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Friday, 31 August 2012

he comes

... and birds go!

Strong winds blow, dropping tree leaves (already dry),

When swimming pools are empty, while car snow shelters starting to be assembled, it means the summer is over. 

It passes so quickly...


evil forces

Past, he appears by names pronounced in angry moments.

They are a mistake, further, they are not mine.... It's a good thing. Thank God!

Fortunately, the envy of August ends now.

Good riddance. 


Thursday, 30 August 2012

the pornographic angel

Under this nickname, the most renowned Brazilian playwright of the 20th century would turn 100 years-old on the last 23th August. However, Nelson Rodrigues doesn't age, or even is dead.

He's immortal, once he survives through all his popular chronicles, unmatched plays and shocking romance novels. Particularly, I appreciate in special way his dark side, the erotic appeal of his work (so what else is new!).

"A vida como ela é” (Life as it is), "Toda Nudez Será Castigada" (All Nudity Shall Be Punished), "Perdoa-me por me traíres" (Forgive me for Cuckolding me), "O Beijo no Asfalto" (The Asphalt Kiss), among many others, revolutionized, marking an epoch. Most part of his texts have a sinning content - for the Brazilian 40s, 50s and 60s society, and even today is a little bit heavy for some.

Famous quotes of him as "Nem todas mulheres gostam de apanhar, só as normais" (Not all women like a beating, just the normal one), scandalized. Below, other I like (always 'immoral'):

"Sem alma não se chupa nem um chicabon” (Without soul, we can not suck nor a popsicle) 

"Se todos conhecessem a intimidade sexual uns dos outros, ninguém cumprimentaria ninguém" (If everyone knew the sexual intimacy of each other, no one would greet anyone)

"A prostituta só enlouquece excepcionalmente. A mulher honesta, sim, é que, devorada pelos próprios escrúpulos, está sempre no limite, na implacável fronteira" (The prostitute get crazy only  exceptionally. The honest woman, yes, devoured by scruples, she is always on the edge, in the unforgiving border)

"Hoje é muito difícil não ser canalha. Todas as pressões trabalham para o nosso aviltamento pessoal e coletivo” (Nowadays, it is very difficult not to be bastard. All pressures work to our collective and personal vilification)

"O dinheiro compra até o amor verdadeiro" (Money buys even true love)


My ultimate homage to him, gotten into his mood (as other I cited, it's something I believe in...):

"Ou a mulher é fria ou morde. Sem dentada não há amor possível" (Or woman is cold, or she bites. Without bite, there is no possible love).

Happy wives know that good sex is without decency. 

Here, a special publication, taking occasion of the date. There, it's possible get to know his whole talent, even bigger than just this little sexual part I showed, intentionally.

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

changing power!

I wonder... Has someone used to know Elías García Martínez until now? (or his century-old fresco “ecce homo”?)

In her 80s and so much good intentions (but unfortunatelly a huge lack of talent!), Cecilia Giménez rendered his art (and even Borja, in Spain) well-known around the world lately, when she assumed her attempt of restoring the painting.

Well, at least the bizarre work made by her had a bright side. This topic become a viral hit, once many parodies have been made, turning the new ruined Jesus image as The Lion King, ET, the Munch's Scream, Che and Monalisa (classics of adaptations!), and also the Marilyn Monroe of Warhol!

Its no resemblance with Christ was responsible for jokes as putting his new portrait where we were used to see Him printed before: in a toast, tshirts, and also in a dog's butt - where a "famous" picture online shows Him there! You can even make your own restore in this site.

Incredible so huge popularity! This represents our present reality: a revolution of values and concepts... Jesus is not SO untouchable anymore, besides restoring being at the top right now (If this catches on... actually, its already done! There are new versions of famous paintings everyday...).

Hooray for Cecilia Giménez, criativity and liberty of expression!
Botched art restoration in Spain earns worldwide fans

Tuesday, 28 August 2012

une question de choix

Le moment arrive. 

Il y aura des élections au Québec en moins d'une semaine. Mardi le 4 septembre, La Belle Province choisira ses dirigeants, parmi eux son premier ministre.

