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Saturday, 30 April 2011

tears-welled eyes

Lately, I’m getting everything under my skin. I’m deeply sensitive. It’s happening exactly what Zeca Baleiro sings:

“Ando tão à flor da pele que qualquer beijo de novela me faz chorar”

Not only watching soap operas… I’ve cried with both movies and news on TV! Recently I was in tears while Wall-E was playing - yes, an animation to fun children! Impressing.

Yesterday I was moved by seeing the prince asking the princess if she was happy with their wedding… So cute (soul-stirring - I would say).

Perhaps it is occurring with me in reason of many doubts, some needs… much sensibility with no target. Besides being woman - which helps a lot too, I confess.

By any means, sometimes I wonder my self if I really hit rock bottom this time or if it is a mere heavy phase that I‘m passing through. Maybe. I hope that it comes under another head.

Let’s wait to see what is reserved for the next chapters - with or without tears.

Friday, 29 April 2011

'becoming a princess' school

People tend not to regard (or pretend they don't know) that there is a informal and not disclosed princesses' industry - evidenced recently as a consequence of the wedding of the year: the Prince William's. Similarly to the misses one, which transforms simple girls in sculptural ladies ready to win any beauty contest.

This is not to say that to became a real princess it is essentially necessary being physically perfect. At the same time that million of little girls dream to marry handsome men, other just want to have a comfort life beside a rich husband. Rather better, if he could be special, as a prince for example.

In contrast to this fact, another kind of women have studied on the top of working to succeed in their lives independently of who they are going to live with. Actually, every one knows what is the best to get a lucky strike. Or rather: what is ‘to score a hit’ in order to guarantee a good future… becoming a professional, getting married, or have children (not to say ‘heirs’…).

Then, it is not a mystery that there are lots of cunning climber lasses, crazy and excited to reach their (clever) goal. Frequenting strategic places, meeting certain type of people, being in contact with who can offer good possibilities, they are focussed in their objectives, taking all necessary measures.

Only in my friendships group I know at least two cases. Some of the knower Brazilian examples are Xuxa, Luciana Gimenez, Adriana Galisteu… or who forgot how they became famous? Lately, the Kate Middleton’s path is up. Even with all moral doubts about her, she runs the current show - by hook or by crook. 

It is impressing that usually those behaviour and way are not only supported but also taught by parents, relatives and friends of these gals. Moreover, sensationalistic media upholds it intensively since it sales very well celebrities news. Once it is approved, they have learned since they were children how to act, which are the necessaries to become a princess, a famous' wife, or a son’s well-known-name mother.

Romantic and chimerical men should be heedful about that, to avoid it. After all, it's easy to make mistakes... Beauty is not in the face; beauty is a light in the heart (honest, while difficult to discern). In fact, after done, it’s no use crying over spilt milk.

side b bride  

Manners, traditions, disposition to go into a “fairy tale” life (or, for me a 'freak show' reality - considering paparazzi, invasion of privacy, hypocrisy etc.), those are some of the essential elements to became part of royalty.

I really don’t know if I would be happy without my freedom, with which I can say or do what I want (or which is necessary to be said/done by me). I’m against fake smiles, well-behaved wake of the hand, among other things, for instance.

I prefer somewhat as Kate Moss’ more informal (and junkie) behaviour. By the way, she is also getting married this year. I admit I prefer going to her wedding celebration than to the Catherine’s (new Kate's name from now) - that occurred today morning. I'm sure about that, as far as I’m concerned I'm a underground person.

Thursday, 28 April 2011

anything can happen

I haven’t seen “Rio” yet. I know it has a Brazilian plot, about our  animals and stuffs. For sure I’m seeing as soon as possible. After all, I’m curious! Nevertheless, I reckon it is almost impossible touch me so deeply as Wall-Edid.

Although the huge differences between both robots - one former, more antique and square, diverging from the other that has a high-tech design, rounder and cleaner; in addition not only of their skills and power but their diverse directrixes too, their love overcame these little ‘details’. Furthermore, all trouble they passed to save the plant and come back Earth was not enough to separate them.  

I confess I cried seeing feelings blooming inside him and Eve, while they figured out their sensitivities, dancing together, joining their mechanic hands, touching each other with their robotic types of fingers. I’m a silly girl, I admit: I believe in love at the first sight, even firstly from just one of the parts. Sometimes is necessary some time to happen reciprocally.

However it may be, hope springs eternal (on the movie, the little plant is a live proof of it - a real reason to believe!). Further: lonely, the small automaton used to have a workaholic daily routine amassing and stacking lots of garbage (besides collect interesting items) until know her… It said that good things come to those who wait. I think they are quite right.

Anything is possible.

hegemoniac things must come to an end too

Even the biggest empires such as Greek, Roman, along with the Mongolia and also the native peoples of South America (Incas, Mayas and Aztecas) succumbed. Since then, it’s impressive that their languages have spoken only locally nowadays - in Greek in Greece, Italian in Italy, Mongolian in Mongolia and some are not spoken anymore due to the genocide of that ethnic groups. 

