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Tuesday, 31 May 2011

summing up

There are so many good feelings inside me… then I reckon it’s unfair that I can’t socialize it!

No one will let it scape of me. Soon, I’ll give it, at the same time I’m trying to demonstrate it throught my kindness for all children I’ve met. 

I swear I could divide much love with someone able to receive it as well as multiplicate it.

Monday, 30 May 2011


Yes, I’m turning 30 and I still drink milk. After all, I’m a mammal. However, it’s important to be said that I weaned early - much time before my older sister, who hasn’t yet, besides doesn’t like milk ever.

By the way, as a female support lactation, as well as I enjoy creamy as an adult.  

Sunday, 29 May 2011


It’s been dangerous living in Rio while many people have died due to breakbone fever.

Many mosquitos are flying over there, though summer finished months ago. Every night about five of them have entered home to visit me. How can I know whether they are lethal or not...?

Lastly, I haven't slept peacefully since they have buzzed.

Of course I’m worried. Furthermore, I
m edgy.

Saturday, 28 May 2011


(not at the same time, though…)

Now, when I’m connect to lots of parents and their children, I’m learning more about them - many new information, realities… In the same way, I’ve been wondering myself which way is the best one for their creation.

People tend to regard that it would be ideal if the couple would be married or living under the same roof. However, the new and more usual concept of family have changed since more divorces have happened.

Between the adults, remain confused sons and daughters. From their point of view, of course, they’d prefer a normal family - with mum and dad in an as lovely as good relationship. In fact, everybody would, once nobody got married not to last.

Unfortunately, it has often happened in Brazil, or rather: in the whole world! Thus, all parts have to set an agreement about the best solution related to children, to give them welfare and comfort.

This is not to say that they obligatory should stay with the mother, especially when fathers are so participative and interested. In these cases it is better to divide all responsibilities, despite of exclusively the financial ones.

In other words, the joint custody seems to me a positive way to lead the separations which children are involved. The matter is that mothers simply tend to don’t accept the fact that some fathers are able to create children too - with or without women.

We can’t put any blame on them due to decades of men’s negligence about their children’s lives. As a consequence of this common men’s behaviour, they have held the reins of the situation alone until now.

So they keep believing men are not supposed to stay with their children, even with some ex husbands trying to be more present and useful than most part of other ones. Usually they see their progenies only once in fifteen days - not enough… indeed.

I suppose this kind of women’s selfishness related with the kids is somewhat sexist. I’m convinced that if mothers could leave (a little) aside (at least) the maternal role, they would be happier once they would use this free time as so to be play more as a female, to take care of themselves.

In extreme cases ex wives inclusively boycott men saying for their offspring that they don’t care about children, while they do. By the way, paternal alienation is a crime against men (but doubtless, it is even worst for children!). Though, it is a subject for another post…

To sum up, I just discovered another familiar structure I see as not only fairer but also effective for everyone.

Friday, 27 May 2011

fellow sufferer

Worse than a journalist without a pen, or a producer with no cell (that are both unsuitable situations), it is who doesn’t have anything to complain about. This is not to say, though, that nobody can get satisfaction with anything. Basically, it’s essential that people support their own ideas - worthily.

After all, there are many causes which people would be willing to support, even the most trivial ones. By the way our voice is the most powerful weapon we can use together in order to change all we want.

Frankly, I don’t understand how many could simply ignore that and don’t care about their needs. Under no circumstance could they shut themselves up. So, I’m mentioning a judicious Martin Luther King’s speech about this 'gap':

"Not only will we have to repent for the sins of bad people; but we also will have to repent for the appalling silence of good people".

So will I, lamenting for who keeps mum when they are supposed to blow the whistle.

Thursday, 26 May 2011

the difference between never and perhaps


Under no circumstance will I quit my goals.
(even under torture!)
Seldom do I forgot what I really want for me.
(or leave it aside)

God, show me the exit.

When life closes a door, determination opens a window.

Wednesday, 25 May 2011

not yet in a fairy tale

It wasn’t my time…

The reality is that: if in one month I didn’t meet no one special, this happened because it was not the right time for that.

Therefore, when ‘it is written’, doesn’t matter where we are. THE ‘prince’ is find you, coming on a white horse.

