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Friday, 30 November 2012

my life without me

No, it's not about the movie, despite having enjoyed it... It's about life, the real one. Mine.

Everything I've planned has become of others. On the side, at the time when I'm not there anymore.

It's just strange... Being a beholder of my old dreams which are finally coming true. However, too late for me.

Out of complaints, regrets or even sad unpleasant griefs, I can say, proud, loud and clear: so much the better!

Before, only possibilities; now, detachment.

Things happens when they should. It's not by chance the way they do... All in good time.

Otherwise, I'm pretty sure that everything it would be different. That is to say no changes. And, in the end, that's not what I've wanted.

All told: Away, I'm better. New aims! 

Wednesday, 28 November 2012


Mealtime is something! Probably, it also means being the thermometer of many relationships.

Coffee and sandwich in the morning are not that important, as long as partners still care about each other. After all, the relevant is love. 

Although once I heard the story of a nice couple who split because of egoism in preparing their breakfast, I honestly feel that small details may be easily overcome.

Albeit it is built and keep by little things which make all the difference. Thus, I understand the end since there is a lack of affection.

A surefire recipe to save you of these dark moments:

- heat the approach to start;
- grease the feelings with tenderness; 
- flour enough sincerity and respect;
- blend double full measure of love; 
- add a good dose of willingnes;
- beat everything in regular intercourses;
- bake your relationship to keep it always hot;
- cool you in water bath sometimes
- caresses, to taste.

Tuesday, 27 November 2012

hello kitty!

Uma invasão do bem. 

Meu coração está repleto.

Transbordo satisfação, espirro felicidade.

Esse é o amor de Lis bela.

Monday, 26 November 2012

for well

I tip my hat to Ryan Hreljac

Aged of only six years old, this praiseworthy Canadian kid was determinated to help people in Africa, building a well for them. Touched by a class in which his teacher Cathy Prest talked about water problems in African continent, he decided to do something. 

It started with $70, charged by doing some home services for his parents. Later, he raised the amout of $2,000 with neighborhood contribution. His first well was built in 1999, when he was seven. Today, he has his own Foundation, which has raised millions of dollars, contributing a total of 518 water and sanitation projects in 16 countries serving over 640,000 people.

How only a single person  can change the world? With will (whatever the age). Small initiatives, anyone, count.

Watch a little passage of Ryan's Well, a documentary about this inspiring story.


*This is just another reason to be pround of Canada. 


Sunday, 25 November 2012

against frost weather

I used to dream about a winter black jacket of Benetton. Fluffy, with many buds. A little undue for the tropical cold of Porto Alegre city, I confess. All the same, during several years of my teenages, I went there just to check the price. Something about US$160.

Impossible for me, at that moment, buy it. Too expensive for a luxury. Nevertheless, in 2010, travelling in Europe, I found a similar one. New...
for US$ 50! A bargain. I nearly bought two! No, not in a store, in a street market. A generic one. F*ck Benetton!
Maybe, I always knew one day I would live in a freezing place, where I will really need it. Today, it's a necessity in my current life. 

Lucky, I received from my step sister a pretty good long one. For very low temperatures, coat the ass is required (we quickly realize that!). 

Not even - 30°C scares me anymore...

Friday, 23 November 2012

en français, S.V.P.

How to avoid boring mobile phone companies calls, being in Montreal?

- Pourriez-vous parler en français, svp?

- Sorry, M'am, but I can't... However, I will ask someone else able to call you later, ok?!

Nevermore disturbed.


By law, services must be offered primordially in French in Quebec, using English as an alternative. After all, their official language should be respected.

This is not the case, though, in real, pratical daily life here. Unfortunately. 

Thursday, 22 November 2012

damn it

They insist to gnaw me...

What a hell of nightmares!

Real life is better, in the way it is.

Tuesday, 20 November 2012

exorcising ghosts

Spreaded wings against bother! 
(ou, o pulo da gata... )

Care and sweetness prevail, aim higher in heart.

Nothing better than a a new love to replace an old one.


Sunday, 18 November 2012

for every thing there is a season

When we are in our twenties, we love to be always surrounded by friends, to share everything with... even our room, the apartment, our entire lives and home. However, growing up, things change. Mates too. 