Alternatively, England colonization’s effects can be seen (as well as heard) recently in many countries around the world - US, Canada, Ireland, Scotland, Australia, New Zeeland, likewise some nations in Africa and in United Kingdom. In the same way, no one would dispute that Spain dominated culturally its colonies - giving rise to them speak Spanish until now. France (with Napoleon), Holland (with Vikings) and Portugal (with its navigations) have their “attached” over the continents.  

I’m pointing this politic reality at the same time I disagree with the misbehaviour adopted for these settlers. As far as I’m concerned it would be better if each place would have its own traditional idiom. On the other hand, though overcoming the local culture (in name of God and colonist kings too), some places keep their local dialects, even being background. India is a good example of that.

At these days, neither wars nor economic problems are delimitating factors for this kind of changes anymore. Once, I got to think that it will be possible the American English cross all borders due to the capitalism voracity, similarly to what happened earlier to Latin, which predominate as a scientific code throughout many centuries. Cycles... I really don’t know if, in the future, everybody will speak mandarin, for instance, but I don't doubt. As I finished the former text: everything is possible or ‘impossible is nothing’!

Wednesday, 27 April 2011

being in fashion

(as a princess)

I really don’t know who are the most out-of-date hostess on our television: Angélica (of "Estrelas" and "Video Game") or Patrícia Poeta (of "Fantástico"). In both cases I ‘m sure that there is somewhat wrong since they were born in wealthy cradle and have been rich - that means they have (financial) status to pay some chic personal stylist to well dressing them.

Maybe they could inspire their more formal clothes in the elegant styles of characters like Olívia and Carol, respectively played by Paola Oliveira and Camila Pitanga in "Sensato Coração" Globo’s soap opera. They are terrifically chic there!

By the way, nothing is more evident nowadays than Kate Middleton - her beauty, style, models, jewels, shoes and hats. This UK plebeian is the celebrity at the moment. Lately, every little thing the fiancé of Prince Willian have done is on the news covers, on television or internet - not only that, but chiefly: she became the talk of the town.

From now, everything she wears is evaluated by everybody! So, I admit I appreciate a lot her simple and sober style, mainly her hats - type of accessory that hasn’t been used so often… at least here, where we are not used with the monarchy's costumes and its behaviour - not exactly as the European ones.

Albeit Kate chose a Brazilian name’s tag to announce them engagement: Issa, from Daniela Helayel. However, this partnership will not be possible at the official ceremony, that ask something created by British professionals. Closer to this kind of new talents, our show girls could find here someone quite good to work (better!) with them.

Meanwhile, Kate's wedding dress is almost a state secret.

Tuesday, 26 April 2011


Even 25 years later the Chernobyl Disaster, ten of thousands of Ukrainians, Belarusians and Russians are still living contaminated in their countries (ex Sovietics). Millions of people at those days were affected physically and mentally by the accident.

An explosion at the Nuclear Power Plant in 1986 spread a radioactive cloud over large parts of the Soviet Union. Nearly 8.4 million people were exposed to the radiation and until now new cases of cancer and other diseases are reported all the time. According to the state's statistics, 75 percent of school children have chronic diseases.

On this 25th anniversary, there aren’t many reasons to celebrate, just remember as many as half-a-million heroes who have been involved in the clean-up or repairs of the site since the incident occurred, trying to recover damages. Tens of thousands have died or become sick since then.

This occasion makes me think about the current Japan's situation and all consequences it will suffer over the short (or long) run...

Not compared, but some health ills are transmitted genetically through generations. Allergy, pollution, sun in excess, stress, depression… are other agents that can cause skin problems, in my particular case. However, is the person’s predisposition that results in this (or any) kind of evil.

In other words, my family passed me the genes which permit these reactions on my body. On the whole, there is some cure for each one of them. Albeit they must be know to medicine them rightly. Sometimes, unfortunately, they don't and it is spent much time until discover its causes. 

The sands are running out… So, I hope all these kind of health matters can be solved as soon as possible on top of that its solutions can reach all population. So to speak, nobody deserves these kinds (or any one) of long-lasting cruel punishment.  

Monday, 25 April 2011

regrettable forecast

Although World Cup 2014 is as soon as we can imagine  (after all, considering brickworks two years is something as tomorrow!), Rio hasn’t been prepared. Up to now, much trouble in the end of any mere holiday in the local Bus Central Station. So, our chaotic situation is confirmed - in air or roads.

In my case, the Easter trip was quite good, in spite of the arrival being terrible! (As a result of a foreseen traffic) Spending more than one hour just to stop the buses and park them to land passengers drives anyone pissed off! - specially if you are with children.