In my case, for the time being, I’m writing while I'm going for my main dream… (yes, love is a secondary cause in my story!)

Tuesday, 24 May 2011

tit for tat

Hate is some kind of feeling which should never blooms on our heart (or in the head?). By the way, it is difficult not to cultivate it inside us… once others keep planting it.

Why people insist on being bad character? Actually, it is so easy playing fair! At least, I think so... Thus, I have been doing my part, always trying to do my best.

In actual fact, even considering all labour treasons, I’m not a revengeful person. That means, for instance, I’m not going to call my ex-boss' wife only to tell her she has been betrayed.

That’s quite unlike me! By no mean, low blows and Machiavellian resorts are used to reach my goals. It’s not necessary pull the rug under anyone... I have another better (and more effective) way to show my professional skills.


When I'm good, I'm terrific; though, being bad, I'm even better!

This theory about myself is supported since I’m extremist in most part of my opinions. On the question of rapes, crimes against children, genocide, corruption, besides other terrible acts, I honestly feel that I have no mercy about those criminals who committed these cruelties.  

Taking the example of Ameneh Bahrami, a Iranian woman who asks as punishment for the man that hurled acid on her face exactly  the same fate... It seems to me quite fair. Her attacker, a spurned suitor she refused, was condemned by that atrocity to suffer in the same way in which she did in the past, when her face was almost totally deformed.

At that moment that she became blind, likewise an odd figure. Even after had been submitted to several surgeries, her face is not beautiful and perfect as before… far from it! For a woman, a crueller fact.

Set against this issue, everything that is happening now related to terrorism is a consequence of a seed planted in the past. Some call it revenge… I’d prefer define as ‘karma’ - which each one has yours, indeed.

An eye for an eye. 

Monday, 23 May 2011


(in English something as a ‘nut’!)

I’ve always thought if I had worked with sex, which is both a hard and heavy issue to deal with, everything that comes after that it would be easier… However, nowadays, when I’ve been looked for children I figure out that adults are so complicated!    

Sunday, 22 May 2011

for all that

I’m quite, but I’m not dead.

Certainly I miss the hottest days...

Whereas I’m human, I’ve felt sorry for the falling of my sexuality, which bottomed. I tranquilize my soul as I haven’t wasted my energy with who simply doesn’t deserve my dedication (and I admit that did it for a long time...).

I haven’t choosed this decreasing trend indeed. It’s happened in spite of my will, while I'm worried about other aspects of my life. Unfortunately, I don’t know how long it will last... I hope not so much!

Saturday, 21 May 2011

naked truth

Which is the relationship between erotic and children’s TV shows?

Me! - from the porno to the infantile world, I’m sure I can exert mastery in any function.

I'm Jack of all trades, master of anyone. That means I'm versatile... all-round.

More than simply 'sink or swim' I've been floating over there. In this case, the reality is that, professionally, I'm not radical indeed.

As a matter of fact, it's not necessary any extreme preference... After all, the only mockery I believe I'm not able to work is politics.

Friday, 20 May 2011

a shot in the arm

Sometimes, far in the day, the only thing that every woman (or most part of them) need is a delicious éclair - just to relax, in addition of making clear the ideas, to think better...

On the other hand, each one eaten, represents at least one hour at gym, working out. Compensations… Thus, I swear I can’t feel myself guilty once I’m sure that later I’ll make good a loss.

As I have taken it into my life, stable physical exercises serve so as to make me happy, less angry. When moving, I'm lastly relieved, free of any blame or hate... Of course, no more bombarding anyone even during the PMT!

Thursday, 19 May 2011

my findings

Gastronomically, each year a different one!

I was so lucky to had discovered aspargus last February... Served with calamari stuffed by shrimps as well as soaked by soy sauce, it's “simpy” delicious! - a real Chinese delight (a speciality of a famous restaurant in Amsterdam).

The green or the white one? I still have no preference about that, only a starving palate for tasting new savours.

In 2010, was the time of lychee. Terrific! - especially in (Brazilian) ‘caipirinhas’ with sake in spite of vodka or cachaça.

Since 2006 (when I started eating elephant garlic), I've been loving those flavours and disclosures! Hummmm...