Privicy is required, then. Being in forties, in couple, married, with a family formed, it's not the ideal live in some kind of tree house, accomodated like in a camping, as teenagers, in an eternal immature party(life). 

Time passes... Ok, unless you are an indian, a hippie, a member of alternative communities, a junkie, or if you are VERY broken to have autonomy, you are not going to agree. It's nonsense, com'on!

Helloooo! Welcome to adult normal life. 


Divorced, with kids, as showed in La Galère (a big house divided by four women and their children), I sincerely suspect that it doesn't work anyway... After all, in fiction everything looks great.

Maybe, in the seventies, in a place as Les Résidences Soleil, community life might be a coherent option.

Saturday, 17 November 2012


I really don't know if they realize that their country (where they were born, live, moved... whatever!) is fantastic! Without false modesty.

Of course it's not perfect (there are many problems, a lot of points to improve). Anyway, though, it's perfect in the imperfect way it is: too cold and so far, (or even 'that smooth!') - as almost all suppose.

For me, five stars: a d-r-e-a-m!

That's how I honestly see it: with much love. After all, I fell of it! I own... Here, I'm very warm in that I am in my lover arms.

I'm immensely glad for coming. I feel myself welcome here, "home".


Furthermore, their goal (at leat in Quebec) seems not be the same of their neighbors. Overall, hey don't partake of American Dream, not even their crazy fears (ironically presented by Michael Moore in this funny video of Bowling for Columbine). 

Friday, 16 November 2012

that's true!

Imagination is something. Who is not able to imagine the characters, the main or  secondary ones, from the books? 

Even with some suggested illustrations, eveyone has his own way to bild all personages in his mind. Furthermore, the environement, clothes, objects, furniture and other accessories. Nothing is let aside by our creativity. Even about the future of each story, (fairy)tale or novels don't end, sometimes, as author propose...

Often, we go forward. Writing better, is just one of the advantages of reading.

In a time of babysitter television, short ciphered sentences online or in texts traffic sent by youngs, parents should think about and take it as a tomorrow investment. Beyond doubt: very prosperous. Not only for kids, though...

Knowledge is priceless! It makes all difference. 


I simply loved this add from Toronto Public Library!

Thursday, 15 November 2012


Everything a man dream about his wife, girlfriend, affair, lass, date (or whatever!), is that she loves sex. Maybe, being so much optimist, hitting the jackpot (as used to say a pervert old friend): someone who doesn't disgust anything under the sheets!

Albeit, sometimes, are just men who doesn't keep the pot boiling. Perhaps because of fatigue, a mistress, drugs (or alcohol) problems, monotony, or for not coming out... Unlucky! - man, woman, couple; unfortunate relationship.

One way or another, leaving much to be desired... 

(besides she, still horny, at a loss what to do)


Read an article about. 

Tuesday, 13 November 2012


Comme peut être simple (et, en même temps, majestueux) le combustible du bonheur, de la joie:

Des câlins avec les pattes, des frôlements sinueux, le miaulement
naïf en demandant pour jouer, des regardes qui finissent pour un doux clin d'œil, le ronronner qui n'arrête pas, l'envie de faire dodo ensemble, collée, un 'me suit partout'... 

Tout ça veut dire 'Je t'aime' en "miaowais".

Monday, 12 November 2012

la tentative

La mienne.

J'essaye fort fort. Je le jure.

Toutefois, c'est pas facile.

Petit à petit, je me perds en le perdant. 

En fait: il me perd.

Sunday, 11 November 2012

by now

The only possible change is letting my hair grow.

For me.
For love.

Probably, for the last time.

My choice, as a last sigh of youth. To end a long life stage.

It worths it. 


Saturday, 10 November 2012

gorgeous silver

Once, I asked my mother why she had her hair dyed. Then, I suggested her to leave it natural, grey. Finally, she said to do that with my own hair, by myself, when graying start on me.

Not at that moment, but, now, I undertand her being on the defensive. It's a delicate situation for many women witnessing their hair lose colour; thus, being obligate to dye hair constantly. Many, in fact, the majority, opt for keeping their young hues artificially.