It’s not acceptable this kind of problem occur by the eve of this huge and important worldwide event hosted by us, when we are going to receive thousands of tourists. I’m worried to the shameful predicted future for Brazilian abroad reputation…

Let’s see how it will work whether or not.

Sunday, 24 April 2011


This Easter Sunday hasn't been so special as before. Maybe blowing dandelions, wishing all the best, it finally comes… At least, I've tried to chase my dreams even with all dificulties.

It’s a renovation time, after all! - my main aim (at my current moment of faith and hope). No bunnies or chocolate, all I want is my expectations coming true.

Chin up and go ahead! Happy Easter.

Saturday, 23 April 2011

no barbs, just borders

It has been so long I’ve been against using of barbed wire. As far as I’m concerned its purposes are evil. Created in 1888, was thought to protect... Although I reckon that to delimit areas it is indispensable, the possibility of wounds somebody or animals makes me furious - in particular children, accidently.

I believe only a simple wire may be enough to bound the bulls or to be put around countryside residences. Further: everybody knows that there it is the limit. If someone cross over it, probably has considerable reasons to do that. For instance, no war can imprison who claims for liberties, free will.

A long time ago, at FSM period in 2003, I read on a MST shirt a sentence somewhat as “there is no fence that can take us off of our freedom”. At that time (as right now), I thought it perfect, inciting people not to easily accept delimitations established by who is owner of more lands that can take care, while many don’t have where live nor work…).

I respect the private rights. However, since their motivation has been noble, it is socially acceptable some property invasions by popular dwelling even illegally (as a consequence of government don’t execute its duty as they should!). So, keep your wire cutter ready to act!

Friday, 22 April 2011

a blast from the past

Sometimes a formerly love can simply knock at our heart's door nowadays... So, what should we do?

If you are free, with no engagements, I believe that it is time to live these memories from the past. Thus, it is not just a ghost from the past that is terrifying again… Probably, it is a great new opportunity of the destiny to do it - perhaps because it is necessary.
I have already dredged old stories up and it was good. Raking old (and pleasant) memories up sometimes is terrific! Actually, other times not.

It is up to you whether you’re going to let you take it from the depths of the past, finally reviving it, or not.

Thursday, 21 April 2011


I’ve been waked up until late since I was a child. Nevertheless,  lately have been extremely heavy for me that behaviour. Actually, I don’t know for sure if it is something behavioural… at least it is somewhat tiresome.

Many people have this kind of problem related with insomnia at these days. In fact, I think it is a perilous health matter. I really would like to sleep as someone normal and mainly rise from my bed earlier everyday. It has been impossible, though, although I’m trying hard.

I reckon that a 'carpe diem' life is healthier. So, good night!

Wednesday, 20 April 2011

wellness feelings

It’s quite good when can be seen the workout effects. As a result of frequent visits to gym, little (but significant) changes have been noted on my body.

Further, some alternative attitudes are important to turn it possible faster. Going upstairs, having less soft drinks, walking more… Thus, is clear that not only physical exercises are necessary.

Behavioural modifications are essential. So, I’m naturally avoiding the idea of eating much chocolate on Sunday Easter, or by all holiday. However, stirring the body allow me to take ice cream blameless and my pop corn appetence irresistible.    

Goals - I'm satisfied with mine (even being hard to be gotten).

Tuesday, 19 April 2011

on the shelf

Today, which is a special occasion: Saint Expeditious Day, responsible for all urgent causes, I will broach a delicate issue for women: the deadline age for finding the love of their lives.  

I watched recently the play “Maria do Caritó” and I tried to figure out which are the reasons that set us aside, forgotten over a long period of time. Lilia Cabral plays the part of Maria, a 50-year-old single (and religious) woman.

She, as most part of lonely ladies, is looking for(ward) a true love. So, she prays hard to get it as soon as possible, asking saints for it, besides turning to magic and blackmailing Saint Anthony in order to reach her wish and leave the “caritó”.

It is something similar to the shelf… There, we put things that are not being often used. Unfortunately (and also probably) it will be there for quite some time - and as it goes by, the chances to get her place outside, in the sun, decreases. Further: out of sight, out of mind.

Hence, without plenty of time, I will ask Expeditious a little (effective and quick) help. Since I’m almost 30, I should not waste many opportunities anymore. So, good luck is awaited to helping me from now not to be alone forever.

About the play... It is wonderful. Scenography, costumes, both acting and directing... Notability for Dani Barros as a chicken. Actually, everything seems perfect. It is all the best! That is my theatral tip of present time:

Maria do Caritó
Teatro dos Quatro – Shopping da Gávea
From Thursday to Saturday at 21h30 and Sundays at 20h
Marquês de São Vicente Street, 52, 2nd floor – Gávea
Information: 21 2274-9895

breaking the global ice

It is not rare wonder ourselves about some actor or actress who we have never seen anymore… Though Record and SBT are giving for these professionals more opportunities to working outside Globo’s jobs, sometimes a few simply disappear!  

