur.

Irene a laissé des dégâts sur son passage dans le Canada, et des mauvais souvenirs dans ma mémoire.


Monday, 22 August 2011

le temps de dîner au soleil

Square Victoria, midi
C'est l'été! 'Faque', il est le temps de manger dehors, n'importe où.

Ici, différemment qu'en France, on dîne à midi (on déjeune le matin et on soupe en soirée).

Cependant, l'habitude de profiter qu'il fait beau, c'est la même... tout le monde ensemble: collègues de travail, mamans avec leurs enfants, couples etc.

(J'ai l'impression qu'ils le font même plus que nous, au Brésil).

Thursday, 18 August 2011

pleuer un bon coup

Elis e Tom Jobim sang “são as águas de março fechando o verão, é promessa de vida no meu coração”. It’s impressing that it occurs even in the north hemisphere, completing a natural cycle.

August is the month which is equivalent to March here… Inclusively, the proper promises are valid - wherever you are. So, let it rain...

And I sincerely hope that they sknow soon! 

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

another me

Actually the SAME, but improved.

At least, I think so…  once my new version is more versatile, light, opened for new experiences, and ready for any change (or rather… any challenge!). 

And how much I’ve changed…! Getting some advantage to be in Canadá, right now, for example, I just ate bread with chicken and Dijon Mustard, which is finger-licking good. What????? It is exactly what you read: m-u-s-t-a-r-d (I like it, since it is Dijon - only that!). Haven’t I said I am another one? Well, it’s true!

Good reasons to celebrate(!), some beyond my control, besides the personal ones…. The fact is that I decided to stop with soft drinks and other fat stuffs. Furthermore, from now, I’m avoiding mayonnaise (even still loving it) in order to feed myself in a healthier way - by the way… in many respects! 

Let’s wait for the next season to see other natural transformations…

Monday, 15 August 2011


Usually, in the first-world countries it’s rare see a adults with two children… So, three is practically a miracle! In Brazil, it’s different: anywhere you can meet many infants provided basically by couples with both no instruction and  economical conditions (having much more than two, inclusively).

Here, it’s impossible walk dans les rues and simply ignore the fact that there are many babies in the city. Young couples are procreating… A LOT! A 'baby boom' has happened! 

I like seeing that once I think about my friends who would like to have all this structure and basis to carry their kids whatever they go. In parks, malls, supermarkets, on the streets or metro - they are partout

There are as much as pigeons at Copacabana, for example - even more…! It’s not a plague just because they were (and are!) welcome here. Nobody looks at them seeing a problem, even their crying. A 'baby atmosphere' is all over! Everybody helps... It seems perfect.

It’s really nice see my contemporaries forming happy families. Yes: H-A-P-P-Y. Very satisfied. They are not losing anything while having babies. On the contrary… any programming of the parents here includes les enfants. Wonderful for who loves ces petits.

Writing about that right now, I realized some huge difference between quebecoises and bresiliens: I haven’t seem yet kids with babysitters or grandparents. They are always with mama, papa or playing with some family’s friend(s). Everybody enjoys them - wherever!

Definitively, it’s a perfect place to do that. So, let’s practice!

a single problem

Considering a city crowded by children, of course there is a parade of good fathers… REALLY good, indeed! For me, a single lady (mainly today - on The Single’s Day), this is the worst part of the city.

By the way, even late (it was yesterday their official day): my compliments for all daddies. Oh, God!    

Sunday, 14 August 2011

to whom it may concern

By request: I'm quite fine.

Happiness – it is possible to say that it is the word which resumes what I'm feeling right now, living a dream that came true. A distant place with different possibilities, other opportunities, new people to know... I'm sure it was everything I needed: novelty, a challange.

I sorrow not to be satisfied before. I swear I've tried, though...

From now, a piece of news each day - the greatest one! Await (reading what mule roars...).

Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Monday, 8 August 2011


It's a terrible experience when you are obligated to do things by halves just because you are without all your goods. In some cases, it's necessary some kind of juggling to survive only with a half of your stuff.

Imagine reduce your whole life in a mere luggage - everything divided in two suitcases (realize that many concessions were done in order to suit there!). Now, think about the possibility to lose one of them… something you don't expect besides you are not able to acquire that easily again.


I'm improvising right now… Furthermore, I'm trying not to panic, although I'm conscious that there is nothing irreplaceable (or rather: excepting water and oxygen, there is nothing which we simply can't live without…).

Unfastening, loosening, altruism, self-denial - I definitively must learn much more about that! (of course while preying to San Expedito to Air Canada find my baggage AS SOON AS POSSIBLE in order to have my complete life again! - at least the part I chose to move on - with me).

mermaid feelings

Like a child! Further: for the first time... I owned.

Having a bathtub at home is SO fun. I feel myself as a mermaid inside.

Vanity, peace and water and body contact - a perfect relaxing moment (alone...)!

*Maybe, later, in couple, it will be even better...

Saturday, 6 August 2011

ma vie en rose

I'm sure we can chose the color of our lives - both the saddest and the most happy one. It s up to us!

So, after special changes, for instance, I decided not to have my kitchen utensils orange anymore. By the way, nothing against Holland… on the contrary! However, I have already come a long way.

From now, I'll take it easy and restart seeing this (current) world through (my) child's eyes. Thus, for me everything is all right again - even if it said it is not all a bed of roses.

Actually, living in (a) Rosemont (réal), finally I guess it may be - at least for my new stuff, besides the romantic language I've learned and the opportunity to be happy.

Here, I definitively feel satisfied.

Tuesday, 2 August 2011

putting all troubles away

Who sings do that!

By the way, without a doubt, what United States have produced the best is soul music. North American black people changed the world with their rhythm in 50’s. They inclusively created the Rock n’ Roll. Furthermore, both Blues and Jazz Music… Anything else?  No, only this is enough.

This weekend happened in Arpoador, here in Rio, part of the 9° Bourbon Street Fest 2011. On Sunday and yesterday some excellent artists from New Orleans (the black south city which was ravaged by hurricane Katrina in 2008) presented their shows outside.

I was marvellously surprised when I arrived there on Sunday, after beach and saw a nice audience seated cleanly and neatly, well-behaved, civilized, waiting for the beggining of the shows (which started in late). Seemed like some festivals in European parks. Of course some other individuals (who came late) complained about that, asking them to stand up (because in this way, more people could be in smaller space in front of the stage).

Some minutes later, unavoidably, in view of the circumstances, they attended them, but in order to dance. After all, the music is contagious! Everybody was dancing... It was crowded - the proof that Brazilian people appreciate this kind of international event. It was an excellent initiative to bring more culture and good music… for free.


... and it is still happening! More information here.

Monday, 1 August 2011

bad luck?

No, the good one - please!

It’s said that August is the month of misfortune…  I hope that, living a second summer during this period (along with so much novelty…), this prediction isn’t real.

Nothing better than good vibrations to smooth away the difficulties (in colloquial Portuguese we use the slang 'uruca' (derivative from the word 'urucubaca').
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