Il fait chaud là là: plusieurs débats, promisses et contradictions prennent la place dans les journaux et à la télé.

Si je voterais, j'aurai choisir le changement, bien sûr. Sans aucun doute (principalement après toute la mauvaise administration du conflit étudiant!).

De la même manière qui arrive au Brésil, la jeunesse habituellement s’oppose aux libéraux.

Il y a, néanmoins, une énorme différence entre nous: (étonnez!) l'informatisation du processus électoral.

Depuis 2000, ce pays, encore en développement, a réussi à faire 100% de ses électeurs voter électroniquement. Il a été le premier du monde.

Ça me rend fière! (malgré certains de ses résultats...)


Monday, 27 August 2012


At least, it is supposed to be - in any levels. Always.

If it is not, it doesn't worth. So, this is really the end.

It seems I have already watched this film... But, no, I didn't. It is another one now. Other story, different.

We look forward to the scenes of the next chapters of this new movie. They will be better, for sure.

Sunday, 26 August 2012

everything is possible

Nothing could be stronger than our dreams.

We must attempt. It's never too late to start life over, differently, in a good  way.

Hey ho, let's go! I believe, and help you.

(what about you?!)


Any effort, every little step is very important to reach anything we want. However, it will always have temptations on the way - (bad) past things that are supposed to remain there... away.

How unbeatalbe will us let them be as to disturb and hinder us to achieve it? Will them trip us, deviating us completely from our goals?

We can NOT forget we are not alone. People can help, strengthen together our foible.  

We must be patients, married. Love is crucial, reinforce. 

Everything counts. Nevertheless, it's always a personal decision. 

It's all about choices, (good)will(power).

Saturday, 25 August 2012


Quand il s’agit de aborder un sujet d'ici, du Québec, je le fais en français. C'est automatique.

On the other hand, when the item on the agenda is international,  it happens en English. Even Brazilian ones...

Je crois que ce se passe car j'ai déjà incorporé le esprit de La Belle Province.

Then, I prefer to write as that comes naturally.

Faque c'est comme ça que "a mula ruge"... C'est la vie!

Friday, 24 August 2012

la diplomatie

Inspirée pour qui ma aidé dans le passé, j'ai decidé de le faire aussi.

J'éspere pouvoir également appuyer quelquun, lui donner une direction, si le cas échoit.

C'est le minimum, car est juste à ma portée...

'Gentileza gera gentileza', comme disait déjà le prophète.


lourde envie

Je n'aime pas avoir besoin de raconter mon histoire pour faire quelqu'un y croire.

En effet, ce moment maintenant est là, pour tout le monde en profiter.

L'amour est léger. Faque je me sans comme ça aussi...(même si) attachée à ma vie ballon. Je laisse faire...

Pauvres de ceux qui n'y le croient pas.

Thursday, 23 August 2012

sick fish

Basa (or Panga), commonly eaten by people in Occident nowadays, it is NOT recommendable, though.

Its low prices are just an attractive which disguise the danger of its intake.

Vietnam rivers have been contaminated by chemicals, heavy metals and toxic waste... many provided by the Orange Agent, employed by U.S. army during the war against them. If someone forgot it, a little (current!) reminder here.

Well, something stinks...

Watch this video, besides of reading more to get to know the risks of consuming this fish:

- Cause of Death: Consumption of Basa Fish
- Don’t eat this fish


Alternative campaign (for those who love "sushi"):

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

faith less, heart mess

Sometimes, something may be missing in our routines... We can't just be perfect, do everything at the same time, all the time!

Ok, superwomen/men can do that (and better for them!). However, it's not the case... mine, at least. I'm not a hero, though. Not at all!

I feel I set aside my faith. And I don't like this sensation of being negligent with it - MAINLY with THAT, which used to help me a lot!

Nevertheless, it's really good realize that (better later than never!). So, I'm reviewing many point I dislike of my current life in order to improve it.

I wish that Saint Nicolas (or even Saint Patrick - why not?) assists me (again). I miss that...

I admit I'm a better person when full of hope. I like, it's good for the heart.