Maybe they are in the ‘refrigerator’, both preserved and hidden - as it is usually said here… In a “rest” period far from stages, flashes and lights.

Fortunately, good artists succeed and nowadays can be watched in important roles on television. Cases as Graziella Moretto, Marcelo Tas, Luis Miranda and Roberta Rodrigues call my attention at these last days.

(As a consequence of a sleeplessness) I saw them recently on Telecurso 2000 episodes. I was surprised, further due to Tas. I have never seen him in Globo programming. However, I’m glad because he is on the top now - after all Telecurso 2000 sucks… (not its content, as well as its purposes for sure - nevertheless... it does!) for their category.

Monday, 18 April 2011

past inquiry

Apparently, it is (finally) going to be known the reason why the Chilean president Salvador Allende was killed. Almost 40 years after a(nother) bloody 11th September, in 1973, his body will be exhumed next month to discover what caused his death. At the time, he was overthrown and a couple hours later he died.
Then, the general Augusto Pinochet governed Chile during the next 15 years, when occurred one of the most heavy dictatorship in Latin America in those days. As has occured here and also in Argentina, many socialist militants vanished at that time and until now (the bodies) have not been found.

Two versions of Allende's incident has given since then: the first ("official") saying that he committed suicide, and another one in which he was murdered by militaries when the palace in Santiago was invaded. After some examination, will be probe over death. All the truth about it is going to come to the surface. Isabel Allende, his daughter, current senator of Chile and also a renowned writer, believes that it is the only chance to discover at last this mystery.

In my sincere opinion, it wont be a surprise this riddle's result. Let's wait to confirm it... and finally turn over this (mournful) page of the History.

persisting in an error of stiffness
(an typical military behaviour)

Members of military reserves are trying to forbid the exhibition of ‘Amor e Revolução’ soap opera written by Tiago Santiago, showed on SBT channel. They are claiming about the possibility of population being induced against the Armed Forces as a result of the content presented.

The plot runs around Brazilian dictatorship (from 1964 to 1985) while reproduces the politic oppression and also the chase of socialist militants. This is the main reason they fear… that everybody knows the truth - all cruelty they did in those (dark) days below stairs of that heavy regime.

A petition is running on internet to take it off the air and, until now, has taken around four hundred signatures. The reservists' speech suggests that the soap opera is a consequence of a deal of the owner of the broadcasting station with the current Brazilian Government as a way to quit a little of the huge debt they have.

Dilma Rousseff, our present president, was one of these young armed rebels who got weapons in their hands order to trying to subvert the system. She also suffered all violence of tortures applied against arrested communists. Thus, this fact has given rise to her worry about these issues (probably more than her antecessors did).

She is in favour of the creation of the “Truth Commission”, some kind of committee to take care about the politics matters, among other things. In my left point of view, it is a magnificent opportunity to rub people’s nose in the reality, even it  hits on army where it hurts… By the way, this is exactly the main aim: touching a sore spot. As the (Hi)story has it, we got it! Further, another public petition deffending 'Amor e Revolução' was created online - join

The tide turned… Censure (and also torture) never more!

protest music

To conclude, I’ll finish this post talking about the importance of the means by which the people expresses itself in an attempt to subvert, changing the situation: music.

At 60’s it was extremely important not only to rebel but also to stimulate people to keep fighting, going ahead, not giving up the cause. Songs such as “Para não dizer que eu não falei das flores” (commonly called “Caminhando”) has been some kind of motto for some youth generations. Artists as Chico Buarque then wrote many lyrics which objected that dark situation. Beautiful examples are “Roda Viva”, “Apesar de você” and “Cálice”.

I enjoy a lot this last one in particular. I reckon that its wordplay is so smart, its message so deep and intense, that always let me touched, as reminding me something I would live in the past. I should say that I recognize this Chico’s skill as an essential gun considering the fact that many people was not able to rebelling themselves and join to fighting armed… However it may be, at least they were subliminally advised through his chords and verses.

Things has changed since the dictatorship finished. Nowadays the quite known MPB doesn’t work anymore as an opposition tool. While they talk about love, who contradicts the reality now is funk or rap music. Though, it is a subject for another post… at an opportune time. Await! For the moment, I’m just praising the soundtrack of ‘Amor e Revolução’ - that plays not only the classics, but also new versions of the hits of that time.

Banda Vega’s “Nossa Canção” (a 1966 Luiz Airão’s song, but known through Roberto Carlos’ voice), besides Pitty’s Pitty’s “Cálice” (written by Chico in partnership with Gilberto Gil), among others equally good... This album for sure will be very successful! Be it so.

Sunday, 17 April 2011

somewhere in time

Everybody will agree that some stuffs used to be really better in the past. Instead of being quality the most important issue, nowadays they (of market) prefer to invest in quantity. Their only aim is sales.