Wednesday, 18 May 2011

informal winter

Finally the cold has came. It’s pretty freezing here, for Rio’s patterns. As it is said, “E o inverno no Leblon é quase glacial(in English, something as “and the winter in Leblon is nearly glacial”)... almost that, once Cariocas get to use even gloves! - believe it or not.

Actually, even with all exaggerations typically carioca, ‘winter’ is an informal truth. Not quite one, though, considering the “low” temperature  (of pleasant 15° C!).

Take it easy, it’s (still) autumn! - and there are many both delicious and interesting things to enjoy during this soft season.

Tuesday, 17 May 2011

that comes under another head

Although the book’s name said it is (or would be) “Por uma vida melhor”, in English: in favour of a better life, frankly, I doubt. After all, how using writing in a wrong way as something usual will lead people to this way of life, helping them to do it correctly? I suppose anything but that.

That is MY opinion. Many questions about the effectiveness of this method arise from the moment we are dealing with linguistics, cultural issues and education. It’s too complex.

However, I’m convinced that is better show good examples, mainly if it is for adults - who have more difficult to learn, due to the delay to do that. A little caution is essential in this case.

Be it this way or the other, the fact is that no one would dispute that the sentence “Nós pega os peixe” (in English, somewhat as We takes the fish) is completely erroneous, even if people have used it in their spoken language. It should serve by example about what is not to be done.
I hope that the 484.195 Brazilian students who will use this book can distinguee easily what is wrong in writing. Unfortunately, I hardly believe that they will be able to, once they are trying to learn the correct Portuguese when using that material.

At the moment, I don’t care about on who Education Ministery put the blame of had approved this kind of (inadmissible) mistake… On the other hand, I reckon that Heloísa Ramos, the author, was unsuccessful in her wrong words. From now, nothing will erase that of her carreer... 

Thus, I admit that, sometimes, I simply admire exact sciences - such as math or physics… when there is no discussion about either its processes or results, and there it stands. It works very well.

Monday, 16 May 2011

in search of culmination

Sensuality is something ample, as well as desire… It’s stimulating when you talk with someone who can show you how easy is become sexually stimulated.

Even a simple word, a mere act, some common object or situation which doesn’t have any special meaning for most part of people can turn fetishists on. Amazing! In many cases, some both strange and unconventional methods are used, though.

Ok, sometimes those sexual performances seems kinky for 'vanilla' lovers (who are traditional on the bed). However, as I see it, if this bizarre acts have no relation with children or animals, they are positive once they are consensual between all adults involved and make them satisfied - come what may...

When is possible to explore some different ways to relish, sex has no limits. Or rather, there is: the climax!

Sunday, 15 May 2011

a la italiana

I just realized that in Italian I’m more than only ‘Vanessa’: Bruna, Bianca, Carina.

By the way, due to my (European + Brazilian) features, it is said I look like an Italian woman. So, it would not has been impossible being some kind of inspiration for Leo work?!

Who doesn't want to have his own image immortalized? However, I’d rather to be someone’s muse at the present moment, even not represented in an art product, but being only in this person's mind and stand by his side in a lovely way... forever. 

Forse un Italiano, perche no?!

Saturday, 14 May 2011

feet fatale

No one would dispute that all women are more powerful when are wearing beautiful shoes. Any high heels make them fatal, elevating their self-esteem.

So, I’ll take this opportunity, using every one of mine (recuperated) each day from now so as to keep my telephone busy.

Friday, 13 May 2011

freak show

Today, Friday the 13th, my subjects aren’t pleasant…

First, gaga Jo:
(someone whose birthday is on the same day of mine)

I’m not sure if, during both my childhood and teen ages, my idea of being an intelligent person used to be other, or if Jo Soares became worse as time goes by. In actual fact, I’m convinced that Jo isn’t a good interviewer.

In the past, I got to think he were, though, but not anymore. I confess I have changed my opinion since the beginning of my journalism course at the university (when it was still OBLIGATED - I’m saying that because as important as necessary it will be always… However it is not a prerequisite to work with information anymore, unfortunately).

The reality is that he does not convince with his disconnected and incoherent questions which don’t give to the audience not even a shallow knowledge about people who are giving him a interview. Sometimes his program finished while we keep without having a good notion about many relevant ideas related. At the same time, he definitely isn’t able to play bongo, especially “alive” (according the jargon of his colleague Fausto Silva that who is capable to, can do it even alive).