Alternatively, I honestly feel that ladies as Françoise Hardy, Carmen Dell’Orefice, Jamie Lee Curtis, Helen Mirren, Vanessa Redgrave, and last but not least, Meryl Streep (as Miranda Priestly, in The Devil Wears Prada), are glamorous in the way they are: both old and chic.

Their look, a choise, despite thousands of advertisings selling hair dye, as I see it, means a victory, an embrace of the natural changes, an acceptance of lifecycle. Without a doubt, it's an audacious one.

Furthermore, of course, having beautiful gray hair also requires special cares - expensive too! Olden with vanity, a challenge!

Mine, in a few years. Decided!

Friday, 9 November 2012

love it

Soup is the salad of winter.

(Sorry, Mafalda, but your mom is right about that... It's good!) 

Thursday, 8 November 2012

bee careful

Take it easy, it's not an attack by them!

Actually, lately, watching diverse documentaries (thanks Bibliothèque et Archives nationales du Québec!),
I realized just the opposite: that is to say, we are striking them! Gradually.

Little by little, they are disappearing! Maybe because of pesticides, or due to global warming... This phenomenon is called Colony Collapse Disorder (CCD). Causes haven't been discovered yet.

I admit I haven't been abreast about problems concerning this insect. However, now, informed and esteeming their fundamental importance role in nature (beyond hooney production), I'm immensely worried about the future.

And you? Just bee!

Learn about what is happened to them by these two good movies:

La Reine Malade (trailer)

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

american challange

In the end, Obama won. Better, in my opinion.

I'm pretty sure that everybody is expecting from him another good four-year term. All over the world.

Obviously, being the USA President is not a easy role to play. Pondering its plural population, their fears and demands, on the top of all the rest of the planet, such responsibility becomes evident!

They believe being in the control of others issues, above everything else... even the truth, good and evil, etc etc etc. After all, they decide by themselves which governments should fall (despite chosen democratically by local people), who deserves to live, to die, among other outrages.

Good luck, Mr. President. Do your best!

While there's life, there's hope...


it all ended in poutine

Still about election process... I just got to know (through Ênquete) Pierre Poutine, a remarkable character of Canada politics.

commonly known, as everybody else. Just a restrict group of people was acquainted with him, personally, bodily - only who created him, his identity. Actually, doesn't matter how many people were involved... the fact is that his fonction was executed: finger in Canada Federal Election last year.

This figure contracted the service of robocalls which reached more than 8 thousand voters. Because of it, these citizens reveived false information about where perform their democratical right of voting.

It was not (so) massive, but for sure that made any difference in the results. I just don't understand why they haven't cancelled this polling, making it over, appropriately. Well, honestly, I grasped their reasons... It was not interesting for Stephen Harper, who guaranteed his third consecutive victory.

I'm VERY surprise that this kind of cheap trick happens here.

Check the program out. It's really good.   

poutine = pizza

In Brazil, we are used to say that things always end in "pizza", meaning 'nothing'. 

Not in elections (which are electronic there, in the bargain: a worldwide model), but in case of Mensalão scandal, differ from what has happened nowadays in Quebec with politicians involved in corruption, who are dismissaling "voluntarily" (due to Charbonneau Commission), Brazilian president at that time would be deposed. Without a doubt!

Merely for conniving (even if not participating), besides not doing anything against the corruption system estabilished, it would be enough for an "GET OUT!". Well, it would be something! 

Better for Lula that things are still smoother there... (more tolerant population)

Tuesday, 6 November 2012

la déterminée

Moi aussi, j'ai décidé de ne plus être correcte.
Pochoirs, j'aime ça! 

Ici, d'autres (bonnes) verités par l'art de Miss.Tic. 

*En temps d'élections, pour Miss.Tic présidente! 

Monday, 5 November 2012

V pour Vendetta

L'occasion est parfaite: le 5 novembre.