For instance… Who remember the delicious (old) ice cream sold in tin cans? It used to come with peaces of the fruit, such as strawberries, even as Neapolitan flavour! Likewise the 'São Luís' cookies were better before… included its fillings. Marvellous.

The goods that would last a whole life, has a short-last  nowadays. It’s not interesting producing something which is not going to be replaced as soon as possible. Finally, as a consequence of this disorderly increased of wasted stuffs, the garbage problem is devastating the world.

something impossible at these days

While visiting the Telecommunication Museum, in Oi Futuro, I’ve realized how our society has changed since 50’s. However, I’m not referring only about technology - the new phone systems and the current small equipments.

Until 1970, for example, Nara Leão’s name was written on the phonebook of Rio - giving inclusively her address on Delfim Moreira (not bad…!). In the same way, Vinicius de Moraes and also Tom Jobim were there. This kind of exposition is not possible (and allowed) anymore…  At these days, contact with celebrities only on internet - by emails, through their profiles on Facebook and Twitter or personal websites.

Saturday, 16 April 2011


The blog is in black: Vittorio Arrigoni was killed.

Even with the motto "Let's remain human", it happened after this Italian activist, who used to work for the International Solidarity Movement (ISM) being kidnapped by a rogue Salafi militia which defy Hamas authority.

He was devoting to protect civilian lives, specially the hardship faced by the Palestinian fishermen and farmers under the Israeli siege, in the Gaza Strip. Pacifist, he acted as a shield with some comrades against violence. She lived there for three years. 

In spite of asking Hamas to free one of their mliitants in exchange for Vittorio’s life, he was dead before the deadline set. Firstly, he appeared in a video on the internet, blindfolded and handcuffed, with signs of beatings on his face.

It occurred in order to silence him, owing to his honest cronicles describing everything seen there. He was known due to the blog he would run write passionate as well as his collaboration for magazines and newspapers.

Unfortunately, less a gorgeous guy in the world, fighting for it. I’ve felt sad since I admire this kind of real hero, who is a man among (other) men... a catch, at least. Bravo!

By the way… Of course I also lament the horrible murdering of 12 innocent children from Realengo in their school (E.M. Tasso da Silveira). Due to the mental disturbs of Wellington Menezes de Oliveira, who used to believe taking part of some Islamic group, these last days have been sadder in Rio for many people - family, friends and professionals related as teachers.

Friday, 15 April 2011

making me thin

I’m stubborn.

My aim is loose more than 10kg. It is not a impossible goal since I'm working out hard.

One hour of located gym, and another of running in addition of 90 minutes on a bicycle, riding it quickly. Is it enough? I hope so…

In about three months I wish being ready for another summer, as I’ve been since I was born.

I’m conscious that nowadays is more difficult to slim than when I was a teenager... despite, I’ve never been fat. So, it’s clear the difficulties of getting it.

Nevertheless, I’m focused.

Thursday, 14 April 2011

home sweet resistence

It’s unbelievable (as inadmissible!) how much cost to sustain a house in Rio. Lately I’ve read news about the abusive prices to maintain a dignified carioca life.

Properties here is more expensive than Paris! This, without include other spent such as feed, health, transport, communication…

Trends have increased sharply since 2006, reaching the peak at 380% compared with the past values. However, after knowing that Brazil is going to host the World Cup in 2014 and also the Olympic Games later, in 2016, it started to be really quite unfair.

Considering most part of local population salaries which remained constant or plateaued, the fact is that the economy is going exclusively along with the touristic numbers. Carioca’s reality is diverse of this bed of roses that is believed we live. But ok, I understand that is envied our way of life, even being poorer than other’s worldwise patterns... Blame of overvalued beachs and other postcard views.

Although it said that can open the window and admire Christ, the redeemer, is priceless…(!), this is a private treasure, just for a few  privileged rich people, who can pay (much) for seeing this beautiful known landscape so close. Thus, I'm miserably blessed (also for keeping the wolf from the door)!

Wednesday, 13 April 2011

aiming so far

Bad news… I received a bomb a couple years ago, which has changed my way, my routine. Not my objectives, though - fortunately.

I believe that nothing happens at random. Everything has a reason to be. Nevertheless, I haven’t found that yet.

I’ve felt lost, homeless - although I have my place besides knowing where I’m going to: keep moving on to, finally, move out, going for my dream.

About one year ago, I never thought it would be possible. It’s incredible how destiny works… Nowadays I have asked myself why I haven’t done it before!

I’m prepared to face all challenges related, setting my future.

Tuesday, 12 April 2011


First, the mustard was just a silly excuse to offer as a gift this local souvenir from where I was born. Now, on the contrary, it represents the first step of some changing. 

I used to hate it! Lastly, I let myself tasting  and, much to my surprise, I enjoyed it more than never before…(!)  So much the better, because I admit that in both cases, there are ulterior motives.

It’s difficult to say whether we are ready for novelties. Changes are hard. Sometimes, it’s just a simple issue to be opened to try… experiment. However, sometimes miss courage to do that.