By the way, why does nobody tell him that? (his director or anybody else…) Does it happen owing to some kind of respect to old people, dinosaurs of Brazilian television? I think so. Furthermore, considering his high age, no one could dispute that it is a factor set against him. Even using a pre-interview as a support, sometimes he lost the fluidity intended. Unfortunately... Even so, many people have still liked him.

horror reality

Now, an important and appalling issue, which terrify women in the Muslim World: the genital mutilation.

More than extreme Islamic faith, or their tendency to dedicate themselves to the Koran (their soul included), personally, I believe that this is the worst chastisement. 

Cruelly, they cut off the little girls’ clitoris in order to prive them the pleasure. This happens in reason of respecting their future husbands.

I’m definitely against this kind of crime with women. Being only a mere body exclusively for reproduction, without any chance to feel sexual satisfaction is, at least, unfair!

Many health consequences may happen during that extraction, inclusively their death in some cases. Without basic sanitary conditions, infections have been common.

I felt really sick seeing pics of proceedings. I confess it turned my stomach! I moan for those women who suffer terrible pain.

Thursday, 12 May 2011

between ladies

It is not only in content that Amor e Revolução has been having audacity: tonight, Luciana Vendramini and Giselle Tigre’s characters kissed each other. It was the first homosexual kiss on Brazilian television. And it was not a mere peck… a real Lesbian "French-kiss" was seen! Memorable.

Without a doubt (or any censure), many people have inspired themselves since then, even hetero men - they simply love it! However, I wonder myself if it would between two guys, the same society would have accepted it so easily… even at these proper days, when the civil union between gays was recently approved.          

To sum up, Globo had the chance to had been a vanguard broadcast, but was SBT which took the iniciative and also took the glove up before. Finally, more reality and less hypocrisy on our screen! Without a doubt, it was a considerable conquest for homosexuals.

Wednesday, 11 May 2011

gaining my ends

How far can I reach while running more than seven kilometres and riding a bike for one hour every day?

Sometimes, during the exercises, I think about that: where am I going? To my dreams, once I can imagine me slimmer.

It’s a paradox, but my aim is 'less'. .. fatness, fewer kilos than in my early working out days. As a result of so effort, getting the better of it, obtaining more strengthened muscles, vigour and robustiousness.

When health is the main issue, less is more - both wellness and life quality. In this case, weight and self-esteem are inversely proportional.

I’m sure I’m in the right way: making me thin, besides turning me more physically attractive (ready to love again).

Tuesday, 10 May 2011

calling a spade a spade

Doubtless nothing bothers me more than people's fear in saying the truth. I really don't understand how answer mere words as 'yes' or 'no' can be too difficult. I can't stand co much cowardice!

Being sincere - they should take this attitude up into their lives. Thus, making things easy... After all, life is simple. We make it complicated, though.

However, this is not to say that some care is dispensable in the way through any information is given. Especially when it means something important, which can change routes, feelings etc, a little tact, prudence and diplomacy are essential, of course.

Even so, I definitely prefer to cry due to plain facts than laugh with lies... For me, it is the best way - always.

home truth

Taking this example, even the militaries could finally bring out from the depths of the past their (state) secrets about that dark dictatorship period in Latin America. It is sincerely awaited the moment when they’ll finally tell (loud and clear - why not?) to the world what was done with some militant people who are vanished until now. 

Lastly (almost 50 years after it has begun; 26, of its end), it is just in time to law all the past ghosts. Or rather: finally.

Better late than never. After all, the later the worse.

Monday, 9 May 2011

old is cool

Today, on the 75th birthday of Dedé Santana, one of the most famous Brazilian humorist, I have some to say...

Firstly, nowadays, our television is really need of better people making us laugh. At least, Zorra Total is a crap, excepted for that it has introduced us some talents such as:

- Samantha Schmütz, playing Juninho Play and as a child at these days;
- Katiuscia Canoro, as the extravagant Lady Kate;
- Maria Clara Gueiros, with the caracther Laura, who presented the jargon "Vem cá, te conheço?";
- Fabiana karla, that used to play the role of “Gislaine”, a personal trainer that was always saying “Isso não te pertence mais”, and now is “Dr. Lorca” – who advice about what “Pode” and “Não Pode! (can/can't).