Tuesday, 21 August 2012

modern therapy

Before, we used to use psychology, later the exchange of personal letters... Now, I use my blog as an outlet.

It has been essential, since it helps me to operate. Things go well while a mula ruge...

Everybody has their own means. Mine is express myself posting some ideas.

Monday, 20 August 2012

beyond citizen kane

In 89, when Fernando Collor (PRN) beat Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT) in the second round of the first democratic presidential election in Brazil since 1960, 5.71% of votes made all the difference. About this event, it was especially evident the real power of media (besides its intentions, of course!).

To who haven't known that, the main reason was a public debate, two days before the election. In this occasion, the last one between the two candidates, which reached 61 rating points of  audience, broadcaster Rede Globo (the most popular one in Brazil) manipulated the montage in favour of Collor.

Although the outcome of this elections cannot be entirely attributed to this episode, many argued that it could influenced the decision of many voters. Well, considering the tied margin of 49.94% for Collor and 44.23% for Lula, there is no doubts that EVERY voter counted! - mainly naïve people...

About that, there is a classic documentary: Beyond Citizen Kane. It's about the development of TV in Brazil, concentrating on the role of Rede Globo, including at that election. Until now, this British programme creates subsequent controversies in Brazil, and even some kind of censure.

Watch it here.

I'm handling this because they are in campaing period in Quebec too. Yesterday, Radio-Canada showed their prime minister debate.

At this moment, everything must be take into consideration... Here, there,  and everywhere, it's important pay attention in both tendencies and dispositions. 

Notwithstanding, it seems that inclinations tend for another side here... Fortunately!

Sunday, 19 August 2012


Someone asked him: What did you see in her?

"The things I lack", he said.

Or, it could be even vice versa...

Two who are made for each other - love is like that: whole, complete!

Saturday, 18 August 2012

não toma Semancol

(o genérico 'Sifragol', ou chá de sumiço mesmo - real e virtual)

Adoraria que existisse uma dessa belezinhas aqui, em inglês ou francês... qualquer uma! E em pó ainda, bem facinho de inalar.

Mas, 'respeito ao outro', [ahhhh!] isso existe. O que falta é vergonha na cara mesmo.

Na boa, vai tomar é no c* pra ver se passa!

Friday, 17 August 2012

all we need

Love, home... It's going on!

Life is always pointing us the best direction.

Sharing plans and the future...

Better than dreaming, is do it together.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

empathetic embarrassment

Our typical "Brazilian way" of dealing with things (in Portuguese: 'jeitinho brasileiro') is known worldwide. We find a way for everything (except for ending political corruption plague in the country, among other very important issues). However, too much informality may represent us in a disgraceful light.

Protocols there are often broken because people  think it is silly, that this encumbers to make things easier, tripping them to have some faster advantage. If there is any wriggling room in a rule or law, it will be used somehow.

A good, present and actual example of our negligence is the arriving of Olympic Flag in Rio yesterday. There, many individuals, including authorities, touched it without any protection as asked by the International Olympic Committee (IOC). A huge disrespect. 

Read more here.


Well, this is just the beginning... The future is in our hands, literally.

If everyone does their part, we can build not only a good image of our country, but another one. Otherwise, nobody will respect us, always giving us a credit for getting things for nothing.

Let's wait for more news (I hope not putting in check anymore our reputation all over the map).

A quote by Nelson Rodrigues which illustrates exactly what I feel about:

"O brasileiro não está preparado para ser o maior do mundo em coisa nenhuma. Ser o maior do mundo em qualquer coisa, mesmo em cuspe à distância, implica uma grave, pesada e sufocante responsabilidade" (The Brazilian is not prepared to be the best in the world in anything. Being in this position, even in spitting distance, implies a serious, heavy and suffocating responsibility) 

Unfortunately, I have the impression we are not ready for that... not yet!

Wednesday, 15 August 2012

enlightened spirits help

Ok, it's a typical Brazilian thing... 

However, I love it. I feel myself protected.


I'm blessed, I know. Thanks!

Do as you please: as you sow, so shall you reap!