No calls or invitations. So, take it easy: let’s begin with the mustard sauce, shall we?!

Monday, 11 April 2011


Our lives are composed by phases… In which one are you?

I’m enough of everything that is not making me a better person, all those facts which simply don’t bring me happiness nor satisfaction, just happen... without an essential reason that conduce me to farther on I can imagine since limited by mundane facts, nonsense.

As long as adrift, move out is necessary (as move on...), don't "simply" giving up, letting ourselves wherever it go without any motivation. I reckon that Liz had been at the same period by she decided to go into an introspective journey - looking for herself, her life's purpose. Alternatively, mine is professional.

I'm referring to ‘Eat, Pray Love’, a beautiful story of a woman who tried to go farther on and succeeded! (*For men, it wont work… the not only verbs but the (rational) intentions are other for them! Nevertheless,) The movie is quite nice and, thus, I'm planning to read the book soon - It always says that on the screen is never so intense as its written lines… I guess (and hope so!).

sharply curved

In the long run, nobody said that living would be easy as simple!

However I know that every small step is an interesting experience to learn with. Thus, it's important keep walking until arrive wherever you want, making hay while the sun shines... namely, making the most of the opportunity.

God moves in a misterious way. Therefore, I believe that all misses are a blessing in disguise. So… Hey, ho, let's go!

Sunday, 10 April 2011

transcending ideas

Words simply flows in his mind. He has sang both beautiful and smart verses as far back as I can remember. A perfect combination between writing and sound, structure and spelling, meaning and significance... That is the Arnaldo Antunes's music.

He have touched me so deep, always saying something about my present or past moments - home, life, love, desire, all feelings… His works seems me intensely complete, although I haven't read everything written by him. It's not necessary, though. I'm already convinced about.

I admit I didn't know this his last job live recorded in his own house last year to its full extent before going to see him in Circo Voador yesterday night. In fact, incredibly: I hadn't seen a entire concert of him yet, until now (in that unforgettable occasion).

Despite many (crazy) people don’t like him, I love his odd style. I don't quit to struggle for saying: it’s doesn’t do any good… for me, “consumado”! [Room and board - laundry too... After all, as its job's names already says: A casa é sua!]

My kingdom for knowing in what are he thinking about right now...even whitout saying anything using his unmistakable voice - my favorite one, inclusively!

Saturday, 9 April 2011

a crime

How can somebody do any kind of evil for another one just because that person is gay?As a result of ignorance, it happens... a lot!

Homophobia is crime.

Fact: many political proposals have been approved to formalize it as that - some succeeded. Finally!

original conception

In fact, unfortunately, this kind of manifestation against gay people's sexual option has been demonstrating though many ways… Last week, we could watch it on television during the volleyball match between Volei Futuro (SP) e Sada/Cruzeiro exactly when Michael (15) was serving. This middle is assumedly gay.

Everybody heard the chorus of the contrary team cheerers shouting loudly “Bicha”! (in English: faggot) It was an infelicitous expression of them, mainly in reason of being both a public and collective demonstration of prejudice. They think wrongly since they don't accept the differences provoking people only owing to their sexual preferences.

In sports, those kind of attitudes have been punished by the able confederacy. At the same time, from my point of view, the club which he defends on court reacted perfectly while using that as an example trying to change this miserable behaviour. They wore a special uniform all their players (*for the next game against this intolerant rooters team).

A 'small rainbow' detail at their shirts sleeves shows the empathy for the No-Homophobic cause. Moreover, the new multi-coloured shirt of libero was better than any another type of advertising in favour of it. I believe that it was a successfulness anti-marketing case (of the mineiro’s team) that worked adversely by themselves at this time.

It was interesting seeing virile men with pink colours, for example. I like it. By the way… It is necessary being so 'macho man' to wearing it without problems.

Friday, 8 April 2011

simple enough secret

As a woman, sometimes all necessary (or the best) is cut the hair, have the nails done and being shaved. Alongside, for sure a pretty make up and nice clothes (bought as a bargain in some sale) helps.

To improve any both feminine mood and self-esteem, these cunnings are essential. Likewise, it's a forward kind solution against our PMT (Premenstrual Tension) symptoms. After all, no one of us will be quite ok without feel ourselves at least a little beautiful.

Vanity... It’s natural (besides an effective expensive resorts).

Thursday, 7 April 2011

keep sober

(not to playing the goofy!) 

It’s disgusting the people's behaviour way when are drunk. Losing and forgetting things, besides sometimes not being a pleasant person in reason of talking to loud and closer of other people… There are not only many losses, but enough mistakes - such as falling down and being sick, for example.

What is the limit? How can we drink without suffer any embarrassment? I suppose that is our predisposition to be happy or sad. Balance is all the best - necessary to keep walking without the help of at least one of the hands on the wall or worse: on the floor (it happens, unfortunately).