*By the way, recently, when two known journalists (Zeca Camargo and Renata Ceribelli) are working out intensively to make them slim on the air, it is in fashion those worries about health, physical exercises etc.

I would say that is necessary more intelligent humour programming, comparing with the 80’s. However, I’m in doubt if ‘Os Trapalhões’ was a nice TV program, or I was only a child - easy to be convinced by any silly joke…

I remember some chapters that I dislike because Renato Aragão’s character called Didi were always taking some advantage of his other friends, included Dedé. I confess that I used to enjoy in particular both Zacarias and Mussum.

Other excellent and memorable Tv program was TV Pirata. Albeit, it was not for children… as the quartet’s one. Nevertheless, TV Pirata has an incomparable black comedy. It was excellent being sarcastic… a watershed on our screens.

In fact, I reckon that this is the main current matter nowadays: quality of programming, the contend of jokes, the smartness of the script - more than the way the casting plays… In most cases while they are good professionals, the basis aren’t. So, doesn’t work!

Casseta crew have tried, for a long time, they were on the top, but couldn’t  keep their texts as sagacious as before… Nowadays, maybe the audience prefer another kind and format  similar to Pânico (which sucks, in my opinion), or CQC - ok, I like it very much, but is more journalistic than only comedy.

former youth

Secondly, our past young idols and beauty icons are now 70 (or almost there!). Believe! It’s true. Look that:

- (Sir) Mick Jagger is 67. He was born on 26th July 1943;
- (Sir) Paul McCartney , that is 68, was born on 18th  June 1942
- Robert Redford, who is 74, was born on 18th  August 1936;
- Clint Eastwood is already 80. He was born on 31st  May 1930;
- Lou Reed is 69. His birthday just passed, on 2nd March (1942);
- Bob Dylan is almost 70. His birthday is on 24th May (1941);
- Roger Waters, that is 67, was born on 6th September 1942;
- Jimmy Page is 67. His birthday is on 9th January (1944).

And here, in Brazil
- Chico Buarque is 66.  He was born on 19th June 1944;
- Caetano Veloso , who is 68, was born on 7th August 1942;
- Roberto Carlos is 70. His birthday is on 19th  April (1941);
- Tarcísio Meira, who is 75, was born on 5th  October 1935;
- Arnaldo Baptista is 65. His birthday is on 6th July (1948);
- Erasmo Carlos is almost 70. He was born on 5th June (1941)
- Ronnie Von is 66. His birthday is on 17th July (1944)

Even Marcos Paulo and Carlos Alberto Ricelli (that my mother simply used to love!), who are "only" 60 and 64 respectively, nowadays, are already a third-aged leading men. As them, if Bob Marley would be alive, he would be 66; Jim Morrison, 67; Jimi Hendrix, 68; John Lennon, 70;  Elvis, 76;  and finally the oldest: Marlon Brando, 87.*

Thus, we can confirm that the old concepts about being the ancient has changed since who is grandfather-aged at the present time was someone avant-garde in the past, even revolutioners, in some cases. Teens and early adults of 60’s are almost 70 now. People has gotten old… by the way.
It’s interesting that those folks must be well-behaved when their grandsons appear… Different generations, another History! Finally, I believe that will be easier to respect the third-aged people more from now than it happens before, when there are no admiration.

*I only pointed men especially because women, when their ages are related, are complicated! (not old!)

don't letting bygones be bygones

Lastly, I’ve been wondering myself about the example that our parents gave us with their roles when they could change the world. Or rather: when they were young.

On the contrary of north americans, that were drugging themselves while had asked for peace and love, Brazilians were fighting and dying in reason of their ideals. Ok, I know that some of them went to Vietnam, but this is another History... other context.

In Brazil, for instance, people who are now more than 50, could had done something against the military dictatorship. This mournful period lasted 21 years. So, during the 60’s and 70’s, when they were young, it was the time to act. Think about that and answer me what did your parents do at those days?