Tuesday, 14 August 2012

faire contre mauvaise fortune bon coeur

On respect les choses de qui on aime, en défendant de les prendre pour rien n'arriver avec. Cependant, une "n'importe qui" vient chez nous et fouille "innocemment" dans ses affaires ... Câline! 

Intrusion: franchement, personne ne veut ça.

Il semble qu'il n'y ait même pas du Semancol ici... PANTOUTE! 
P.S. Je suis tannée de faire toujours la discipline, de jouer la fine.

Monday, 13 August 2012

turning things around

Don't freak out!

Keep calm and play the right game:

If you can't beat it, join it. 

Always including... being wise.

Sunday, 12 August 2012

our time

I was very excited while seeing the London 2012 Olympic Games Closing Ceremony. The participation of many Brazilian celebrities as Seu Jorge, Marisa Monte, Pelé and (my friend) BNegão touched me, I confess.

From now, I hope we'll do a good job, administrating everything related to Olympic Games in a good way until 2016.

Rio have everything to achieve it with its natural beauty, our criativity and human warmth. Its success is within our reach. 

However (and unfortunately), I have my doubts...

Saturday, 11 August 2012

the volleyball one

I insist to say: Brazil is not only the country of soccer anymore - and it has happened for a long time.

Today, when Brazilian girls volleyball team beat USA, I was one more time sure of that. We have won many games and championships.

Furthermore, our men's national volleyball team is even better! Tomorrow they will win the gold (or silver) playing against Russia.

I complain mainly about investments and incentive... After all, the very well-payed Brazil Olympic Men's Soccer Team 2012, as no one was expecting,  lost for Mexico.

Friday, 10 August 2012

like a Cheshire Cat

...which appears and disappears in memories.

In spite of its supposed (snide) grin, I don't get amused when it comes, not at all! Many praises...

I wonder myself how important can be a pet in our lives, reaching a point of being irreplaceable.

Can it bring up old feelings with him? Or even worse: may other people be tied to?

Well, until arrive another one, it will be always shrouded in mystery all this affection.


it is almost that

In Brazil, by virtue of 'Simpatia é Quase Amor' (a lively Carnival group of Rio), among other iffy situations, we believe that sympathy is almost love...

Well, I have my suspicions. 

Thursday, 9 August 2012

better choice

Sticks and stones
may break my bones
but names
will never hurt me!

I'm rubber
and you're glue
Whatever you say bounces off me
but it sticks on you!

Wednesday, 8 August 2012

not alone

Being in couple is great!

However, it's better to be alone, than in the wrong company. This stands also for people who don't accept these unions.

Frankly, there are many individuals who still must to learn this! (justly in order not to be alone...)

Tuesday, 7 August 2012

bridging people

It's astounding the way how certain people simply entered in our lives only in order to accomplish a mission. Sometimes, even unintentionally.

They come, and later they go... In some cases, we'll never see them again.

Could be they some kind of angels? Maybe.

In anyway, I would like just to thank these enlightened beings, specially for connecting me to others, bridging the gap between me and my dreams. They give them a chance to come true!


Nothing happens by accident... let alone love.

Monday, 6 August 2012

one year has passed since then

366 days in Montreal (*2012, a leap year). Not even one of regretting, though.

I'm very happy about my choice, all changes.

Good luck maybe? Yes. I would also say: good FRIENDS.

Furthermore: I found love! (or he found me... actually, BOTH!).

Life giving us another chance... the universe conspiring in our favor.

Ok, I'm REALLY pretty lucky. I couldn't ask anything else!

Only good things to celebrate today and so on. THANKS, life!

By the way, SPECIAL gratefulness to Dedé, Beto, Isadorable and Jeremy!

(besides my mother, evermore!

Oh, and I couldn't forget: for that la pétanque redhead guy I fortunately met at Lafontaine Park, too. Their friend... An impressive story! After all, nothing happens by accident. 


How could I foget Saint Nicholas? 

Once he pointed me to this destination (literally!), he is also responsible for my happiness.

Saturday, 4 August 2012


A harvest of 1982, imported from Brazil. Dark, full-bodied... Unique.