I’m not lying saying that I’m not going to drink anymore (those untruthful sentences we say when hang over….). However, I’m confessing I’m tired to losing my senses (as also the good sense, of course!). I’m definitely giving my guardian angel long-lasting vacations.

Wednesday, 6 April 2011

love it or leave it

31st March, 1964 (almost 1st April...) - could be some kind of mistake, or a lie of Fools Day. However, wasn’t! It was one of the most sad days in the Brazil’s History. A military coup d’état was established. That date completed 47 years few days ago. So, it is a perfect chance to talk about it!

As a (violent) joke, militaries defended the idea that they were helping the democracy through the army force. The president at that moment, João Goulart (called 'Jango'), was overthrown. students, actors, journalists etc many were against, rebelling. Communist people were arrested, tortured or killed. Many bodies have never been found.

I’ve been deeply touched about that! Furthermore, I’m so glad that SBT (even broken) is presenting those mournful chapters through ‘Amor e Revolução’, their new soap opera which has begun this week. Heavy (and also bloody), it shows the truth about the period that changed the course of country‘s future. Unfortunately, our population at that time was not strong enough, since was not united, to making the revolution here. Thus, it has resulted in our current reality.

It's pretty good: quite nice casting, excellent sound track, intelligent text as well as interesting edition, in addition of being an essential story to be known by everybody - mainly the younger, who didn’t have any contact with it. Apart from teaching in classes, I reckon that is very important this kind of representation to inform the present audience. I’m not going to loose even one day of it!

On top of that, I was satisfied to hear real testimonies, somewhat similar to the end of Manoel Carlos’ work. Fellows have been telling us their 'below stairs' stories in the dictatorship (while I simply can’t stand, always crying affected as consequence - I'm sure that I lived at that time in the past, whit another name of course, as usual then).


Yesterday I was between 'Divã', the guerrilla and bar. I chose revolution and then I made the tavern table my social divan. Forgive me Lília Cabral! My situation at these days asks something more intense. I inclusively could say that was always like that… I'm not going to deny that I've been inclined towards left since I was born, worried about the world - believing in another one possible.

Tuesday, 5 April 2011

SOS - brazilian public health system

It is a shame! In a rich country as ours and paying the taxes as population do, should be impossible being this chaos as have been seen nowadays in most part of public hospitals.

I enjoyed so much the news about it presented in Globo Repórter and, in Record, about seniors’ health. I recognize as positive (despite miserable its content) this kind of denunciation which results in government give some answers and do something… (even if) obligated by the public opinion.

As far as I'm  concerned, all politicians should be obligated to use only (and exclusively) the public services they offer for citizens, such as education, health, means of transportation etc. Thus, social conditions will be different, of course. If they (said they that) defend our rights, they must have the duty  of sponging on everything they (should) do in our name. 

Due to this injustice I don’t want to get old in Brazil. Unfortunately, I’m not proud about my roots regarding this kind of matter being so common… Help!

Monday, 4 April 2011

they wormed their way

Pitiful, everything goes bad here.

I advice: my extreme opinion probably will shock you. So, it’s up to you whether continuing to read or not.

I was astonished to watch all the news about the fake policeman discovered recently in Rio. However, not owing to his lie, but the complete surprise of population about that. Let’s aim some disturbs usually occurred:

- Instead being the ‘law-guys’, giving us all the necessary security, many policeman don’t act as a good role. Considering that, everyday, they ask citizens some tips to liberate the bad conducers, weed smokers, or whoever…are doing something wrong(!), it is clear that they are not making things well, dealing wrongly with this power received.     

- No one would dispute that politicians are not doing well their jobs. As long as they were working hard for our welfare, the reality of Brazil would be another - better for everyone, of course! They robber public money, over incoming as much as they could everything possible, in addition of accepting tips too etc. 
Now, answer me: who are the real fake men of good?

- Carlos da Cruz Sampaio Junior, that wanted to be a cop even not being approved to it. This poor guy not only simulated false positions at the Police but also forged documents which proofed his calling. Whereas there, he conduce illegally some of their battalion’s missions against bandits. It is a perfect case that a common person who wants to be a hero (or someone similar to it!) even not through right means


- our legal men accordingly Brazilian rules (politicians or policeman), elected by us or approved in a specific test to became a civil servant - that gave them power to have both duty and responsibility to be in the office they are,   above all suspicion. Even so, them attitudes don’t are suitable with their roles in our society. In other words: they are not good guys, or rather: the main individuals that MUST carry on the laws, “simply” don’t.

It is interesting (not to say an absurd!) that even if facing this horrible reality which we live here, only few people complain, is upset or indignant with the winding means this kind of thing often happen here! Surreal.

I’m not here justifying the lies of the fake cop, just saying that there are many worst things forgotten while a smaller mistake stamps all chief news section of every single TV channel. Hey, someone remembers that we have voted in these (ir)responsible fellows who let those ones to do whatever thy want to, as being allowed to gain an advantage over everything?  