However, I’m not proud about what mine did, unfortunately. I reckon I would have acted alternatively. Probably I would have integrated one of guerrilla warfare groups. I admit I would not sleep if I had done anything about that when it was possible.

Sunday, 8 May 2011

along with mum

Today, on Mother's Day, althought it hasn't been, I confess that could had happened with me...

I have never thought that I really was pregnant. However, some times I wonder myself about my life... How it would be with children? Or rather: how I would be as a mother?

Well, firstly, I strongly believe that my life would be completely different now if I have kids. For instance, I would not be here, in Rio. Probably, I would have travelled less than I did in addition of have too much responsibility and worry than now. At the same time, I would  feel some unique love that I reckon only who the mothers know...

Me, as a mother, I suppose I'll be a free woman. Struggling, I would carry my offsprings with me everywhere. Maybe this predisposition was brought about by my mother when she camped with a 12-day little girl! - believe it. It seems something hippie. It wasn‘t though. Of course that happened due to my father, who used to love camping trips besides never minds either about both his wives and kids' convenience.

Afterwards, later their separation, I became a separated-woman daughter. So, I was all my childhood used to sleep on chairs of any bar or restaurant. It was good for me, since gave me huge notion of reality while allowed my mother to enjoy her youth. I’m proud about her effort. Necessary - after all, she was free (besides beautiful) to live, find someone else, etc. I just have to compliment her! [Mum, happy Mother's Days. Thank you for everything you still do for me!]

Bar, trips, carnival, parks, dinners, some friends meetings… In my opinion, in all those events is possible to take kids along. Of course they need special cares, likewise a little comfort. Whereas that it is solved, single mothers/fathers (in the same way, couples) are able to follow they fellows at their programming.

Ok, I forget to mention that have patience is essential. However, once children are used to be with you at these moments, as a consequence they are supposed to behave themselves well. Hence, it is a matter to keep them socially active in order to not make them as boring as bored - for sure, all which we try to avoid. 

Nevertheless, I hope to be married with the father of my children to give them a standard family (or at least try it!). I wish to, but if it wont be my destiny, I’m not planning to be at home, locked, with my progenies, wasting my life as a woman. Become a mother doesn’t mean that the sexual life is finished - something important to advise not only divorced, but married ladies too - some simply forget their (poor) husbands, putting them aside as a result of maternity.    

struggler mum

The way I see it, have children as a roll is interesting once you make a good use of the baby’s furniture, his clothes, toys… almost everything. On the top of that, they are going to make each other company, be friends, while you naturally  get less stressed and relieve a little of worry about them.

Having twins is a dream that I would to come true. I can’t agree with who says that is a doubled work! Obviously it will have more tasks, but not 50% further! Let’s face that if you are going to breastfeed, change diapers, cleaning poop and many vomits, lose any sleep over one baby, why not over one (or two) at one dash?

Well, I said before that, as a mother, I’ll be a brave struggler one.

Saturday, 7 May 2011


(in fact being as Maria is’ - in Portuguese)

This verb became famous while BBB was on the air. This-year-winner used to beg attention from men she would like to be along.

Well, many women saw them reflected into her acts once she is a human. As everyone, she lost her way when humiliate herself because of a wrong man who doesn’t deserve that devotion.

I confess I’m ashamed owing to my similar behaviour. Last year I fell in a not reciprocal passion. I don’t regret about my feelings, but because I took to him completely - someone that used to avoid me.   

Both a stupid and silly woman. When I remember what I did, I would like to piss me off immediately! However, I’m conscious I tried (firmly)… Once I wanted it, I did well (and I‘m sure it would be terrific if he had simply surrender).

Lastly, Maria did it! She has got e nice guy later… doctor, handsome, succeed, charismatic - nothing compared to the looser one who was snobby with her in the beginning of the TV program. [you DID loose her, asshol*!]

At last, everything had a good end… Thus, I hope the principle that who knows to wait always come off better is true. Further: who plays with love (open-hearted)!

Actually, I (still) believe in it - and I need some kind of escape, I’m not denying...

Friday, 6 May 2011


From now, gay people here in Brazil are allowed to officialize their unions. The decision was taken yesterday by the Supreme Federal Tribunal. Or rather, they can get married civilly!