Drunken minds speak sober hearts. Flubbing it: there's no excuse, no lapse.

Pay attention not to get muddled, mainly in the matter of your speciality! After mess everything up, it's no use crying over spilt wine... 

(theres always someone sure about what is doing, thirsty and desirous of hitting the nail on the head, bask in Bacchus delight).

Friday, 3 August 2012

people under the stars

Maybe, there is nothing worse than reach a fourth place in an Olympiad. ALMOST there...). Well, maybe the Silver Medal has the same taste.

Gold is winner, runner-up means you lost the first place, and it's great when you got the bronze because, fortunately, you are between the three champions. 

It happened a lot in London with Brazilians and with Canadian athletes too (being ALMOST there...). What a pity! 

But that’s part of the game! Sport are like that: in its never-ending spirit of challenge, if you lose today, win tomorrow (in words of Daisaku Ikeda).

I hope in Rio things go better!


Le Concours international d'art pyrotechnique de Montréal: I admit I haven't known about that since I started to listening fireworks presentations a few days ago.

Despite not being a novelty for people from here (actually, even for me, who is used with the reveillon at Copacabana Beach), the final of the 28th edition, tonight, had another taste for both of us: 

30 minutes of love (after all, better than just watch it, it's french while the show happens, lightened by it, besides a beautiful full moon!). So romantic!

About the competition, by itself, to tell the truth, we don't care about who won... In fact, the victory is ours.  

Thursday, 2 August 2012

not having a clue

What is necessary to be considered extraordinary? Being a "pitoune", a model wife, an excellent professional, a good lay?! Eventually, the best mother of all as well?!

Ok, I've never been a "tchutchuca" (besides never have been interested of...). That is not to say, though, I am ugly or even I have uglified. Furthermore, no one had never complained before!

Of course my body is not the same I used to have ten years ago, but comparing with other women of my age, I'm pretty ok. It's true. After all, the older you get, the better you get... like wine.

Loving to cook, changing for good our lives, the home one too... As a latin woman, taking care exceptionally of my man; moreover, I can also say: as nobody else! Additionally (not to mention!), having a dirty slut in bed is not a bad idea for men, is it?! 

(* Is it yet not enough?)

Give somebody an inch and they will take a mile... They are never satisfied. By the way, grass is always greener on the other side.

A look or a shape bad joke, an awkwardly placed word as a comparision to another one, or complimenting exs (particularly on their appearance)... Well, sometimes men can be both very ungreatful and nasty. Unfortunatelly.

Once I take past contrasts as examples, more certain I am they usually are pampered rebels without a cause.

"Ordinary"... ?! So are YOU (and all of them), too! Sorry, but none are a mannequin (or even a standard: in this case, unhealthy thinness due to a regular use of drugs, hairy pussy, or large sagging breasts - typical of North Americans). 

So, I can say loud and clear, and in plain Portuguese : EU SOU MAIS EU! (exactly the way I am... with my 'bed room' eyes, dark curly hair, a nonsmoker smile, my skilled little mouth without bad breath, a scared little tummy, my tanned "snake" skin, a beauty spots constellation, my old and faded tattoos, nails painted, a nice pair for foot fetishism, firm medium sized natural tits, athletic legs, and a Brazilian wax and ass)


Men: can't live with them, can't kill them.

Wednesday, 1 August 2012

cool in my way

What is necessary do to be accepted by others?

I may say: be in your own way. Well, that's what I've been doing, even if I err sometimes (after all, nobody is perfect!).

Exotic, shy, a little uncommunicative maybe (a insecurity on my part because of idiom)... I hope it is just due to that I feel myself put aside sometimes.


step father

He is ALMOST a father, in many cases. 

Furthermore, if he has his own children, and, even though, he DOES deal with us as with them, well, it proves he probably likes us as his ones.

We must respect that! It's important, the minimum... Efforts of  both parts.

Time has gone and what is really important remains. That's why we should valorize who is closer, participating of our lives.


Being a member of a the family or equally integrate a circle of friends: it could be a big challenge!

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