It seems somewhat as fiction... Tropa de Elite - the movie. While one wants to be Capitão Nascimento, others insist in wormed ways (read ‘the our Mafia’ ones - “Milícia’s”) to get the jump on. From my point of view, the punishment for this bad conduct to whom was trusted this serious charge in society, should be more severe than for who tried do alternatively their jobs, even being a unlawful.       

Sunday, 3 April 2011

let it be


Although I know that life is not a bed of roses, all I want is that this month pass quickly. Nevertheless, it is necessary not only intensity, but devotion and  also fondness.

In addition a favourable weather, when breezes take every evil thing with, we are still in lent - a period of changes, promising to running after dreams. After all, every cloud has a silver lining.

So, let's face this moment and enjoy it as much as possible to reach everything I want.

Saturday, 2 April 2011

flying far away

I am walking on clouds - literally.

I’m very satisfied with my new acquisition: another pair of Mizuno’s (Running) tennis-shoes. I saying ‘another’ because, after my first one (about seven year ago - until now, like new!), I will always buy it when necessary.

Me… who has already run after some guys (in a wrong way, of course!) and has skkiped from robbers, flee from danger, running risks all the time. I need this effective tool to go ahead. Furthermore, I’m trying to make good my loss... the weight put.  

Its damping system is "simply" wonderful! Due to this technology, it goes far - So do I (with it!). Far better: without feeling any impact. Using Mizuno, seems we can fly! (no, I’m not been payed for publishing it… I’m just a contented consumer). Since it is good, it’s going to be declared here.

The best advertising is by word of mouth! - Inclusively, the mule roars about it (in portuguese: a mula ruge…!).

Wherever can a mere shoes carry us?

While I’m running, my thought is not only around Vondel Park, but through all those streets with that typical tortuous constructions like dollhouses. So, I breath slowly, glad with the icy breeze entering into my nose.

Then, I open my eyes and realize that (unfortunately) I’m not there. Immediately, I look straight ahead at the others with some fear, taking care not to be robbed. Thus, I miss not being there.

As a consequence of this hard reality which we have been living in big cities of Brazil, sometimes we simply forget how unfair is having to avoid using something more expensive owing to the violence. That is cruel!         

Friday, 1 April 2011

true-lies agenda

It is said, here in Brazil, that the year begins after the carnival… Well, it used to be true. Nowadays, for the major part of population another period starts later… only when the BBB finish , what changes its  programming. As a consequence, every evening is going to be different for them from now. Since the end of this reality, for each one a new program is awaited.

The present doubtful 'real life' is driving me crazy since I simply can’t believe on nobody else anymore! So, I would like to can say that it all this is a big lie. However, unfortunately, it is not… It is our true.


- should not be here;
- would be married if I had come back one more step behind;
- am not well-liked there for who is main important.

a past story as begun as not finished

Engaged with one of the most popular guys of the city, the also successful professional woman is quite satisfied. They compound a beautiful pair, envied for most part of single people, besides the couples… Inseparable, they are seen everywhere. This solemn-name family goes to cultural programming together.

Their children are not only so polite but also equally happy. Esteeming to each other is the main ingredient for their sweet united lives. All dinning are special, cooked with love. The sex is really fantastic due to the past experience of both. They are perfect lovers since they were introduced at Lancheria eight year ago.

A white two-floors house in the south area of the city, with big dogs running on the green garden, is often visited by closer friends and colleagues - famous people inclusively - owing to their jobs. On weekends, is a haunt of barbecues with pocket show of local singers or poets. Table of chess, card games, pool, ping pong and 'totó', as well as pinball entertain their “old” friends while the youngers play in the swimmingpool (or videogame  - against some adult guys). In the juke box, classic records are played.

Even the age difference between them - included the stepson, the twins and the little girl still inside her belly, was not enough to separate these good partners. Nor the 21 years which in the beginning were the double of his age (exactly when she was at  prime of her life) are a problem. It haven't ever been...indeed. This lack is necessary to complete themselves, making them entire, as only one.

Old school (or 'old is cool') always has been an important lesson there, in their home… minds, hearts, souls. The believe in them is with her, regardless of anything happened earlier, during or is coming in the future, soon. 

I'm sure that she would be happy living (exactly right now) this ‘their‘ story… (perfectly imperfect due to its no expectations, matters not told, a mystery made) I guess that could be possible, as the another world they  used to believe, even being separated.

It is just a look back (or forward?) of mine, reminding me dreams that haven't come true - but could, though.

bad wolf block(ed)

Today, on the April Fools Day everything may be said, believed and forgotten. Thus, a little care is pretty good...

Oppotunity makes thieves - inclusively, I recently knew (the other face of) one, and it wasn't a special occasion for it. There are many wolves (in sheep’s skin clothing) around, just waiting for a chance to get the jump on an innocent sheep (= someone ill-advised).
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