Pour ceux qui n'ont pas regardé le film, voici une brève explication:

V, le protagoniste (à propos: mon héros préféré!), mène une vendetta personnelle contre le gouvernement fasciste au pouvoir à Londres. La date pour qu'elle ait lieu n'été pas choisi au hasard: est inspirée par «la nuit de Guy Fawkes», également nommée «la nuit des feux de joie», célébrant la Conspiration des poudres du 5 novembre 1605. 

Dans les deux moments, ils visaient d'exploser le Parlement de Westminster comme une façon d'opposition au système - avant, le religieux; après, le politique - le but du vengeur masqué de la bande dessinée de Marvel.


graffiti peint au 22 octobre à l'école
dans la vraie vie...

À cause de menaces de fusillade évoquées sur les réseaux sociaux, une école secondaire à Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu a été fermée ce matin.

Sur des murs de la Polyvalente Marcel Landry, des graffitis peints évoquent la date d'aujourd'hui. Possiblement, en lien avec le film «V pour Vendetta».

Heureusement, rien n'est arrivé. Demain, l'
institution rouvrira ses portes normalement.

Plus d'information:


attaque de la testostérone

Je ne savais pas, mais en regardant le film Polytechnique j'ai connu la triste histoire de la tuerie de l'École Polytechnique de Montréal.

Pendant l'hiver de 89 (le 6 décembre, plus précisément), beaucoup avant des célèbres cas étasuniens de Kip Kinkel et de Columbine (eternisé au cinéma par plusieurs films, à exemple de Bowling for Columbine, de Michael Moore), l'
étudient Marc Lépine (alias Gamil Gharbi) a ouvert le feu contre 28 personnes dans cet etablissement d'enseignement. Il a tué quatorze (toutes des femmes) et a blessé quatorze autres (4 hommes et 10 femmes) avant de se suicider.

Le motif? L'antiféminisme. Il a laissé cette lettre.

Ce massacre s'est passé en moins de vingt minutes à l'aide d'un fusil semi-automatique obtenu légalement (l'oiseau ne tombe jamais loin du nid - à l exemple de les politiques d'armes de feu de leur voisins).

Comme ceci, plusieurs d'autres incidentes ont eu lieu en milieu scolaire, même au Canada - avant et après.


souviens-toi du 5 novembre 

À n'en pas douter: un jour inoubliable!

Au bout du compte (mais non moins important), ce soir le mairie de Montréal, Gérald Tremblay, démissionne. Finalement. 

La nouvelle ne me surprendre pas, ensuite son repos (forcé. De même, M. Gilles Vaillancourt, de Laval). Il a pris quelques jours pour réfléchir. Était-il nécessaire? Bon, au moins, c'est fait.

C'est finie son administration douteuse et peu fiable. Éclaboussé par de multiples allégations visant sa connaissance par rapport aux actes «irréguliers» pendant il était en poste, il quitte la vie publique. 

Fera la commission Charbonneau renoncer M. Vaillancourt aussi? On présume.

Line Beauchamp durant le printemps dernier, Jean Charest juste après l'élection (à lequelle il a échoué), maintenant M. Tremblay... Qui sera le prochain personnage directement impliqué dans la crise étudiante à  tomber?


D'autre part, Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois reçoit beaucoup d'appui pour ramasser la somme de 74 000 $ dont il a besoin pour qu'il puisse défendre sa cause devant les tribunaux. En environ 48 heures, plus de 1700 donateurs l'ont aidé, parmi eux la Confédération des syndicats nationaux (CSN).

L'ancien co-porte-parole de la CLASSE a été reconnu coupable d'outrage par le juge Denis Jacques, de la Cour supérieure du Québec. Son jugement est en appel.

Remarquable: charisme a un valeur inestimable. Principalement en politique.



Vendetta par cause et conséquence.

Peut-être, dès maintenant, une révolution silencieuse, sans violence, au Québec. Chimérique, démocratique. Pour quoi pas?!

Ou, plutôt un petit retour aux idéaux d'une Révolution tranquille...
De fois, le justicier anarchiste agit seulement par des idées. Les nôtres.

(«et les idées sont à l'épreuve des balles, monsieur Creedy»).


Les bandes annonces des films:

V pour Vendetta
Bowling for Columbine
*Puis j'attends anxieusement la venue de quelques-uns sur le Printemps Érable!

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