That means that precept which say that ‘nobody belongs to nobody’ - commonly used until now in homosexual sphere is somewhat currently old. However, once a formalized relationship, the duties as well the rights are more available than never!

Over again, the family conpect has changed around the world. Albeit in a delay of around an year compared with Argentina, our Latin American neighbor, for instance… (when Liniers drew this comic strip above) But, ok, it happens anyway!

Better late than never...(!) After all, many couples have been waiting for it for a long tim. Along with, many other will just coming out of the closet because now the law is on their side.

By the way, I hope not only that this fact encourage who is hiding himself behind any fear, but also that one day they can seat side by side and simply be free to demonstrate their affection with no discrimination.

I’m convinced that this is the worst limitation for them: can't show publicly their feelings. Believe... There still are a long distance to be run through until it be possible - simple like that.

Am I exaggerating? I don't think so. Lastly, when the boot is on the other foot, probably, you are going to agree with me, once, in general, give a mere kiss in who they love hasn’t been so easy facing so many desapproving eyes, laughs and/or unpleasing faces, in addition of having some fingers pointed at you. Wow!

So, courage! Place yourself. Chin up - tooth and nail, with might and main!   

Proud and no prejudice. Come on!

Thursday, 5 May 2011

in the name of (self-)love

There is nothing worst for a woman than someone asking her if she is pregnant, when indeed she isn‘t. In other words, that means she is fat.

Then, if she has already thought about, this fact represents the deadline to start working out immediately. There are no excuses to evade it anymore.

Actually, even a slight effort to recover health damages is valid. Fortunately, positive physical shifts have happened since visiting often the gym.

Two months later, it is great to hear eulogies when wearing the same clothes which brought in the past doubts about the shape of the body. I confess it is too satisfying, once my ego was massaged. After all, women are silly; they puffed up.

Becoming slimmer increases any self-esteem, letting it swelled as a peacock. That improves inclusively the sex performing. It is not only a behaviour change, but a choise that means so much for life...

Thus, make itself thin is also good for loving.

(or should I say “cowardice”?)

Weighing against it (literately), there are many kind of sweet temptations. I reckon nobody has pointed them better than Marisa Monte through her song “Não é Proibido” (lyric of her, Dadi and Seu Jorge).

Jujuba, bananada, pipoca,
Cocada, queijadinha, sorvete,
Chiclete, sundae de chocolate,


Paçoca, mariola, quindim,
Frumelo, doce de abóbora com coco,
Bala juquinha, algodão doce e manjar.

Ironically, it is one of my favourite ones to workout, likewise most part of those treats appetize me so much - chiefly popcorn and icecream, I confess. Actually, any dessert inspires me to loose weigh as well burn calories while exercising (for sure, thinking about them, that I will be able to eat one day again with no blame).

Wednesday, 4 May 2011

versus versus versus

From Osama’s point of view, it was ‘Struggle against American Imperialism’. At the same time, Bush (whose father during the Cold War supported and heavily armed Taliban people) and (now) Obama defend the idea of  ‘War against Terrorism’, in which Bin Laden is seen as a reincarnation of the Devil - probably as Uncle Sam is not only for Afghans, but in almost Muslim World and Communist nations.

Both proclaim peace in name of their own interests (be it for petroleum, revenge or hate… doesn’t matter!), while using the force through by guns and tanks, airplanes included. By hook and crook, either are wrong. After all, violence gives rise to (even more) violence.

I admit I’m afraid of what this dead is bring about with it. In actual fact, I honestly can feel some ill will happen as a consequence. I would like to say that it wont be somewhat similar to (or just) biological weapons. Personally, I think nobody are ready to face it.

Overall, all this sucks… Finally, I simply lament to have born in a as cruel as UNFAIR society - something usually said because of Islamic chauvinist behaviour. As a matter of fact, I’m referring myself in general, once US Army has tortured its enemies throughout the decades, for instance.

Considering that all this bullshit has begun athwart Soviets… There was never a good war or a bad peace indeed. In conclusion, everything goes wrong… over and over. I wonder myself about this way which we are going by? As far as I’m concerned only kindness will save the planet of (other) fatal battle, as predicted Gentileza, the prophet.

Tuesday, 3 May 2011


I just decided to pick up the pieces (of mine). I was not upping to it anymore…

Reacting is necessary to move on. However, this is not to say that I will give up, nor literally collect the one-third of my stuff which is around there.

I’m pretty sure about my dreams; thus, I’m planning only to support it financially. At last, dreaming is free, while living in Rio is too expensive nowadays.

Diposition - I have it; to change my way, thought.

Monday, 2 May 2011

finally dead - who believes?

It was said today by Obama in his public televised speech at this dawn (in Brazil). However, as Thomas, the Apostle, I'll believe it only when I see it - pictures of the corpse in this case.

With a delay of 10 years to find him after the 11th September 2001 attacks, in addition of two wars begun using the excuse of being in name of the peace (ALSO! - because  pacifist aim was not the main reason since there is much petroil in many strategic places, of course!)… All this shit of hunt for Osama Bin Laden resulted in:

- 2.996 deaths (including the 19 hijackers and 2977 victims) in Twin Towers fall;


- 919.967 murders in both Afghanistan and Iraq since their occupations in 2001 and 2003, respectively;

Obviously, these last facts haven’t been free of costs. By the way, the amount already paid until now by USA for army expenses have been something around US$ - nunbers said by Chris Douglas-Roberts, a NBA basketball player, while was complaining about USA citizens celebrations of Osama's demise.

I suppose that Al Qaeda support money for any “terrorist” attack (as it is common called by USA and their allies, but clearly not the North American offensives…) haven’t reach so high peaks. Furthermore, their deadliest power is not so effective, then.

Lastly, and with no doubt, I can say that Osama is a myth. During a decade he left scot-free as a thorn in USA and their allies’ side. I got to believe that indeed he simply doesn't exist... that he was a caracther created as a 'Santa Claus' of the evil. Weighed against this the fact he is a martyr for many Islamic peoples. He is a kind of hero who fought until his last breath against the enemy.

Thus, I explain the inverted commas used above on TERRORIST word. After all, this is just a point of view. Not a mere, though. Unfortunately, our media uses yankee lens, focused against other objectives opposite to them. Nevertheless, they oddly threw the Al Qaeda leader body into the sea - saying that it was done to respect the Muslim traditions! - Since when they have started to do it? From now?

Alternatively, Obama is kinder and more tender than Bush (Further, now he has not only this merit but a quite good argument to improve his popularity and try a re-election). Albeit the present United States President is attending right now the stratum more extreme and conservative of their population… On the contrary of Osama, who has a similar name, while was representing the same kind of people that follow, respect and still believe in him.

So, it is exactly when the dangerous is more fatal: what are they going to do as a retaliation? More than anyone (Saddam included!), Bin Laden is even more perilous dead than alive. Let’s wait to see his afterlife influence… I sincerely hope to watch it only on television.

Sunday, 1 May 2011

God save the Queen the trouble

Today, on the Labour Day, I will ask which one is Queen Elizabeth II’s? Only representation, I guess.

I really don’t agree with monarch politic system. I’m republican, after all. However, this way to govern a country have worked until now in UK and adjacencies. Surprising, British people approve it.

This behaviour was clear this week, during the fervent royal wedding arrangements and events. Incidentally, who did pay for it? I suppose the people - all colonies included.

It is said that Middleton family was the one-third sponsor. The other two fraction, well… you know. Nevertheless, it seems that nobody (or the major part of them don‘t) cares about that…

As long as I’m used to a different system, I really don’t understand this situation. Though, I have to admit that the countries she is the Head are in good economical and social conditions.

There is a merit in that, which haven’t done by any other leader. Even so, she has a role that, sometimes, seems as a joke, due to the First Ministers more active functions. Thus, she has somewhat as an ornamental political occupation.

Even worst is the waiting of Prince Charles to become king. I read that is the longest crowning delay of their History. Ok, he is merely decorative indeed... Owing to his lack of popularity, many prefer William as her successor.

Dutch 30th April

At the same time, yesterday was celebrated in the Netherlands the Queen’s Day (Koninginnedag). I swear I would like to had been there.

Spring time, hot pleasant weather, everybody going to the parks on weekends, as well as celebrating festive events... It is a quite good opportunity to be happy(er). 

Maybe another time… next year. I hope so! - being some kind of queen there.
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